Test: Who is your Seiyuu match?

♥ Take a test to find out who your Seiyuu match is! ♥

^^ Mine are:
Ishida Akira 石田彰, Okiayu Ryoutarou 置鮎龍太郎 and Suyama Akio 陶山章央。

Answer a few questions and you’ll get your match :P It is more “sophisticated” than it looks cos the results do take into account everything they asked… hehe. Have fun!

Take the test! The link is dead! Take the other test for your husband seiyuu match!

In the (really ancient) pic: Seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro is declaring his love for miffy rabbit ~ omae ga suki dakara… lol~

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20 thoughts on “Test: Who is your Seiyuu match?”

  1. sigma : sugoi ne…your seiyuus are all awesome. i really love tomokazu sugita and shinichirou miki..
    i got midorikawa hikaru, nobuyuki hiyama and toshihiko seki ^^
    sugoi sugoi~

    1. @jajah-chan: Your results are pretty yummy too! XD From a BL POV, you got matched with Shiki (Togainu no Chi), Aki (Sensitive Pornograph) and Riki (Ai no Kusabi) lol XDD

  2. i got this~





    XD i’m happy~!

  3. Hehe dun have to be la… unless you were super fan? XD

    I only saw the movie once very very long ago, so I’m not sure of the exact plot already. I remember that the girl in the movie is insecure about the actor’s love for her because she is blind. And the other thing I remember is the ending. :P Okie… just one non-spolier clue. Nobody died hehehe :D

    LOL~ yep, I believe they were a happy couple in real life.

    XD Aiyoh~ i only have vague impression of the classic sentai cos I don’t think I watched every episode. I have better memory of 80s cartoons such as Transformers, MASK, smurf, Care bears, Candy Candy, Robotech etc.

  4. Im embarassed becoz i have several Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (谷崎潤一郎) books but i dun recognize Shunkisho at all.

    I generally dun like spoiler but in this situation i wouldn’t mind receiving some clues.
    Oh well, in real life the actor and actress got married, right? so it’s a happy ending indeed (for both of them) while the viewers get to draw their own conclusion. LOL

    Google V is cult classic sentai and inspired many modern sentai.
    I think i still have the mp3 somewhere.
    What amazed me is i watch Google V without subtitle and didn’t have a problem with it.
    (after all it’s about good vs evil, where the good wins)
    I remember hilarious scene (which is kool at tht time) when they already transform into Google V and they sorta jump off from a cliff and in the background something exploded with smokes according to the Goggle V colors.
    The song goes like, ‘Google red, Google Black, blue, yellow and pink.” i remember because it’s in english.

  5. Hahaha so cute XD I happened to have the Power Rangers movie soundtrack tho’

    Ah~ ah~ that’s the one!!! They are the original “Power Rangers”!!! I had no idea what they’re called :D I think I liked it too but I can’t remember much about it already. I googled and found it. 大戦隊ゴーグルファイブ

    Hehehe… and I would cheer when he finally did his death blow and the monster is defeated :P

    Yuppers, found it on wiki 春琴抄 Shunkinsho
    Oops… the actor wasn’t a servant but her teacher *falls down* XD I think you can get the DVD from Yesasia… cos I found the pic there.

    As for the ending… it depends on how you look at it. It can also be interpreted as happy but also tragic the way the Japanese like it (^^ maybe I shouldn’t generalise but…) I thought it was kinda tragic at that time. I think those period Japanese dorama was really popular in the 80s. I don’t remember watching those that were set in schools. ^^

  6. Yea Power Rangers are kinda goofy, but i watch Power Ranger movie back then, about 3 times XD

    Actually i prefer old Sentai such as Google V. Watch it in beta video from 1-end.

    I think we all feeling a ‘tight knot’ when Urutoraman sign flashing.
    I kinda encourage him by saying, “hurry..Hurry”

    Do you remember tht dorama title?
    Romance in dorama can be pretty corny *especially in school setting* and unrealistic.
    Tht 80’s dorama you’ve said, was it happy ending? probably not.
    My first encounter with ‘not a happy ending’ come from 90s Dorama, Tokyo Love Story. (Oda Yuji, Honami Suzuki)

  7. Hehehe… the Kamen Rider Black inspired the Power Rangers right? There’s a whole generation of kids who love Power Rangers. Personally I find Power Rangers kinda goofy compared to the originals who seemed to take themselves more seriously. Don’t know… just an impression…

    I can still remember feeling anxious whenever Ultraman was going to lose his power during his battle the monster! You know? When the button on his chest starts flashing. :D

    Yup yup… Miura Tomozaku and Yamaguchi Momoe are both actors on that DVD. If I remembered correctly, the heroine is a blind girl from an influential family and the hero is an equivalent of a male servant. I only watched the dubbed version on TV in the 80s but it left a deep impression cos of the romantic tragedy. Was a bit young so I didn’t appreciate the ending. They were actors in a number of classic Japanese series and movies. They’re still a celebrated golden couple in Japan today.

    Hehehe… u lucky gal~ XD Some sugary sweet is ok but men shouldn’t be too soft like a girl lol~

  8. Im fan of ol’ Kamen Rider Black and Ultraman. I bought Kaiju book (it meant for children actually) just because i got soo hooked up ultraman and the monsters.

    Oh my what a guy…what’s tht cover of VHS or DVD?

    Wow, i’d like to say tht i’m marrying to a 80s handsome guy. Ha Ha Ha
    The handsome 80s type are manly type, not sugary sweet as these days.

  9. Tetsuo Kurata~ looks familiar kekeke yep definitely 80s handsome! I watched Kamen Rider Black when I was kid… I didn’t really understand what was going on except that these guys keep getting kidnapped, experimented on, become grasshoppers and then escape to fight their alien kidnappers who gave them special powers in the first place. hahaaha. Doesn’t help that the series was in Malay and I didn’t understand any of it. Strange. But I think they are really cool when riding on their motorcycles XD even more so than Ultraman lol~ But I don’t remember having a crush on 80s handsome Japanese actors… hmm… then again maybe Miura Tomozaku (三浦友和)? The husband of Yamaguchi Momoe (山口百惠) See pic: http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s117/pony_tale/misc/CP8780692905.jpg

    Agrees… they’ll all look pretty good on dorama :D Hiroaki Hirata and Seki-san looked rather cute in the pic hehehe

  10. Yup, and oh how we love tht bonus..(voice+face)

    I dunno Claymore thou heard about it.

    Speaking of 80s handsome, i want to tell you about Tetsuo Kurata.
    he played as Kotaro Minami (Kamen Rider Black) i remember having crush on tht guy and i think he’s the first 80s handsome type i like.

    Link for Tetsuo–>http://www.geocities.com/tetsuokurata4ever/

    Hirata Hiroaki will look good in dorama.

    I found this http://boyslovebllove.at.webry.info/200705/article_3.html
    (i think this is Hiroaki Hirata with Seki-san)
    I think the post is talking about Saiyuki-looks fairly old. XD

  11. Yesh, it does! lol~ I can really hear the smile in the voice… I *heart* Sakupyon… but sometimes when I was really concentrating and focused (and stressed), I get a small startle when the app said something ^^” and I would laugh at myself a little.

    Yup my dear, He is Shiki XD a sexy one at that.

    *blush* I like leh… typical 80s handsome XD Hirata Hiroaki is good looking too! Nice, manly features. Did you watch Claymore? It was pretty awesome! :O The women are the stars in the anime tho and I didn’t really notice the guys lol~ except for Yusa Kouji (as the bad guy)

    Me too.. most of the time. If I love the voice and happened to think that the seiyuu is good looking, its a bonus to me XD

    ^^” erm erm… thanks to yaoi and BLCDs I guess but I don’t think I know much tho’

  12. Oh my, what a sexy desktop application.
    Tht ought to make you smile in stressful moments.

    Actually i dunno if Midorikawa does ‘SHIKI’..hahaha.
    Yea im happy but i prefer to keep him on my list as ‘secret BF’ ha ha ha

    Seki Toshihiko looks like typical 80’s handsome haha..
    While Hirata Hiroaki (http://www.animenfo.com/animeseiyuu,116,tcfoht,hirata_hiroaki.html) dunno lah, look serious as if the pic on the web taken from high school graduate book.

    It’s because i love the voice, i dun pay much attention to the face.

    I think you have a seiyuuu-ology degree from Stanford LOL, because you knew so many^^

  13. Wah~ congrats XD *pops champagne*

    I think Seki Toshihiko is one of more handsome seiyuu too ^^ So like… both of us got one of the Saiyuki boys each lol~

    Do you know that Midorikawa-san is also the voice of Shiki? That must make you doubly happy XD

    I don’t think I can settle for just one seiyuu *sweat drop* but if I really really have to choose… gaaaa…. stressed… gaaaa…. I dunno… x_x

    Sakupyon ~ BF (I installed a Cafe Lindbergh fan disk desktop application where his in-game character will sprout random lines at random times when I’m using my laptop. For example, ah~ you’re such a workaholic…. Let’s go have some fun? How about some tea? etc… my stress reliever *dies*)
    Yusa-san + Toriumi Kousuke ~ affair (LOL)
    Suzuken ~ brother

    Hubby type? No idea hahaha XD

  14. Ha Ha my newly updated result:

    *throws confetti*
    *champagne glasses clinks*

    1. 関俊彦さん (Seki Toshihiko)
    2. 緑川光さん (Hikaru Midorikawa)
    3. 檜山修之さん(Hiyama Nobuyuki)

    Im satisfied thou im not familiar with Hiyama Nobuyuki.
    All i know about Hikaru Midorikawa is the guy voiced Kaede Rukawa (SLAM DUNK)
    As for Seki Toshihiko, hee hee…

    Speaking of ideal result, i would like it to be:
    1. Seki Toshihiko
    2. Kusao Takeshi (dubbed Tintin in The Adventures of Tintin and Saiyuki too ^^)
    3. Hirata Hiroaki

    if you check WIKI, Hirata Hiroaki have impressive dubbing roles.
    My ideal seiyuu result all coming from Saiyuki, i’m more magnetized toward them instead of Sakupyon or morimori *sorry guys*

  15. *fufufu… yeah.. I changed all the colour choices to see who I’ll get got Sakupyon in one of them ^^”

    OooOoo actually there’s an option for born overseas (it is the last option) Hehehe… try that and see who you get? So the test also takes into account whether the Seiyuu would be ok with a foreigner partner? lol~

    Hmm Ishida-san and Okiayu Ryoutarou are Scorpios, who are magnetically sexy to a Taurus hahaha… that’s what they say la… (oo~ just found out Ishida-san is same age as Morimori) As for Suyama Akio, he is a Cancer who is a traditional/conventional match for Taurus. So yea, I think test takes that into account too. Now that we analysed the results, it seems that the test is more sophisticated than it looks.

    I also want Yusa Kouji in my list kekeke

  16. The secret are probably because of my fave color, birth date, blood type and horoscope. :p
    Shinichirou Miki have same birth month with me (same horoscope too), Sugita Tomokazu have same blood type with me but no correlation with Sakurai Takahiro. LOL

    When answering ‘home’ question, i pick it randomly, either Saitama-ken or Kyoto heh heh heh

    Whoa, you and Hakkai (Ishida-san) have crossed path any times.
    maybe you and him (Hakkai, i mean) related in previous life XD
    Man, this is too good to be purely coincidence. *winks*

    I want Seki Toshihiko or Hiroaki Hirata (Sha Gojyo)

  17. Mine are:

    1. 三木眞一郎さん。
    2. 櫻井孝宏さん
    3. 杉田智和さん

    If i’m correct, those guys are:
    1. Shinichirou Miki
    2. Sakurai Takahiro
    3. Sugita Tomokazu

    *blushed* oh my, Sakurai is on my list.

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