Special: Anata wo zutto matte ita… (Suzaku x Lelouch) Complete!

あなたをずっと待っていた。Code Geass Suzaku x Lelouch

One -shot BL manga to commemorate 25 November 2008 ~ 20,000 page views

Thanks for dropping by! ^^)/

Suzaku x Lelouch

Suzaku x Lelouch

Suzaku x Lelouch

Suzaku x Lelouch

Suzaku x Lelouch

Suzaku x Lelouch

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23 thoughts on “Special: Anata wo zutto matte ita… (Suzaku x Lelouch) Complete!”

  1. I think the pictures came out great, actually! : )…I love how you zoomed in on the characters silhouettes and profiles…That made me feel like I was a witness to it happen…(Oh, scandalous!) XD

    Yep! I mean…that one scene when Kallen (the freakin’ ho!), was standing freakin’ butt-naked in front of him (in the shower)…And he didn’t bat an eyelash let alone, blush, AT ALL! He just nonchalantly stated that he could see her nakedness and that was that… No emotion was displayed on his face…I think he definitely wasn’t interested. XD… (and, it wasn’t part of his “cool demeanor” either…Because we know darn well that he DOES feel, and he DOES lose his cool sometimes…Just not in this case. However…If it were Suzaku…XD…Well, I’m pretty sure that would be a different story entirely. XD

    **Spoiler** Oh yeah, and the only reason he kissed Kallen in that scene with C.C. (when she was at school), was to distract Kallen from figuring out that C.C. was there… >: ) lol…But, actually…We do never see their lips lock…I wonder if he just pulled her close to him (and she overreacted b/c she secretly likes him<<.…<;

    But, seriously…It's an amazing anime series! Although…I was a little disappointed because I felt like volume 2 was primarily all action…(I guess it got to be a little too intense by that point… Or maybe I was just a little "Geass"ed out from watching both the first and second volume back-to-back…At that point…XD)

    Hmmm…Maybe I should give myself a rest before hosting that CG marathon of season 1 this weekend. XD… (I watched volume 1 and 2 last weekend).

    1. Hehe thanks XD finding the right angles took some effort.

      Ah~ I don’t blame Kallen cos she has to fan service Code Geass fanboys ^^;;; Yeah amazing how calm Lulu reacted to the situation. Hahaha… if it was Suzaku in there…OMG that’ll be serious fan service for BL fangirls XD~

      I remember that scene but also can’t remember if they kissed. Lulu is popular! He has the most number of admirers, doesn’t he? lol~ There’re more heart-wrenching moments as it goes on… sigh~ I want to marathon again too ^^ just kinda too busy for it…

  2. Very cute! Ahhh…How I love these two!…I don’t understand how people can think that Lelouch doesn’t have feelings for Suzaku “that way”…He just seems so emotionless when it comes to the girls in his life (except for Nannally).

    …Well, I guess I shouldn’t be talking because I’ve only seen the first and second DVD of Code Geass as of now…

    Anyways-Nice job posing them! I bet you had fun doing so. XD

    1. (^///^) Thanks! It was really fun… pity my camera skills were bad… if not the pics would’ve turned out better. And I agree… Lelouch doesn’t seem interested in girls in the romantic way at all. But only Suzaku will always be special to Lelouch cos of the past they shared together. You have the Season 1 DVD too? I’m now saving $ to buy the 2nd season Region 1 DVDs since they’re going to finish releasing all the parts by December ^^

  3. I LOL’ed so much at the cheesiness and fluffiness and all the silly yaoi cliches lmfao. xD Tempted to try similar poses with mine now :D

  4. Awesome! Take some pix of them too! KYAAA…. They look too cute together xD

    My Figma Suzaku and Lulu are sharing a seat together on a chair on the top of my monitor now. They look so happy ~sighs =^^= just like during their earlier school days.

    Ah~ *bows* thanks for the applause XD And now until the next Yaoi inspiration comes along…

  5. Great minds think alike! I was desperate for my Figma Suzaku to arrive so I could do the exact same thing with them. Lulu is currently hanging on to a tissue box with Suzaku tight against him. I change them every couple of days so they don’t get bored.

    I seriously love these Figma figures. SO FLEXIBLE. :D:D:D:D

    Loved your use of yaoi cliches. Perfectly done! *applauds*

  6. Yea… I think it’ll take time for hentai BL figures to happen xD When there’s demand, there’ll be supply. Look at all the previously unheard of bishonen figures that are beginning to materialise lol~ altho the ratio is still like 1 boy : few thousand girls figures.

    One day… one day… but I wonder if I’ll still be interested when that time comes ^^;;; Let’s hope so!

    Thanks for the offer XD I’ll buzz you if I need help kekeke

    Most girls grow up playing with dolls so I guess we’ll be more into dressing up our figures than boys lol~ Mmm… BL figma is possible if we know how to customise them but we risk destroying it if we’re inexperienced :P

    Anyway, I find Kanu Unchou figma quite sexy. She also seems to be the most popular character in that anime series, judging from the number of figures that are based on her. Since I don’t own her figma yet, I’m bidding for an item that comes with the christmas items… sucker leh… ^^;;;

  7. Bleah! not an admiring figma…

    very much made for boys, no fair for us girls!

    Today i saw re-ment box (fashion series) with leopard-printed juz like Lulu wears.
    The shop stocked many re-ments so if you have want particular series and not available in Sg…juz lemme know.
    They gave me some sorta card tht says 5% off for every purchase.

    I think girls is more ambitious buying accessory for their figmas rather than boys.
    Come to think of it BL figma will not be cheap (thou definitely cheaper than RAH)

    Being dirty-minded and curious i really hope for super hot BL figma or RAH…
    It’ll be fun and droolsome XD

  8. Hmm~ surprisingly there are no female chara of code geass in Project BM version… but lots of PVC figurines of them tho’ Lolita, Cat girl, Bunny, Maid costume… you name it, they have it.

    As we’ve discussed before, if they ever release X-rated BL PVC figures, I think I’ll buy at least one ^^;;; I happen to see a few super-HHH PVC figures of female characters from a hentai game while browsing figure sites… I think if they made those based on Togainu’s Akira or some other BL game, it’ll be reeaally HOT ^^” *blushes and fans self*

    BL figma!!! Then they have to give us parts where the boys have naked torsos, so I can put them in a bath tub or onsen (yummy) or in undies like the Kanu Unchou figma where you can change her uniform top to a torn one that reveals half her breasts and skirt up with pantsu showing lol~
    See: http://www.figma.jp/products/2008/fig0807-03.html

  9. This is why I like action figures LOL~ xD XD

    Suzaku: I don’t mind :D *glances at Lulu*
    Lulu: *sweatdrop*

    I waited almost 5 months for this limited edition Figma Suzaku!!! But better late than never ^^;;; And the best thing is, he comes with a very sweet smiling face for Figma Lulu which I was wishing for when I first bought Figma Lulu back in April.

    Figma Lulu is a -very- happy boy now~ the sweetie didn’t know what he was missing months ago when I wrote about Figma Suzaku! LOL~

    And now to wait for a Project BM Suzaku to complete the Medicom couple… but I highly doubt so cos Suzaku is definitely not as popular as Lulu… sigh~

  10. You’re EVIL with sense of humor.

    Hubby oso reads and he was like…..khu khu khu khu.

    Ehmm..KOOSHI have xmas treats. what a bargain.

  11. Its not bl without the trail drool~

    lol cliche number 5 killed me XD

    What program did you use? Photoshops a good program to alter changes like sharpness/blurness with photos.^^

  12. Lol~ I wonder which mangaka started that xD It does give the visual effect of how slobbery and deep that kiss was supposed to be and as for #5? It always cracks me up :D

    I used Photoshop to create the manga. The program can do magic on most pics but if the source image is too blur, there’s not much it can do to save it :P

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