Working Status (lol~)

Boss is not here: Boss is calling:
In a meeting: Training:
Tea break: Ready for getting off work:
Tomorrow is a holiday: Before noon on weekend:
Received today’s target from boss: Tough target:
Find impossible to meet boss’s requirement:
Working overtime for 2hrs: Working overtime for a whole night:Being notified to work overtime on weekends:
Meet with ‘Sorry-I-Don’t-Know’ clients : Little achievement:
Made mistakes at work: Frustrating things happen:
Finance person didn’t issue your paycheck: Being notified of NO BONUS PAYCHECK this year:

To the person who made this and the cartoonist who animated the icons. You’re geniuses lol~ xD

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8 thoughts on “Working Status (lol~)”

  1. Lol~ sad hor XD

    Yeah, we were lucky in the sense that we were not in the direct hit. I read that if the angle was a little bit different we might have been affected. o_O

  2. very very inconsiderate. The great thing is that so-called ‘bad luck’ is not working on my life. Ha-Ha, whoever sent that must be an unlucky jerk.

    Couple of years ago after big tsunami in Asia Pacific (Especially Aceh) i also received chain sms regarding prediction of another tsunami.
    It’s not happening but i’m sure lot of ppl are worried because of that sms.

    I think i remember at that time my friend from SG sms me, asking if i’m okay.
    She dunno i live in a city surrounded by mountains. XD i told her i’m okay.
    I asked her about SG and she said SG is not affected at all.

  3. yah I also receive those chain sms… but fortunately not often… it is really not nice of people to send those during the festive seasons… very inconsiderate lol~ XD

  4. Yeah, i oso don’t like that words. *nods* meaningless…

    Same thing goes with text messages, i hate receiving txt message that goes with, “…forward this to 9 people” so we can get free top up or other blah blah
    2 years ago (Chinese new year) i receive txt message (actually it’s a pic message composed by ^&# -etc you knw what i mean, right?)
    It’s a picture of a pig and i have to forward the text message otherwise i will have bad luck, i deleted the txt msg without bothering to forward it.

    Maybe i’m very a private person but i’m sure (in this hi-tech era) there are still people who feels the same as i do.

  5. Hahaha… how true. I like to believe that people will have more discretion when they forward emails nowadays. The internet has been around for years already but hoaxs and chain mails still get forwarded all the time. And when I see those? They go straight to trash. If it happened to be something I’ve not received before, I’ll usually google for info to see if it is a hoax or not.

    I also don’t like those chain mails that go something like… “I think you’re a wonderful friend, and if you also think the same of me, forward one back to me too” =_= Okie it is sweet to read but forwarding it back? Sheesh. Quite pointless la. We only end up spamming one another back and froth.

  6. I’ve seen the pic somewhere in a blog, the writer is using it for his/her mood avatar.
    but this post is really hilarious….

    wonder how people able to make things like this. this is entertaining unlike getting some chain e-mail with,”….forward this to 9 friends so you will not have love bad luck in 7 years…”

  7. Muahaha i’m gonna save this thing.

    Veeery cute, where did ya get this?
    The last line ‘Being notified no bonus paycheck’ is oh so true. XD

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