Starry Sky in Bitter Season Wallpaper

Starry Sky in Bitter Season Wallpaper

Here are the limited period wallpapers for download

My Starry Sky in Bitter Season Drama CD is on it’s way to me! I forgot to save the Sweet Season wallpapers when they were up. A pity cos the cover is very pretty! Anyway my fav boy Mizushima Iku is in this one and he looks so shy when he sees Hoshizuki’s sleeping face… lol~ BL-filters firing on overdrive already XD


Download: {filelink=48} | {filelink=49} | {filelink=50} | {filelink=51}

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4 thoughts on “Starry Sky in Bitter Season Wallpaper”

  1. Oooh. Another person who loves Iku. <3 It's so rare. x-x Most people hate him with a passion. :c But he has a really nice side, too! Especially in the drama CD. Iku did some things that were disagreeable, but also somewhat understandable. Either way. He's my favorite. Thank you for sharing. <33

    1. @Angie: Yeah cos he can be a meanie :3 but he can be such a sweetie too. However I never knew that he was so hated tho ^^;; Glad to share the goodies!

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