Special: Midou Takanori 2016 New Year Greeting + Gakuen Heaven 2 Masquerade of Tsuminaru Rasen no Ori Wallpaper (Spray, Kichiku Megane)

Spray using the Gakuen Heaven 2 boys (from left: Sagimori Kuya, Asahina Yuuki and Takato Masatsugu) to plug their upcoming new BL game Masquerade of Tsuminaru Rasen no Ori

I missed out Spray’s new year greeting email among the countless other emails… and I just found it lol… and it was sent on the dot in January! :) So back-dated post it is…

If you’ve subscribed to Spray’s mailing list, you would have received the email from the character you chose when you first signed up. :D

You can subscribe to the mailing list here: http://spray.product.co.jp/mailmagazine_info.html

Greeting from Midou-san :D


Did you receive greeting from other characters? :D Please share with us!

And in the greeting email, you can also download the special wallpapers for the new year.

Grab them here!


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