Special: Tokyo Onmyouji 2012 White Day Situation (TYRANT)

The White Day special pretty much reveals who the uke is going to be in the game.

Rather amusing reactions from the semes too lol~

There’s an accompanying short story at the official site which can be viewed here:

Link: http://tyrant-hw.jp/spe_20120314.html

Lol~ at the talisman paper too ^^ Reminds me of Miracle Noton.

Artwork: Sakamoto Akira 坂本あきら
Scenario: 穂波

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17 thoughts on “Special: Tokyo Onmyouji 2012 White Day Situation (TYRANT)”

  1. The main character reminds me of that one character from Hanamachi monotagari!*o*
    The tailsman does look like noton!XD

    1. @dandycorsets: Ooo! He does! :D I can’t remember the name of the character but I think he was voiced by FukuJun XD hehehe maybe the talisman talks in the game too lol~

  2. lol ngl, i laughed. basara is real cute i can’t even. and meguro pretending not to be interested but totally not removing his eyes asdasg

  3. that thigh! that nipple showing! щ(ಠ益ಠщ) /nosebleeds
    i don’t usually play games but this picture is just giving me girl boner.. hahaha~

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