Test: Sexual Orientation 99% Accuracy

Or so they say… LOL~ Anyway just for the fun of it ^^
(Translated from Chinese source)

There are 10 questions. Add up your points as you answer each question.

1. What is your favourite colour family?
A. Purple/Pastel colours – 5 points
B. Red/Yellow colours – 3 points
C. Green/Blue colours – 1 point

2. When selecting friends, are you very selective of?
A. Friends of the same sex – 5 points
B. Friends of the opposite sex – 3 points
C. Are not selective – 1 point

3. Among friends of the same sex, do you appear to be or display characteristic that are…?
A. Stronger – 5 points
B. Weaker – 3 points
C. Ordinary – 1 point

4. What do you think when you are with friends of the same sex?
A. Want to kiss him/her – 5 points
B. Want to pinch his/her face – 1point
C. Want to take care of him/her – 3 points

5. Have you ever exchanged letters or diaries with a close friend over a long period of time?
A. Had done so in the past – 3 points
B. Currently doing so – 5 point
C. Are not adverse to doing so with someone in the future – 1 point

6. When in love, you…
A. Have the tendency to be unfaithful – 5 points
B. Will never betray your lover – 1 point
C. Are unsure of your faith in love – 3 points

7. What type of flower will make you love your lover more?
A. Lily – 3 points
B. Rose – 1 point
C. Ball Cactus – 5 points

8. What is your kissing habit?
A. Very passionately – 5 points
B. Quiet and gentle – 3 points
C. Short and quick – 1 point

9. While on the way home, you are caught in a heavy rain and do not have an umbrella or raincoat, will you…
A. Dash home – 3 points
B. Look for shelter – 1 point
C. Take a leisurely walk home in the rain – 5 point

10. In daily life, what term do you most often use to address your lover?
A. My BF/GF – 3 points
B. My hubby/wifey – 1 point
C. My XX (special or strange nickname) – 5 points

Test result…

Less than 17 points – Type A, Cold or uninterested in love relations
18~26 points – Type B, Straight
27~34 points – Type C, Bisexual
35~42 points – Type D, Homosexual tendencies
More than 42 points – Type E, Homosexual


And me? Mid-range Type C at 30 points wor… must be the BL influence… LOL~ xD

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22 thoughts on “Test: Sexual Orientation 99% Accuracy”

  1. I don’t think this quiz is accurate because on every other quiz I get either bisexaul or pansexaul yet on your quiz I got 18 points but I am not straight so I think you should fix your quiz

  2. I don’t think this quiz is accurate because on every other quiz I get either bisexaul or pansexaul yet on your quiz I got 18 points which is straight

  3. I got 46 xD
    Okay I have been questioning my sexuality for a looooooong time and that kinda seems accurate so I’ll go with it yay xD

  4. I’m straight?! What?! I got a score of 26. I’ve got to at least be bisexual! I’ve been in love with a number of guys

  5. There is no option for demisexual or at the very least asexual. I got bisexual but I’m not because I’m demisexual. I get it, 99 percent accuracy, 1 percent of the world is asexual… well that’s just a coincidence but yeah

  6. I got 20 which is type B (straight) but I am definitely not straight nor do I behave like a straight person… How peculiar

  7. I’ve been wanting 2 experience with another woman 4 yrs. I love men, but I get weird feelings when I’m around women. I don’t know how 2 react or approach someone. Especially when I dont if she goes that way. But I would love 2 try a woman. PLEASE help me! Thx

  8. LOL I got A!! XDDDD
    Well it’s kinda true that I’m not interested in love in real life, but I’m really interested in 2D love, if that makes sense..

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