Special: Happy Birthday 2015 Orihara Izaya (twitter icons)

Happy Birthday Izaya

Official Twitter icon present special since it is Izaya’s birthday today

Happy Birthday Izaya

Check out the official site for download


There’s also a DRRR!! event to commemorate the new anime season. The special setup for Izaya as event dates coincided with his birthday.

Izaya cake: Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday Izaya

Anyway, I bought a really cute manga of the DRRR!! series where all the characters are presented in chibi format. Mini de Yura Vol. 2 has a story about Izaya feeling lonely on his birthday and desperately wanted someone… ANYONE to eat cake with him. Poor baby… but he kinda brought it upon himself? Being a villain is tough, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday Izaya

The chibi Izaya is so cute. (Shizuo too)

Happy Birthday Izaya

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2 thoughts on “Special: Happy Birthday 2015 Orihara Izaya (twitter icons)”

  1. LOL XD The icons are cute!! A-and the cake looks so good….*cry* Man I can’t have cake or sweets anymore….(because I’ve sick and on special meds these past few weeks…I have gain weight when I weighted myself…so fast!TT___TT *Begin strict diet* -until I get better enough to exercise again)

    Happy Birthday Izaya~! (I wonder what other characters b-days there are in this month??)

    btw what other social sites are you on besides twitter?

    1. @Maria: I’m glad you’re getting better! I think eating normally for the nutrients is important. Your recovering body needs all the vitamins you can get. So eat a good, healthy diet rather than dieting by eating less food :) I think an occasional indulgence is still ok.
      I think Ryouma from Love Stage is born on 4 May too :D Not sure who else is born on May. I usually don’t track them lol~ Izaya is special XD
      Quite a few actually. I left them dormant for some time. I started posting occasionally on instagram recently for the random stuff and sometimes use the apps to cross post ^^;; Here they are :D

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