Test: Which Togainu no Chi Character are you?

My Result! xD


164 other people got this result! That’s 10% Hmm… Rin is one my favourite characters in the game (Junjun!), so no complaints there hehe…

Take the test here!

Oh… and Happy Children’s Day!

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29 thoughts on “Test: Which Togainu no Chi Character are you?”

  1. I saw this in the recent comments and just had to do it too *w*

    I’m Motomi! Yay, I love him ^0^)// And man, Motomi has only 6 percent? I must be on of the few who clickes on honest answers, instead of “lol, I like blood :3” or typical Shiki answers xD Abrito’s ansers are very obvious and funny too! ;D

    1. @imacatlover: I redid the test before and got Motomi once too ^^ but that was when I was stressed with work lol~ I can’t remember what other characters were featured. I like blood, you think that could be Gunji? Doesn’t sound very Shiki to me XDD Yeah Arubitro’s answers are very funny hehehe

  2. I got rin too… ^^ it’s means i really kind nee? awww… i also like rin so no complaint~ at first i though rin is a girl!!! *trap*

  3. روووووووووووعه يسلمو من جد وااااااااااااااااااااااااااااوو

    سي يووو

  4. I did the test again when I saw your comment… I’m Motomi this time! ^^;;; Maybe I’m feeling the weight of an adult now. Busy with work (but skiving to reply comments~ lol) I was probably in a light-hearted mood when I did the test and got Rin the first time round.

    LOL XD Inu! That’s one of the rare results!

  5. He is probably one of the the most popular characters in the game lol~ ^^ The game is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of game. It can seem boring to some but if you enjoy BL dramas and can read some Japanese, give it a try. Togainu no Chi is considered “revolutionary” in the genre of BL adventure games, with stylish visuals, storyline, soundtrack… etc, so yeah… :)

  6. I got Shiki…is that bad or good? He looks like a cold person…(I have a bad feeling ><) I’ve never played this game before but it looks cool =P

  7. In the doujinshi, Inu is reversible when paired with Akira lol~ He was very very cute. xD I can’t recall which doujinshi it was x_x must go and look for it.

    Hmm… he is a sad character… do you know his back story? If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that said he was a sexually abused child (prostituted by his mum or someone close I think) and when Arubitro took him, he was already in a very bad state, almost lost his mind(?) Although Inu suffered the physical pain of Arubitro “reconstructed” and lost his sight and speech etc, Arubitro loves and dotes on him… Well, he -IS- Arubitro’s masterpiece ^^” I read a comment that saying that Inu was fortunate to have met Arubitro because of that.

    HAHAHAHA Gunji’s pretty awesome XD His description is Bloodthirsty. Reckless. Crazy hehe Inu is Obedient. Loyal. Silent (obviously… cos he can’t speak)

  8. wow..inu is popular huh?
    Feel sad for inu dont know why…

    Must be a curse, my friend got Gunji as result. XD XD
    Tht result ought to be shocking..

  9. I wonder too! I think Inu is also quite popular. I’ve read doujins that gave him a rather cute but still-waters-run-deep personality. But then again, it is a doujinshi :P

    Indeed huh… cos Inu is not a proper given name…

  10. Yup

    Must be sad to get ‘inu’ as result XD
    My friend told me the name should be ‘petto’ from ‘pet’ instead of ‘inu’

  11. Hmmm..must be really grown-up to have Motomi as result XD


    Lots of cosplay outfits are not comfortable thou great/pretty to look at, in real life i like casual wear so if i’m a cosplayer i definitely will go for something simple and casual—–> which mean minimum level of cosplay

    Plus i’m feeling too old for cosplay.

    Oh well…let’s be honest by saying we love spending money on “something else”

  12. Mmm that’s true. Liking Shiki doesn’t mean that we wanna be him xD I wouldn’t mind getting a Keisuke / Motomi result. Gunji / Arubitro would be interesting hehe.

    I think we’re a bit too rational/practical to become hardcore cosplayers ^^” Unless we throw costume parties on and off after the cosplay events, I don’t see any use for the costumes after that. My Afro and other wigs are gathering dust for a few years already. Finally it can get its groove back again! Woo hoo~

  13. I like Shiki but not interested to have him as my result.

    I want to do cosplay as Rin but shoes is expensive (aaaarrrrgh!!)

    well Arbitro and Shiki cosplay is also expensive.

    I think Rin is lovable…congrats to have ‘RIN’ as your result.

  14. *fufufu* I KNEW YOU WERE SPECIAL!!! xD Only 4%! I wonder many people tried to manipulate their results so that they can get Shiki or Akira? lol~

    I’m no better either… I have a hidden (BL closet) dark side like Rin hurhur…

    But still… Arubitro is more intriguing and he has elegant tastes kekeke…

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