Special: Happy 2014 New Year Giveaway! (Omerta Calendar)

Result! Congrats to Kaikoloren! I’ll send you an email to ask for your address soon!

Thanks everyone for taking part in this little giveaway and sharing your resolutions! They’re inspiring to read! Let’s check back again in a year’s time and see if we achieved them! Have a great one everybody!

Hi everyone! Thank you for being here at LalaParadise in 2013 <3 and spending your time with me! On the last day of 2013 (my timezone lol~) Share with me your new year resolutions in the comments and how you to plan to achieve them! I’ll be giving away this beautiful Omerta Calendar (オメルタカレンダー2013/12-2015/03 ) to one of you lucky winners :D Remember to fill in all the fields (Name, Email, etc) so that I can contact you if you win. I didn’t have the time nor energy to get the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway off the ground orz;;; but good luck for this little new year’s eve giveaway!

The calendar contains 16 lovely Omerta illustrations first published in Cool-B magazines that you can display and enjoy from 2013 December to 2015 March! Size: W 14.8 x H 10 cm. Still available at comicomi if you can’t wait :D

I’ll announce the lucky winner at the end of this week!

Thanks for sharing all your resolutions! If you’re wondering, yes, the giveaway deadline is until I announce the winner, so go ahead, comment away :D

My resolutions (to be updated here too) XD

Although I haven’t set any resolutions for the past few years (since I haven’t been thinking much about it and don’t really stick to them anyway) I shall make a new comeback in 2014! Here are a few of mine… (More will probably be added as and when I figure them out hehe)

1. Save up $$$ to travel up north and hopefully view the northern lights! It was reported that this year’s “aurora borealis” will be one of the greatest this decade. Planned period to accomplish this is sometime in December 2014. :D Read more about it: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/20/travel/best-northern-lights/index.html

I’ve been wanting to see northern lights ever since I found out about them watching an old Japanese drama series 日本沈没 (Sinking of Japan) back in the early 80s as a kid. The drama showed auroras in the sky almost in every episode as an unexpected phenomenon and was supposed to be one of the signs of Japan’s upcoming demise. I was too young to know what was really going on (all the technical explanations) but it was rather fascinating XD

This year, couple of my friends were inspired by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and I got them interested in the northen lights too kekeke. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something planned out and have enough money saved for it! AND to be lucky enough and spot them during our trip!

2. Sculpt figures of characters I like! :D

I guess this is a common “next step-up” for some figure collectors. It’ll be another expensive hobby orz cos the materials are not cheap ^^;; I have bought some books in 2013 on this topic and although it looks like a lot of work is involved, it seems fun! I’ll have to set aside time to literally get my hands dirty for it. Not overly optimistic on how good the result will look at the end of this year lolol~ but I’ll just give it a go anyway.

Let’s work towards our goals and have an amazing, awesome, fruitful and fun 2014!

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45 thoughts on “Special: Happy 2014 New Year Giveaway! (Omerta Calendar)”

  1. Resolutions:

    -Get better grades and improve drawing skills
    -Get an immune system hahaha….
    -Choose BL wisely.

    Happy New Year!

    1. @Kisa: Happy new year! Lol~ you -HAVE- an immune system! XDD May you stay healthy and happy! All the best in school and in all you set out to do!

  2. Aw I love everyones resolutions! It gets me motivated too~<3
    Pony I hope you had a wonderful New year and Christmas! Did you eat all your calendar choco's?XD Got everything you wanted?
    I'm happy you make resolutions too! I really need to see that movie it looks good and to see the Northern Lights would be amazing. If you go take lots of pictures and videos! That would be one amazing trip.<3
    Omg if you start sculpting let me know I want to see!*0* We should do this one together to keep motivated.<3

    I wrote my resolutions down somewhere….I forget most of them but they are kind of like everyone elses.XD

    *Save my money for things I NEED and not want. Going to be keeping a book to track my stuff. (Figures and Merch are a no no this year.)

    *Be healthy/work out more! (Doing good so far!)

    *(coughSurvivecough)Keep doing well in school and graduate in the summer!(It's going to be very hard…)

    *Draw again. ;_; oh how it hurts that work,school and life in general keeps me away…I feel I forgot….

    *Keep in touch with friends more and hang out more!

    *Get to making that sculpt I had planned for over a year! (Hope I can do this)

    *Learn how to paint. (Don't know if this will happen but I'll try.)

    *Learn a language (German/Russian…)

    *Try not to be so hard on myself….

    Nothing exciting but I hope this year will be filled with more happy and less heartbreak. Happy new year everyone!!

    1. @dandycorset: Happy new year! Yep I ate all my chocolates!!! XDD We’re gonna celebrate Lunar New Year coming up in a few days time… so the festivities continue… pretty much operating in slo-mo much part of Dec~Jan which was great :D Tho I already anticipate waves of work after that (a few projects with similar deadlines have already started orz) Will do my best! Watching the movie will make you feel like you wanna go somewhere and/or do something :D Go watch it! You’ll be inspired too! Our northern lights trip is planned for March 2015 in the end due to budget issues but it won’t stop us!

      Great list of resolutions! All the best in school and work! Congrats on being a graduate in Summer! And may you graduate with flying colours! :D

      You already have a sculpt you planned to make in mind for over a year!? Wow! Love to see that! I’ll try to update my sculpting adventures here too… yes, let’s do it together!

      Let’s work towards achieving our resolutions! And have a fabulous and happy 2014!

  3. Happy new year Pony!!

    Here is my resolution for this year \o/
    1- Study a lot and enter in a good university
    2- Start working to save money and travel to Japan!
    3- Read a lot of mangas pendents
    4- Watch more animes o/ (I think this one will be diffciult because of studies X_X)
    5- Draw a lot WEEEE
    6- Lose weight
    7- Love (please god lol)

    Well that’s it, I hope everyone has a great year with a lot of bishies hohohoho!

    1. @Kaori: Happy new year! Thanks for sharing your resolutions! All the best and hope you enter the university of your choice + find rLOVE!! And also to achieve all you set out to do :D Have a fabulous 2014!

  4. Happy New Year to you! Hope the new year has been treating you great!

    Well, I have quite a few new year resolutions myself!

    1. Study hard to pass my classes and graduate in Spring 2014!
    2. Find a full-time job in something I’m interested and related to my degree. Get the most experience and help out of the mentorship program that is helping me prepare for my career.
    3. Manage my money more wisely and not spend on a whim. Only purchase the necessary anime merchandise that I really want.
    4. Managing a maintained diet. Trying to lose weight to be fit.
    5. Exercising regularly to keep my mind and body healthy and fit. I get motivated once I start going to the gym regulary.
    6. Practice on cosplay make-up!
    7. Finish games that I’ve started and never beaten. I have a list written down and I plan to attack each video game one by one. Same goes for anime. Finish the ones that have been started.
    8. Finish the manga titles that have been piling up in my list.
    9. Learn/brush up on Japanese!

    Quite a long list but these are things I hope to accomplish in the new year!

    1. @momo: Happy new year! Hope you’re having a great new year too! January is almost over :P but it’ll be early if you celebrate Lunar new year that’s coming up next week :D Come Spring 2014 you’ll be a graduate! Congrats to you in advance and all the best job hunting! Yeah I gotta manage my money better too! Been relatively successsful so far in resisting temptations. Gosh, with the internet, it’s like everywhere and 24hours! lol~ Any diet for me can wait after all the celebrations are over lol~ Stay healthy! I expect to be even busier this year when it comes to work so I’m not too optimistic about clearing my own game/anime backlog accummulated since the last 2 years orz;; Oooo what is on your cosplay list? :D All the best in 2014!

  5. Happy New Year! I hope your year starts out great.

    My top priority in my resolution is to be less lazy since I was terribly lazy last year compared to previous years. That said,:
    1. Become better at cosplaying (I just started out late of last year so I’m still a newbie in many areas)
    2. Buy lots of lovely merchandise ohoho (especially books(anime magazines or mangas specifically) so much that I creep my friend out when I coo over these beautiful books)
    3. Actually get a drivers license (most of my friends know how to drive orz)
    4. Money, money, and money (to buy beautiful merch and cosplay /shot)
    5. Become better at things I can be better at especially the things I take pride in
    6. Hopefully get a debut in whatever I’m good at regardless how small the debut is (a debut can still get you recognized anyways)
    7. Have a more eventful(good events i hope) year like last year

    1. @Gradian: Happy new year! XD Your 2013 sounded great! Hehehe creeping your friend out like that is hilarious! Here’s to an even better 2014! :D

  6. My new year resolutions:
    1. Able to register Japanese language in my next semester after many times registered since it kept clashed with my own courses QAQ (Well, it’s one of my dreams UwU;;)
    2. Hopefully my senior can recover faster from her injury before her internship starts on Feb.
    3. Be a stronger person rather than being emotional when facing problems.
    4. My friends, family members and I always in good health!
    5. Earn more and save more money for my favourite anime, manga and games and then a trip to Japan!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    1. @Rai: Happy new year! Hopefully you get to fulfill your goals and wishes in 2014! Quite a number of you working towards travel to Japan! Maybe plan a trip there then grab all the goodies you can find and save on shipping hehehe. Have an amazing and healthy 2014!

  7. My New Year’s resolutions:

    1. Pass the board exams. I will study hard during our 6 months review TT^TT though i hope i can still read/watch BL during that time coz ill be living near the review center and my brother will keep watch over me @_@

    2. Finish the manga titles left in the BL reading site before my exams. I still have 5 months! i’m already done with manga starting w/ letter A to S. Ganbatte to me.

    3. Read lots of BL manga after the exams Q_Q ill totally miss them for sure…lalaparadise too..

    1. @Jamie: Happy new year! With that extra push and support from your brother, you’ll do well! :D Focus on the big goal of passing your board exams! You’ll have time for BL some how :D Work hard and have fun too! All the best!

  8. I have a lot of new year resolutions that are important to me so this will be a very busy year for me. ♪

    1. Become a better person. I often get in arguments with my family, I often feel sad or hopeless for no reason, I get jealous easily, I’m a scaredy-cat and procrastinator. I’m going to change all that for the better by staying calm as good as I can, stay happy with the help of anime/manga/J-Pop, telling myself why I don’t need to feel jealous instead of why I am jealous, face my fears without all the stupid worrying and get stuff done before the deadlines I’m gong to set for myself.

    2. Change my fashion style. I always choose to wear clothes nobody would pay overly positive nor negative attention to because I didn’t want to stand out. Now I’ll only wear what I like no matter what other people think and I do it buy purchasing like everything I wear on Yesstyle, an online shop for Asian fashion. Asian clothes are the best!

    3. Eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. I have a low energy level so hopefully I can change that with a healthier lifestyle.

    4. Learn Japanese and travel to Japan, it’s so about time for that. I’ve loved Japan for almost as long as I’ve lived and have never been there nor spoke a word. Not this month but this year marks the beginning. I have cards to learn kanji and hiragana and also books. Maybe I will take lessons too later on.

    5. Watch all seasonal anime every season.

    6. Start editing AMVs and get a lot better at Photoshop.

    Let’s all reach our goals and Happy New Year everyone! ☆

    1. @Chikiko: Happy new year! Keeping busy to achieve your new year goals is great! Procastinator over here too lol~ but when deadlines loom, there’s no running away orz XD I’m looking forward to all your stories about experiences while working towards your goals! All the very best! 2014 will be amazing :D

  9. Hi Pony, my new year resolutions are:

    1. Study hard
    2. Save and manage money, so I can buy any anime and boys love goodies I like XD
    3. Stay fit and healthy, and most of all,
    4. Be optimistic and happy this year

    Have a happy and prosperous new year! Hope more bishies, boys love and good anime to come this year! XD

    1. @torterra389: Happy new year! Study hard and study smart! Don’t forget to rest and play too. All the best to you for your studies :D Let’s work towards all our goals! Yay to lots of bishies too <33

  10. Hi~! n_n

    Well, my resolutions for this new year:

    1- Mainly focus my attention to my studies and graduated from university this year~ :’3!!
    2- End of playing any of the games “nitro + chiral” for PC x’DU (I just finished the of Togainu for psp .w.U)
    3- Finished reading the mangas that I have pending~ TwT!!
    4- See the anime series past seasons I have not finished watching

    Well is all~ Happy new year~ I hope you have a kawaii year~ :’3

    1. @Kaori Lawliet: Gambatte! All the best for your studies this year! I got too busy to play any games for a couple of years now orz;;; hope you can achieve your goals! Happy new year! :D

  11. My resolutions for this year:
    – Get back in the habit of exercising. I don’t think I’ve gotten any regular exercise for the last 2 years due to a combination of schoolwork, exhaustion, and just laziness xD
    – Improve at time management. I’m a terrible procrastinator, so I should probably set up some programs or extensions on my computer to ensure I don’t get too distracted by Tumblr or other websites…
    – Learn to sew. I generally just buy costumes when I want to cosplay, but I’d really like to learn to make one myself.
    – Be more confident. I hope to be more willing to speak my mind this year.

    Happy new year! I hope it’ll be a great year for you all too (:

    1. @Kumoshi: Hehehe all of us need some form of exercise indeed! XD As I was telling planck-chan that I’m also the procastinator type :P let’s work hard at overcoming it! Making your own cosplay costumes would be awesone! One of the things that helps boost my confidence when I have to speak up is being prepared for the things I need to talk about… (I tend to shy away if I can help it tho ^^;;) All the best! You can do it! Have an amazing 2014!

  12. Hi all, and a Happy New Year!

    I guess my resolution for this year is to survive my first year of grad school and keep dat GPA above a 3.5! I’ve never taken classes online before, so this’ll be a whole new experience. I’m a little nervous, and the thought of writing a thesis scares the willies outta me, but getting my Master’s is gonna be worth it!

    Hope everyone has a great 2014, and I hope you all achieve your goals too~!

    1. @Kate: Happy new year! Learning and starting something new is always so exciting and scary at the same time :D I’ve not taken online classes before either… is it live-streaming or pre-recorded? I’m curious XD definitely helps to save transport costs and travelling time to and from campus :P All the best in your studies! It’ll be worth it XD

  13. Waa, for 2014, I need a little effort to stop reading yaoi. I have my own issues, so I need to stop reading them. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop being a fujoshi! ^w^)/

    btw, Happy New Year! :D

    1. @Ogata Misaki: I’m sure you can achieve anything you set out to do! If yaoi is a distraction to more important things in your life, you’re right to make the decision to stop reading it! :) 2014 will be even more amazing than what 2013 was for you! (OMG You’re studying in Japan!) Yep, once a fujoshi always a fujoshi at heart. XD Happy new year!

  14. I am so darn behind in my BL games (as well as BL dramas and manga), I haven’t even played DMMD and DMMD reconnect. Shame on me! So my new year resolution will be catching up to rape as many bishies as I can. Mmmmwahahahahahaha!! No, really, I am being honest here.

    1. @urusaiii: Me too! I think I can nominate myself for the queen of backlog games already… *sheepish glance at the closet with all my game cds/dvds packed neatly in a box* You’ve gotta do it quick cos many more BL games are gonna be released in 2014r XD lol~ Happy Bishi-filled new year!

  15. Happy New Year to all of the people here~! XD

    My plans on this year, exercise more so i can do cosplay~! lol! XD
    I wan’t to do BL cosplays soon ^^

    Will practice my drawing to make bl illustrations~ :D
    Be healthy~
    Save money to go to Akihabara with my Uke~! >///<

    Let's all have a prosperous New Year and more BL~! :D

    1. @ZeeKee: Happy new year! Lots to look forward to in terms of BL for you! XD Wowow BL cosplays and all the goodies! (^///^) Your 2014 will be amazing and exciting too!

  16. I hope your New Year’s is awesome! I’m excited for the new fan disc for Omerta that came out. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As for resolutions, mine are he following:

    1) Actually finish things I begin … start with video games, translations, fics, move onto actual short stories and so on. Hopefully, I’ll be motivated to work on my own projects more often.

    2) Exercise my creativity some more and stretch out the limits of what I’m capable of. I definitely want to do more in the writing field and not just let things sit around in my head.

    3) Travel more …since I did none last year. I really want to head out somewhere far (or probably just go to Japan again), so I’m working on funding.

    4) Lay off the caffeine… already abstaining from coke and coffee! I can do thissss !

    Thank you for hearing us all out. I look forward to yours.

    1. @Mofu: Happy new year! :D Yeah I have so many backlogged posts planned for the blog too orz;;; gotta go and complete them one at a time! There are so many little distractions here and there nowadays apart from work and real life… like, when I went to your tumblr and was distracted… oops! lol~ back now XD Ooo! Writing! What would you love to write about? I’m curious! :D Plans to travel are always motivating! Japan is such a big country, one trip definitely isn’t enough to explore everything :3 Share your adventures this year with us next year! XD (I love coffee orz;;)

  17. Happy New Year!

    I have quite a few resolutions, actually…
    – diet. I need to lose some weight again.
    – exercise more. After starting to work I did not have the time or motivationto go to the gym on a regular basis. I need to start with home training or something.
    – save enough money for my trip to Japan, so that I do not have to wory about any expenses while being there.
    – learn more Japanese.
    – work towards a succesful career.

    1. @Sug: Happy new year sweetie! <3 Hehe we're always having the perpetual need to diet XD Stay healthy and happy! Woohoo~ enjoy your trip! 2014 will be an amazing year! :D

  18. Hi Pony,

    My resolutions are:
    1. Move forward with my life and stop dwelling on the past. Get over fears of moving forward.
    2. Pay off the debt that is holding me back. Important so I can finally return to Japan
    3. Finally follow thru and create a manga. Been pondering doing this for so long but I always seem to be caught up in other stuff.
    4. Make serious strides forward with my Japanese language learning so when I go to Japan again, I can really communicate better.

    ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ Love reading your blog. It’s definitely been helpful for picking out BL stuff I want to acquire. -smirks-

    1. @Kaikoloren: Sorry for the delay. I’ve posted your calendar prize yesterday! :D Hope you receive it soon. I guess we sometimes hold ourselves back due to various reasons. Acknowledging them is definitely a big step forward to overcome your challenges! I’m sure you’ll achieve it! And your resolutions are definitely achievable one step at a time :D 2014 will be an amazing one! Happy new year!!! XD

    2. @ponytale, That’s ok! It’s been a busy month for me so far! Thank you again! Wow I’m still amazed that I won something! That doesn’t happen that often for me!
      But as for my goals, I’m working on #4, and I just hit #2 hard this month. So I think that I’m actually making some head way. #3…well that one is harder because ideas sometimes take awhile to incubate. #1…I had a few breakthroughs this month that might guide me to achieve #1.

  19. Hi~

    1. Graduate, find a full-time job, preferably in the area I’m interested in. I’m working on it by asking my friends to crit my resume and portfolio. (I guess this is overly serious, but I will!)
    2. Be healthier by being more aware of what I eat. x_x
    3. I actually don’t have any resolutions in regards to my hobbies..I feel really happy when I buy figures, and I only buy the ones I really want. XD If anything, if I guess it would be to improve my reading so I can play a bigger variety of otome/BL games. (I’m saving up b/c I know the new DMMd figures are going to be released soon. >_>)
    4. Get better at drawing. I have a huge pile of old sketchbooks of how much I’ve been practicing, but I’d like to get to know Paint Tool SAI better. I have figures down OK, it’s mostly costume design and backgrounds that need more work. Reference books at the library, perhaps?

    HAPPEH NEW YEAR! o u o / * goes back to lurking in the shadows * Hope you have a happy 2014, too!

    1. @K-AL: Happy new year! We’re almost one month into 2014! Feeling slo-mo about work due to all the celebrations :P I popped by your blog! Your design work and artwork looks good! I’m sure you’ll definitely achieve your goal to graduate and get employed. I hope you get to work on projects you love too! Every experience will help to contribute to your portforlio. Try doing a food diary and you might be surprised at the result XD And thanks for reminding me about DMMd figures *o* Gotta put aside cash for them too. And I have to be more selective about what I buy. I wonder who they will release this year <333 Koujaku? Noise?

  20. Hi Pony!

    That’s an interesting post! I’d like to fulfill my resolutions along the year… maybe?
    1) end of procrastination – I always do things in the last day, hour, minute! I’d like to be less lazy and keep my studies in order.
    2) buy less – this hobby life consumes too much money and space, but how to resist cute boys merch?
    3) exercise myself too – good to keep mind and body health.

    That’s it! Wish you a wonderful new year, and 2014 we’ll be here on your blog!

    1. @planck-chan: Hehehe I’m one of those people who end up cleaning my room instead of working on a project when the deadline is looming too XD Well, I spend a hell lot on hobby goods too orz;; but since I’m aiming for the trip, I’ll have to cut down on those too *o* I also have limited room space, so I have to be even more selective on what to buy. Wishing you great health too to enjoy all that life has to offer :)

  21. i haven’t done anything to keep my body in shape. whenever i try, i stop the following day x.x
    so my resolution this year is to exercise at least once a week!
    yeah, it doesn’t sound much, but you aren’t going to ask a daily exercise routine to a snorlax, are you? x.x
    in order to not for it to not get boring, i’ve purchased the game just dance 4! =d
    there’s no better way to exercise than dancing~ :P

    1. @Shirokaze: I love these dancing games! Not fantastic at them but I enjoy the songs :D Don’t think I can last long in an exercise routine if it isn’t fun either.

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