Special: Have a Blessed Christmas and Fabulous 2012!

May our new year be filled with lots of yummy bishies and money to buy them with lol~

Notice the cute chibi JJ on Azusa’s school bag? lol~ too cute (^o^)

Thanks everyone for your friendship and company that made 2011 a fantabulous year for me :D

Here’s to another great, bishie-filled, fun 2012 that is full of joy, happiness and peace in the world.

Download the gorgeous Christmas gift illustration of Omerta Campus by Tateishi Ryo sensei here!


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13 thoughts on “Special: Have a Blessed Christmas and Fabulous 2012!”

  1. @ponytale

    Darn it!! If u ever wanna sell it please lemme know! I can also trade u with something that u want more than the set, lol
    Stella is now taking preorders for the omertà event goodies. Darn it, they are running a campaign and giving out BL bromides (including omertà) per 10000yen purchase!! >_>
    I SHOULD have waited..:
    Stella also had special tokuten on the character song CDs, each cd comes with a bromide of the cd cover. I wonder why Karin official doesn’t give these things.

    1. @Urusaiii: X3 okie… well I think these special store goodies are probably paid for by the stores themselves to attract us to buy. Sometimes the official store has their own specials like for example when they sold the game disks (Setting book). Maybe they wanna leave the selling to their distributors for other items.

  2. @ponytale
    I’m obsessed with flat items, Esp cards, folders, shitajiki, etc.
    If you have a wish list and if that 1st set isn’t a must-have for you, I would gladly buy or trade for your omertà set… >__<
    Honestly I don't like the jj Azusa postcard but it's omertà so I have to have it…
    I thought u use a proxy to get these stuffs. Why don't u order with proxy? Since u got the event goodies from karin shop anyways, u could order the book from them too. No postcard but at least it comes with a message paper.

    1. @Urusaiii: aww… I think I’ll keep the set for now but if I ever wanna let it go, I’ll definitely let you know!!! >_< Yahoo Japan auctions have some omerta goods. You can consider?

      It depends on budget and exchange rate. I have accummulated points that I can redeem from CDJapan but I'm tempted to cancel it for the freebies too *_*

    1. @Urusaiii: Lol~ they look like they’re either from different schools or different school levels XD
      Yes, I placed my preorders for the folders, rough sketch artbook and the event pamphlet ^^ What did you buy actually?

    2. @ponytale
      I bought the same things except I bought many sets of the folders coz I’m obsessed..
      U got the first set of clear folders and postcards right? If u happen to have extras, would you mind to sell…?
      You also got the visual book right? The one that costs 2700 yen. Where did you get it? There are 3 shops that come with a postcard. I bought 2 just to get them… I am missing the animate version..

    3. @Urusaiii: I bought 2 sets of folders this time. I only bought 1 set of the first design cos of limited budget :( I didn’t expect it to be sold out so quickly at the store.
      Gosh you ARE obsessed lol~ but I admit it is tempting to buy from different stores for the freebies orz;;;
      Comicomi comes with a postcard that features Tachibana with JJ and Todou. Did you get a copy from there? The other stores with postcards don’t ship international.
      I ordered mine at CDJapan *_*

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