Special: Bitro+CHiRAL (April Fools Day 2012, Nitro+CHiRAL, Arubitro, Arbitro)

Arubitro-sama hijacks Nitro+CHiRAL website :D
WARNING: Audio plays immediately when post is loaded.

From the list of April Fool’s 2012 Specials compiled, Nitro+CHiRAL’s special was only live for one day and taken offline right after the day ended. Here’s a look at what happened when Arubitro-sama, notorious character from Togainu no Chi took over the official website for a day lol~


There’s a mini “visual novel” for the special where Arubitro introduces the special “goods” sold via Bitro DIRECT and plays Uncle Agony and answers letters from people who write to him for advice.

Made-to-order, human-sized chocolate Akira XD

Incredibly unappetizing curry inspired by the cult in Sweet Pool ^^;;

Feather duster inspired by the cat-boys in Lamento.

Another visually stimulating product DRAMAtical Butter :D

And serving suggestions… notice the sweatdrop on Arubitro lol~

Instead of the official CHiRAL Night, the page became Bitro Night lol~

He took over Chiral’s USTREAM channel too. Video content is the same as the mini visual novel.

When you click on the various fake links on the main home page, we get Ren from DRAMAtical Murder announcing the error page message. So cute XD The link to go back to the home page runs away from your mouse pointer, so you have to chase and click it.

Experience Bitro+CHiRAL here! Click to play.

Bitro CHiRAL You need flash to view it
Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

6 thoughts on “Special: Bitro+CHiRAL (April Fools Day 2012, Nitro+CHiRAL, Arubitro, Arbitro)”

  1. HAHAHA!! I couldn’t help but had a giant laugh over this.. oh GOD, BITRO NIGHT… LOL I almost really want to know what advice he gives as ‘Agony Uncle’

    1. @Joichi: hehe and the silliest thing is that Arubitro-sama received letter from a guy who told him that he hates his job and asking him how to deal with a boss with weird/bad taste and 2 crazy colleagues who enjoys killing people (if I remember correctly) lol~

  2. This was so cool! It’s amazing how they come up with these! By the way how did you download the mini video? I would love to save it to my computer.

  3. OMG… that curry… =.=” somehow that looks really UNAPPETIZING! XDD

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