Welcome the new year with good luck undies! (Review Togainu Akira boxer pants, underwear)

Who…… me?

Yes, you! According to customs in some countries, it is good luck to wear new undies to welcome the new year. And if you choose the right colours, you get to enjoy the luck that comes with them! I personally don’t observe that lol~ but since the Togainu no Chi undies arrived just in time, I guess it’ll do! :D Btw, notice the word “Lost” on the wall at the top left hand corner of the illustration? That’s Akira’s nickname during his time with Bl@ster :)

I did a quick check and found information that in Spanish-speaking countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Peru, yellow underwear is the top colour of choice because the colour is believed to bring prosperity and money. In European countries, gold is lucky too and it is similar to China and Asian countries where yellow also means luck and prosperity. In the past only the Chinese Emperor can wear yellow. Red is also another popular colour associated with warmth and prosperity. China, Spain and Italy also has the tradition of wearing red for luck

So, yellow means a year of prosperity, wealth and success. Other lucky colours are: red for a year full of passion and romance, pink for a year of luck in love, white for a year of peace, harmony and happiness, blue for a year of good health and green for a year of better luck.

So how do the limited edition Togainu no Chi undies stack up at the lucky factor?

1) Akira boxers 咎狗の血 AKIRA‘S BOXER PANTS (2,500 Yen)
2) Yu-pon Illustrated boxers 咎狗の血 とがいぬのち お絵描きぱんつ Drawn by ゆーぽん (2,500 Yen)
Size: Hip measurement 82~92 cm
Animate Japan doesn’t ship international so you’ll need middlemen or forwarding service to get them.

First off… there are two designs and both boxer pants are packed inside 16cm-long plastic, cylindrical containers.

Another view.

The containers are transparent. And each pack includes one boxer pants and one illustration printed on the plastic sheet.

This is the Yu-pon (ゆーぽん) illustrated boxer pants with the signature swirly eyed Akira.

The other boxer pants design is based on Akira’s character setting. So it’s the same design as the undies he is wearing in the game. Illustrator of the Akira image is Yamada Taro(?) 山田外朗 .

Size of the boxer pants: Hip measurement 82~92 cm. Hopefully this information will help you decide if you want to spend so much on the underwear. I think it’s really expensive although the quality isn’t too bad.

It is 90% cotton and I think it is quite nice and comfy. Made in China.

Front view (Yu-pon’s Design) Red label, white and pink. Yep, lucky! (No yellow tho.)

Back view (Yu-pon’s Design)

Front view (Akira’s Boxers Design) Barely made the lucky factor with the red label lol~

Back view (Akira’s Boxers Design)

Yep, so that’s it for lucky underwear! Are you going to wear new underwear on new year’s eve? Lol~

Happy New Year! :D

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14 thoughts on “Welcome the new year with good luck undies! (Review Togainu Akira boxer pants, underwear)”

  1. OMG it is good for me to wear this for Akira cosplay !!
    Luckily i am not fat to wear that …. =D

    Anyway i am a guy … =..=

    1. @Suzuki: Lol~ y not XD I thought boxers are kinda small ^^;; But if you’re a size S-M, you should be fine. Have fun cosplaying!!! Share with us your pix <33

  2. I’m seriously tempted to get the Akira’s undies. Maybe if I get that job and make some money I’ll get those undies xPPPPPPPP.

  3. Huh, it looks more like male’s tight boxers with the plenty of space for the crotch area.. (lol). Anyhow, it’s pretty adorable. I’d love to have underpants with that sort of cute patterns! :D

    and a happy new year wish to you~

    1. @hirochan: It should cos its Akira’s pants so boy’s design XD but I think it is made for girls cos I don’t think there is enough fabric allowance in front for guys to fit their bulge comfortably :P unless they really like the tight fit. Happy New Year to you! XD

  4. Ponnnyy~! I wish you a Happy and healthy New Year~ x3 Your last blog item for of the year was so cute! >w< I love the undies, but it's too bad I'm too poor for them right now! And lol at the coloured underwear xD Out of curiousity, I checked my undies, and I have no yellow ones at all :( Oh well, it's not like I always have moneies anyway xDD Luckily, I did have red ones! Good luck in love, maybe? x3

    But I hope you have had a nice evening! Happy new year, and may our next year be even fuller with bishies and BL goods than the last~! Love ya~ *hugs* x3

    1. @imacatlover: XDD Happy happy new year to you! I don’t have yellow undies either… red yes lol~ so me too! (^///^) It must be the superman syndrome XDD but it was too late to go grab a yellow one for the money luck, I guess love will do too! kekeke… yep may all we fellow followers of N+C be blessed with lots of moolah to buy their yummy goods in 2011 and have enough left over for good deeds :D

  5. Yep, here in Brazil people really say it about new underwear! Yellow is for the money, cos reminds of gold. Ah but I’d love to have this Akira boxers, more cos that sexy pic of Akira, he looks so perfect showing his boxers and the abdomen *¬*

    Now it’s my turn to say Happy New Year to you! Sure we’ll be in 2011 drooling over our fave bishies, hope there’s enough money to buy our lovely items!

    1. @planck-chan: We will have enough money to grab them all *channels positive energy* XD Remember to wear your yellow underwear! Happy New Year! <3

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