Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown II

Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year
One major highlight of lunar new year is the traditional traditional snacks and goodies that we can pig out on.

I should provide pics, huh? But… nah~ I don’t have original photos so, go google pic yourselves if you’re curious keke.

My top 5 favs snacks would be:
1) Crunchy mini shrimp roll (虾卷)
2) Barbecue pork (肉干)
3) Egg roll aka Love letter (蛋卷)
4) Pineapple tarts (凤梨酥)
5) Coconut biscuits (Kueh Bangkit)

There are so many other yummy snacks that are not listed here ^^ Some of my friends can’t live without White Rabbit Milk sweets (大白兔奶糖) but I’m not one of them. Too sweet for me. Ah~ and there’s yummy peanut biscuit/pastry, preserved fruits and watermelon seeds (瓜子) among others.

Although we can eat them anytime of the year nowadays thanks to convenience stores, but the festive mood makes eating these goodies rather nostalgic. I remember loving them as a kid and it was only during the lunar new year when I could eat so much since my family usually didn’t stock up these snacks.

Other foods traditionally eaten during lunar new year would be steamboat (火锅), dumplings (饺子), mandarin oranges (橘子)

Mmmm… Great food = Happiness~ XD

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14 thoughts on “Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown II”

  1. California maki is one of Chrisan’s fave sushi.
    Wow don’t have tht kinda thia dessert in here…oh well gotta try different resto perhaps. who knows they got the mango dessert.

    Thailand have many good quality fruits such as papaya, durian and mango.

    Anyway i bought mandarin orange a whole carton for Lunar new year and now ended up finishing it before go bad. LOL~

    1. That’s definitely one of my fav too… I like it more in handroll/temaki form cos the seaweed will still be crunchy since it is usually made only when we place the order. ^^

      Yea, we’re so lucky to be able to enjoy all those yummy fruits xD You can try juicing the mandarin orange too if you can’t finish it hehehe

  2. kekeke~ food topic. always nice

    Just tried Mexican food last friday. exotic and some of the menu using paprika, tomato, avocado, and red bean.

    Ooo i’m more familiar with roti canai than roti prata. I also like tom yum and the sweet dessert (some sorta durian in coconut sauce?)

    1. Ooo~ I love avocado. They taste really good in sandwiches and salads. Oh yea and with sushi! California temaki XD Mexican food often uses the big red kidney beans as ingredients. They’re supposed to be very nutritious too.

      Hmm I’m not sure about the durian dessert… *rubs chin* I love the mango with sweet glutinous rice dessert :D

  3. It’s actually one of my fave resto.
    I dunno kinds of laksa but the one i like is green curry laksa. I haven’t tried everything on the menu thou…will check out if they have the sweet/sour penang laksa.
    I like roti canai too..
    Peranakan food have exotic taste. just like you said it’s a mixture between chinese-malay.

    Do you like thai food?

    1. Ah~ according to wiki, roti canai is the called roti prata in SG. I love this dish too! :D
      Yum~ green curry should Thai style right? Yep, I like Thai food ^^ Some of my fav include Tom Yum soup, pad thai noodles, pineapple rice… XD I’m hungry!

  4. Mmm you must go try ^^)b they’re good food! Laksa would count as one of my fav foods. There are 2 styles of Laksa and my guess that the Laksa served at that restaurant is the slightly sweet/sour version called Penang Laksa. I love the other version that is cooked with coconut milk XD

    Oo~ usually the Buddhist and Taoists would go to the temple to pray for good luck, blessings… my family doesn’t worship so we don’t do that. Some of my relatvies do that.

  5. Oooo….interesting. There’s a local resto in here which serves Peranakan food, such as Laksa, Curry and etc etc. Including Teh Tarik.

    Those leek dumplings definitely good. Lunar New year is all about good food, family gathering and ang pao kekeke~

    Same here. have to stay fit…
    Do you go to temple during the day? I’m not familiar with the rituals, just knowing it from TV.

  6. @ALL: Happy Chinese New Year everybody. Xin Nian Kuai Le

    @ponytale: *embarassed* forget to send you scans of Lamento funny doujinshi i bought.
    I’ve sent the covers anyway back then along with togainu doujin covers etc

    Haha yea i think the translucent rice paper makes the candy unique. At first when my dad told me it’s edible i dun believe it. I’m still a chibi back then XD
    It’s too sweet for me too…but some “sweet rabbit’ during new year is okie lah.
    Think of it as once a year treat.

    Those leek dumplings taste awesome! I dip it in a special garlic sauce in fact..yum yum
    What is coconut biscuit? I mean i know coconut bisc but why it is called ‘kueh bangkit’? What’s the relation wif lunar new year?

    1. No worries about the doujin, yeah I enjoyed the covers already! hehehe and oh~ I haven’t eaten any rabbit candies this year yet XD I should be eating more goodies but am not… I can’t afford to fall sick *_* loads of work waiting, darn it!

      Good huh? Leek dumplings kekeke XD We had some too! Cononut biscuit is a traditional snack created by the Peranakan (Malay and Chinese mixed heritage), that’s why it has a Malay name called “Kueh Bangkit” :D

  7. Haha cute. Bon Appetite chibis!

    Ehemm..got leek dish this year, thanks to your info.
    It’s a bit mixed but we do have some Japanese-themed food for lunar new year like rice cakes, sake and cheese cake. XD
    Yep mandarin oranges is oso available, plus Fuji Apple.

    You’re right about tht nostalgic part.
    and i love White Rabbit Milk Sweet. It’s classic

  8. lol aww the photo is cute!

    All the foods you listed sounds really yummy~ ;A;

    I think the only thing i had from list is egg roll *loves*

  9. CNY always makes me gain unnecessary extra kilos! But I just couldn’t stop eating bakwa, sugee and cornflake cookies! (The figurines are so cute!!!)

    1. @imbeleth: Me too XD But I’ll be more upset if I couldn’t eat them. I fell sick during this period last year. I was so deprived cos I couldn’t eat anything ( T__T)

      @Fuuga: I was spring cleaning and wiping dust from the display cases where the chibis were in keke…and had a sudden inspiration :D Ah~ these snacks should be easily found in Chinatown areas in most countries. Delicious stuff nobody should miss *big thumbs up* XD

      @akiyama: Yep yep XD Rai’s getting all jealous cos Konoe loves Bardo’s cooking XD
      Did you buy leek dumplings too? Wah rice cakes and sake XD~ White Rabbit Milk sweet is classic indeed and that translucent rice paper wrapping around it that is edible keke… but I always found the candy too sweet for my taste hehehe

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