Special: Omerta ~Gakuen no Okite~ BL Game (April Fools 2012)

New BL game Omerta Chinmoku no Okite with campus setting??

Title Omerta ~Gakuen no Okite~ オメルタ学園の掟
Available: ??? It’s April Fool 2012 gag but we never know! XD

Update 22 April 2012: Fan disk is confirmed :D More information will be revealed by the official site at a later date.

It was confirmed during the Twitter event for the one-year anniversary celebration of the game release. You can read the tweets here: https://twitter.com/#!/lalaparadise/omerta

If you prefer to follow the twitter accounts of the omerta boys yourself, go to this link: http://omega.karin-e.jp/05_sp/14_gakuen_info02.htm

Last update 1 April 2012: Taking futher the school boy theme that was first toyed with last Christmas and during Omerta’s live event… we get an April Fool’s Day prank that looks good enough to be real! :D

Omerta ~Gakuen no Okite~ Will you enrol in the school? Clicking “no” will take you back to the homepage.

If you clicked “yes”, that is the top option, it’ll bring you to a page using the campus illustration that was first revealed last Christmas 2011. I made a post here. Record of the holy war in the fight against the school which violates and confuses… 蹂躪され、混迷する学園を駆ける聖戦の記録……

School.Neo.Noir スクール.ネオ.ノワール Stage is set in a school campus.

JJ looks hot in school uniform :D He is a transfer student lol~ and having trouble getting used to the environment. He is cool and takes things at his own pace. Good at sniper attack. Spends most of his time resting/relaxing in the library.

Toono Azusa is the lowerclassman with a hidden yandere streak XDD He is the only member in the Nurse office and works uncover for the student council, including assassination ^^;;

Tachibana Youji is close friends with JJ and also in the same class. Seems uninterested in the battle against the student’s council. He hides 2 machine guns behind his back!? So handsome :D~

Toudou Jyouichirou is the teacher who teaches Japan History. Works undercover in settling issues in school (I think)

Kiryuu Reiji is the school gang leader who is great at quarrelling. He protects Luka in secret.

Ruka/Luka Belini school idol with a bright smile. Son of the Campus’s Chairman and has hold the same power/influence as the student council. Takes part in all school activities, from soccer to crafts club. He has lots of male fans. Cannot get along with Ryuuzen.

Ugajin Ken. Strict with discipline. Sexy (lol~) student council head of discipline. He is sexy and hot indeed. LOVE the megane. Likes JJ at first sight.

Ryuuzen. Student Council chairman who has a love for destruction, torturing and meat. Holds power in the campus. Interested in JJ and wants him to join the student council. Built an indoor bath in the campus and seems to use it everyday.

It’ll be interesting if they made this in the future :D It’s an April Fool’s Day prank but never say never!

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24 thoughts on “Special: Omerta ~Gakuen no Okite~ BL Game (April Fools 2012)”

    1. @Riri: me too… It seems that they’re planning something along this parody and they’re looking for feedback and suggestions from fans.

      I hope someone saved Liujien’s story too. I totally forgot all about it cos I was so busy orz;; thanks for your comment too otherwise I wouldn’t have saved the wallpapers either D:

    1. (well i didn’t know how to reply to your own comment so i’m just replying to mine in the hopes you’ll see it and get the message anyway LOL)

      i do hope so, but if i’ve learned anything from my years of the net it’s some of the extents to which people go just to troll others


  1. The responses for the Omegaku must be overwhelming for them to make the live event and this. All the more they should make a fandisc! *A*

    1. @Liru: yea they used the theme first during the Christmas event. It’s popular it seems to give these chara an alternate universe where they go to school :D look at Gakuen Lamento and Togainu. Hetalia too xD

  2. The moment i saw Ryuuzen i thought of sexy Touga from utena. lol
    They both have that werid sexy charm about them.
    Me like.

  3. haha I Like Ryuuzen & Tachibana’s profile info the best LMAO!
    Azusa is cute, and lol hidden yandere streak?? XDD!! omigod.. noo azunyan why?!

    thanks for the post ponytale chan!

    1. @K.K: They look so delectable! They really have to make us this game!!! XD If not maybe they might make a alternate universe drama cd out of it like how Nitro+CHiRAL does with Lamento, etc. But still… I would prefer a game. Glad to share! <3

  4. No No NO! They NEED to make a game out of it!!! They fooled me for God’s sake! They are NOT getting away with it. I am gonna write a bunch of complaining emails to them. They had better make this a game!!

    They have put so much effort into this, like the new artwork, the character bio, the synopsis, and this only turns out to be a JOKE?!

    1. @urusaiii: \(^o^)/ gogogo! I would love to get this if it ever be made into a game too lol~ THEY HAVE TO!!! *money for the taking* orz;;

  5. Omerta guys in school uniforms? MOE♥♥♥ I’M FANGIRLING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! GAAH! I didn’t visit the official site in April Fools, and now i’m regretting it… Will this not appear again? They could do it for real, *fandisk please*.. I really want to see this as a real game, lol… anyways, thanks for the post!~ It’s like I just lost a lot of blood… lol… XD

    1. @endlessnine: It was mainly a mini homepage with game information so you didn’t miss that much :D so no worries! What I reproduced here are pretty much what was shown. Yep they have to make this game! I’ll totally buy it if it comes out XD

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