Special: Happy Mothers’ Day! (Ouran High School Host Club)

Ouran High School Host Club

We celebrate Mothers’ Day today!

Although it seems like most countries celebrate Mothers’ Day on the second sunday in the month of May United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Turkey), some Mums from countries like (Fourth Sunday in the month of March: March 22, 2009), Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, Spain (First Sunday in the month of May: May 3, 2009) got their tribute earlier than others.

The next upcoming Mothers’ Day will be celebrated on May 31 in Sweden (Last Sunday in the month of May) this year. (source: http://www.mothersdaycelebration.com/mothers-day-date.html)

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mums in the world! :D

Well, in case you’re wondering what’s going on with the relationships in the pic… please watch or read Ouran High School Host Club anime/manga created by Hatori Bisco (葉鳥ビスコ) ! Lol~ If you’re too lazy to do that (your loss, really), wiki it! XD

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16 thoughts on “Special: Happy Mothers’ Day! (Ouran High School Host Club)”

  1. Yes! I was really surprised when i took him out of the box hes so tall!0_0
    His best feature is his cape(/Jacket thingy?)
    http://i497.photobucket.com/albums/rr335/kiseki_Ouji/Artwork/DSCF2343.jpg bad picture i know i don’t know why it came out navy blue unsteady of black;;;

    lol yes no bl-wallpaper at work~XD

    usally when the uke looks girlish than the seme i use that as my escape goat if anyone ever see anything cover/poster/inc in my room of bl.;;;

    omg yes!! those drama with H scene at begining always surprise me! very rare to run into but yea. I have to becarful to sometimes i have the speackers on loud an i forget the headphones aren’t plugged it! Major disaster X-X

    lol! XD wah id act the same way if that happened to me~ I got to get me a ipods.TnT

    1. LOVELY~ Shiki is not standing on your router now, is he? XD Yeah that’s his trench coat(?) The flash probably made it bluish hehe…

      I remember listening to a BL drama that has H in the beginning of the first track… but I can’t recall which one it was already *_* And there were dramas that have H scenes very early on… so better to prevent any contact with the dramas is the best. XD Yeah the unplugged headphones in PC incident has happened to me before too! Ipods are useful… one of the best investments ever~ ^^)v

  2. Uwa~ is it the first Shiki figure with his katana? That’s an awesome bargain price to pay for ^^

    I have my one-coin Lamento and Togainu chibi as well as lulu and suzaku figma displayed at home but they’re not engaged in any overt BL poses, so they’re safe in that regard lol~ Mmm my desktop wallpaper is BL-free too, just in case a colleague/client comes around and… *cough cough* now that’ll be a headache to explain *_*

    Your own doujinshi! That’s so awesome! Gaa~ I want a copy!!! XD I would be shy to tell my parents the truth too ^^;;; they won’t understand… well, Fay does look like a girl tho’ OMG I’ll go O_O too if my dad suggested the same thing lol~

    There’s nothing wrong about being a bargain shopper. It’s the smart thing to do! I mean we only have that much $ to spend *_* them cash don’t grow on trees… unfortunately.

    That’s why I don’t let anyone touch my ipod without my watchful eye lol~ just in case an innocent clicks on a drama with H in the beginning of the very first track HAHAHA.

    I’ll die. DX

    My younger cousin remarked about the lovey dovey BL drama covers that float around on the ipod screen once, so I acted like nothing was there lol~ She doesn’t know about my BL obsession but she knows I like anime bishonen XD *peeks out of the closet* XDD

  3. Yea i saw that very expensive!! X_X
    Maybe someday though your find it at great price.(good things come to thoughs who wait)
    Just the other week i found the rare shiki figure for only 17 bucks not including shipping which was cheap too! Everything under 30 dollars I got a real bargin! Its sitting on my desktop right now an omg hes so my favorite figure now…Why must he look so kickass in figure form as well?;A;

    lol! omg poor mother, Every yaoi fan girls nightmare! I honestly don’t know if my mother are father has stumbled upon any books yet probably. I do have 2 bl poster hanging on my wall though one of norton an one of the get backers (the one were his hand is in i think his brothers shirt. there nothing major though.I havnt seen the anime so i’m not sure whos who. i got the poster as a gift.) my dad has seen them he just stared at it with out saying anything; As for things on my computer i think maybe he knows lol. I had the the sweet pool white day wallpaper on my desktop i think hes seen it…ah poor father….Though its nothing major hes probaly thinking why are two man so close;XD
    I don’t think i told you but also i was a guest artist in my friends doujinshi awhile back. I told my father an how happy i was about it. When i received it in mail i showed father but i only showed him the page with my artwork in it because the doujinshi it self was yaoi! (on the cover ihad to tell my parents that Fay was girl *shot*) He asked me if he could take it to his work to show his coworkers i was like “horrified”0_0
    The next day i hid it an told him i gave it to a friend/lost it OTL; (its actually in my dresser under some clothes;;;)
    the doujinshi is sold out. Its was a kuro/fai one.

    Yea my mom sees my figures out on desktop an thinks its a waste of money….Its my money though i am careful with how i spend it.Bargin shopper *hides*

    omg id feel really insecure if i had mp3 of dramas with me at work *_*
    but yea it is discrete than on pc.

    lol *hides in closet for now* XD

  4. Wah~! X_X the ginko figure is really expensive if its the same one your talking about. I saw a few on ebay. I personally like the figure that comes with the dvd really cute!

    omg….don’t ever bring yaoi manga to work with you.OTL
    I did that mistake last week. After receiving one of homerun kens manga vol 1 in the mail an not having enough time to read it at home i took it to work with me. During my lunch time i took it out to read. As soon as i got out of the office one of my assistant managers (who is really nosy might i add) zoomed toward me to snatch the book away from me! (If you’ve seen what the cover looked like you’d understand why i didn’t want anyone to see it.;;;) I’m talking about a manager who picks on everyone an has nicknames for them, i definitely knew he was thinking i was reading something bad lol an if he had got hes hands on it then i’d be so embarrassed. I got lucky i held the book tight under my arm an dashed toward the breakroom. AH why are these things always happening to me! Us poor yaoi fans why do we have to hide.*feels like perv*OTL

    1. YES, That’s the super limited one I’m talking about where Ginko is in a brown trench coat. It’s on ebay and selling for more than USD400. I’m not crazy enough to spend that kind of money on a figure…. yet ^^;;; I currently have the normal version. The sitting pose Ginko looks good too XD but I’m not eyeing it tho’

      Hahaha… *pat pat* You poor thing… I’ll take your advice. I wouldn’t for the life of me bring any vaguely BL things to the workplace, tho’ I’m tempted to, like displaying the chibis and such. My Yaoi manga stays inside the closet, just like my BL obsession. My mum looks at me with suspicion tho’ Lol~ She discovered my closet full of figures and stuff yesterday… oh well, I guess I’m old enough and am spending my own $ so she didn’t say anything. I think she’s probably thinking what a waste of money those items are. Feels like Deja vu of my high school days when she discovered my big stash of shoujo manga. Gaaa~ sorry Mum!

      The only BL related items I carry around with me are the BL drama mp3s I have in my ipod. And man… I do feel insecure *_* but… oh welly… it is a lot more convenient and discrete than playing it on the cd-player/laptop.

      BL is considered a type of fetish isn’t it… anything not of the norm is labelled… as such. Yes… I think we’re pervs according to mainstream standards ^^;;; Sigh~ *holds Sigma’s hands for mutual support* Time to go back into closet again… lol~ XD

  5. (ep! sorry for late post!OTL)

    Hmm yup i think those are all of the episodes.
    Yea i don’t have much free time either… OTL
    lol i am like you when i really get into something i want to keep watching and watching. I remember doing that with coffee prince.;; I stayed up really late though i have to go to work early an even before work i tried to watch some.XD despit this i always make it on time to work!o_o;;
    After i get done with a series it like…”Aww over already”

    Wah i remember mushishi~ loved it! I really love the ost too the composer is amazing!

    I have been trying to read wolfs rain manga but can’t get into it…; The anime is much better you get more character out of them than in the manga…

    Don’t work to hard~^v^

    1. Yea… and I have better not start any marathons now… so much work to do x_x After this I gotta go work some more… Ah~I have the same feeling about endings too… especially when I’m really enjoying a series. Although I wanted know the ending, I also dreaded its end… kekeke I think I probably can only start watching around end June? sigh~

      XD I liked mushishi very much. I bought the DVD during a sale after reading good reviews about it. Definitely one of my fav anime… pity there wasn’t many figures of the characters in the story. I’m still looking out for the limited edition Ginko action figure that can only be procured via mail-in order coupons that you get from the first press R2 DVDs. Unfortunately, I got back into anime a bit too late. T_T He is such a super mega rare item…

      Yea… I’ll try not to work too hard ^^ ah~ but deadlines are looming…. ^^;;;;

  6. Wolfs rain is great~ ;w;
    It’s different from the regular anime. there is a few episodes that are nothing but fillers i think like 5 episodes. I justed ended up skipping them. Does your box set include the extra 3 episodes?

    I was very surpisred when i found out he was in it! I was just watching it for a while an was thinking that the voice of kiba sounds so familier. so i looked it up and found none other than the great mamoru on wiki. I was very happy! XD
    shame there not much wolfs rain doujinshi are artwork out there…

    1. Hmm, there are 30 episodes on my 7-disc set. Is it the complete one with the extra episodes? I try not to start on completed series nowadays unless I know I have lots of free time to splurge (which I don’t) cos I know once I start, I find it difficult to resist marathoning them especially those that are continuous -will die of curiosity and exhaustion- *_* The only time I could control myself was cos the series was made up of standalone stories like Mushishi. But Miyano is another incentive for me to watch it sooner now lol~ Yeah for quite a highly acclaimed series, there wasn’t a big doujin following huh…

  7. that’s neat.^^
    I don’t remember what anime got me watching anime again, i know i too had stopped watching it at some point. (thats when i i was into nothing but *cough* yaoimanga *cough*;;;)

    lol i don’t know why i see tamaki as mother unstead of papa…I think its because i like kyouya x tamaki;;;

    I think i feel in love with mamoru’s voice in death note. His laugh was just gold. XD
    His voice in wolfs rain really touched me at the last episode, he plays such a angst voice make my eyes water.OTL

    1. Hmm… at that time I had limited access to anime/manga, so I was weaned from it for quite some time. So when the obsession came back, it was pretty overwhelming.

      Lol~ so was I… I was purely obsessed with Yaoi and nothing else for quite some time. Still into it very much but not as scarily as before. I also like the idea of Kouya x Tamaki very much XD Tamaki is so uke when he is paired with Kouya.

      I have a box of Wolf Rain’s DVD sitting in my closet. I bought it cos it was on sale and I read very good reviews of it. I didn’t know Miyano Mamoru was in there XD Haven’t finished watching everything tho o_O Must-do-that. Ah~Miyano Mamoru can voice angst so well huh… reminds me of his Rikuson in the last few episodes of Koutetsu Sangokushi.

  8. Ouran figures *_*! Want~ And Tamaki and Kyouya are so funny here (can’t believe that Kyouya, being the mother, is trying to profit from this!)! Thanks for the picture.

    And keep up the good work with your blog, love your figures’ entries! Would need to get my hand on zetsubou sensei: he is so cute!

    1. Hi Stef, Thanks for dropping by and your encouraging comments! (^///^) I’ll continue to do my best!

      I think Mama Kyouya will definitely want to make $$$ from any good opportunity that comes up. Tamaki is a hen-pecked husband! LOL~ Anyway it helps Haruhi too! Since she still owes them like a few million yen for the vase she broke XD

      Ah~You must get Zetsubou-sensei! He is a definite gem!

  9. Happy mothers day~

    It’s interesting information too know.^^
    I had to work it, it was very tiring…(just wants to sleep now ‘o’)

    Yesssh tamaki would be the greatest mom!*shot*
    I still need to finish watching it…I think my favorites from the series were the twins and megane-san. ;v;

    1. Hehehe -pat pat- studying for exams? :O Good luck!!!

      Mama would be Kyouya the (kinda kichiku) megane kekeke. Tamaki is self-proclaimed papa! Fell in love with Miyano Mamoru here. My favs are Kyouya and Tamaki too. Most of the characters are so likeable. This was one of the animes that I really enjoyed. It got me back into watching anime again after a stopping for a number of years. I first watched it on Youtube actually cos it wasn’t shown on TV.

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