Special: The Mysterious Cat in the Enchanted Forest (Konoe Plushie Strap, Lamento)

Once upon a time, there was a cat boy, Konoe who lived in the peaceful enchanted forest with his poogie.

He was out and about one day and saw…

… a cat who had the prettiest looking fur he had ever seen.

Konoe was enchanted and found himself drawn to the cat.

As Konoe approached, the cat turned around. Konoe had never seen someone so cute in his life.

Surprised, Konoe panicked and… *PLONK!!!* He fell off poogie…

Konoe knocked his head and blacked out… …….. ….

When Konoe came to, he was in the arms of the beautiful stranger…

It was mutual love at first sight.

And the cat boy and the boy in a cat suit (and a poogie) lived together in the forest, happily ever after.


^^;; Silly but I can’t help admiring how uber cute Akira looked wearing Sonico-chan’s coat :3

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24 thoughts on “Special: The Mysterious Cat in the Enchanted Forest (Konoe Plushie Strap, Lamento)”

  1. got my konoe today!

    he is so little!
    i wasnt expecting him to be big, but not this small lol
    just alittle bit bigger

    i still love him though!
    i will take him anywhere i go! *0*

  2. So CUTEE!! X3
    My fav part is when Konoe fell from poogie. xDD

    A lil extension to the ending, their semes finally realized their ukes went missing and wonder where they went to~
    The story can be continued from the seme’s side. xD

    1. @SnowMiyu: Hehehe that’s my fav too! We can just imagine baka-neko doing just that, can’t we? XDD

      Uwa~ great suggestion! Now we’re missing the cat boy semes to complete the sequel DX

  3. OMG!!! You did it! Pony, that’s cuteness overload!!! Who could resist an adorable cat boy like Konoe, fluffy pig and a sweet horny cuttie like Akira?

    Now I know that my Konoe won’t be alone… this slutAki harasses every plushie I have here, with Konoe won’t be different! But Shirokaze, all my Akira are belong to Keisuke, not Shiki XDDD

  4. OMG sooo cuteeee KonoexAkira I would have never thought but I enjoy it =3 so cute <3 what a nice pairing <3 <3 those two plushies are sooo cute together

    1. @Rukia: Surprisingly yes! I was shooting Konoe and sudden inspiration ^^;; I wanted to use a normal sized plushie for size comparison and Akira being such a smexy babe just led me along this story lol~

  5. i object!!!!!
    *pours holy water on slutty akira*
    begone you slutty creature!
    you belong to shiki alone! D-l

    you like torturing us, dont u?
    why so cute *Q*

    – i just finished reading chaps 9-11 of tyrant (Koisuru Boukun)
    it was so goooooooooooooood
    ^will be hyperventilating for a while

    1. @Shirokaze: Lol~ XDD Slutty Akira will look so damn sexy in a wet, translucent, white Y-shirt. OMG!!! *nosebleeds*

      Konoe is love~

      Still hyperventilating? XD

    1. @sigma: Yep XD she looked too cute in that cat ears pullover… I gave into my temptation. Almost bought her in the rabbit pullover but resisted.

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