Special: Happy April Fools Day 2015 BL and Otome side (Nitro+Chiral, utapri)

April Fool’s site specials are available for 1 day! (1 April in Japan time). Check out these specials! :D As usual, I’ll try to put up the individual pages of each April Fool’s gag when I have the time… (2014 still in the archive orz)

Nitro Chiral’s Hentai Museum… Check out the breakout game http://www.nitrochiral.com/hihoukan/game.php

Cross-over drama cd by the company. Can the omerta guys rescue JJ from the brothel?



娼館に監禁されたJJは、曖昧な記憶の中、オーナー藤ノ宮の策略に嵌り、徐々に 本物の男娼へ……?



「黒薔薇の館 第肆夜 ~スナイパー失踪地獄受け編~」


Parade’s NO, THANK YOU!!! Spin-off game for ParadeStation.2!


Taisho Mebiusline x Tokyo Onmyouji drama cd crossover: Tokyo Mebiusline


Nihon ni natta yoru x Professor Layton.

I’m surprised they are still around to be honest. I don’t know if this is new or old ^^;; as I don’t have the 2014 archive.


Luckydog short stories


Cineria 1 day only Cafe

Not sure if it is real or fake tho ^^;;


Otome: Go back in time with the utapri boys!


Otome: Starry Sky April Fool short stories


Please let me know if I missed out anyone :D

Update more silliness/cuteness:
Kamiaso – http://www.kamiaso.com/
Dynamic Chord – http://www.honeybee-cd.com/dynamic.html
Meikoi – http://www.meikoi-psp.com/
Rejet – http://rejetweb.jp/event/uso2015rejetmeckle/
Gakuen Handsome anime – https://twitter.com/t_penet/status/583072443041910784
Tsukino – http://www.movic.jp/info/0401G_pro/
Prince of Stride – http://posweb.jp/
Ayakashi Gohan – http://www.honeybee-cd.com/ayakashi.html
Otomate – http://www.otomate.jp/bckwa5xs/
Diabolik Lovers – https://twitter.com/anime_dialover/status/582920741684805633/photo/1
Taisho Alice – http://www.primula.jpn.com/taishoalice/index.html
OZMAFIA!! – http://ozmafia.com/grimm/index.html
Prince Pia – http://www.cocoever.com/pripia/sinkikaku.html
Vamwolf Cross – http://www.d3p.co.jp/vamwolf_cross/
Miracle Train – http://miracletrain.jp/

Hetalia The World Twinkle – http://hetalia.com/twt/
Bakumatsu Rock – http://bakumatsu.marv.jp/game/ultrasoul/special/vote.html
Mushishi anime – http://www.mushishi-anime.com/
Kurobas – http://www.kurobas.com/
Arcana Famiglia – http://hunex.co.jp/wp_arcana/
Working!! – http://www.wagnaria.com/
Dance with Devils – http://dwd-anime.com/

Animate – http://www.animate.co.jp/special/shop/planet/pc/
Goodsmile http://www.goodsmile.info/ja/nendoro-code214

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2 thoughts on “Special: Happy April Fools Day 2015 BL and Otome side (Nitro+Chiral, utapri)”

  1. I was able to look at Nitrochiral’s site and play the game. I was able to expose all the ukes. Akira was the hardest. The problem is I don’t know all the web sites that participate. By the time it’s figured out, the 1st has already passed.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing all the links. I often don`t know where to look or I look on the wrong sites or miss exactly that day where a special (or countdown) is.
    I sadly had no time and nearly missed out all..stupid time difference(7hours) and of cause classes…TT.TT
    I was on Karins Blog and the Omerta sites but did not find the special….TT.TT was so looking forward to it..
    There was also a special on neoromance site but I was too late so I don`t know details.
    I liked the idea of broccoli most but the site took a long time to load so I just saw a bit of the game….pretty boys in Kimono… *.*
    My Utapri Allstar After Secret game just arrived on monday. I`m so looking forward to start playing and soon the start of the new anime… :D
    It`s always astonishing for me how many sites make April Fools Day specials. In Germany we nearly don`t care about it.
    Which idea did you like most?
    By the way do you know this game?
    There is a birthday voice right now.

    Happy Easter! ^^

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