Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Wallpapers Toono Azusa (Omerta)

JJ and Toono Azusa 遠野 梓 are so incredibly sweet together

Update September 2011: Short story added! :D Thanks Tachibana for sharing!

Toono Azusa’s birthday is 12 July.

In case you’re unaware, Toono Azusa is a character from BL game, Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Super cute! Enjoy! (^-^)/

{filelink=126} | {filelink=127} | {filelink=128} | {filelink=129}

The boys on Twitter

Update 2011 September 2011: Thanks Tachibana for sharing Azusa’s birthday short story that was only up for a day. I missed it although I managed to save the wallpapers. :D

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16 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Wallpapers Toono Azusa (Omerta)”

  1. Thanks for the translation!! This is so cute. If I can give a bit of correction, I think at the second to last one Azusa was referring to the birds, like telling JJ that he’s the one who needs to take care of all the birds he caught… And JJ replied that he just wants to take care of Azusa alone.

  2. Eeee, you translated these so fast!! They’re really so cute ;_; I’m glad I could help, thank you once more for these! It’s so much fun coming here and reading them! :D Oh Azusa and Andy. I loved how he would go to feed the birds in the game. It’s too cute, and Azusa isn’t even one of my favourite characters! But this is just too adorable to ignore ;_;a

    1. @Tachibana: Had lots of work to do but I couldn’t resist XD These short stories are so sweet and adorable. Si much rabu rabu-ness! I think their chibis designs will do very well as figures or plushies :3

    1. @Tachibana: Thanks so much for the Azusa special!!! I’ll translate and update them onto the post soon as I finish my work!

      The wallpapers of Ugajin should be available next week? They sure took their sweet time uploading Luka’s lol XD Thanks for the heads up!

  3. yeap, they are working alright
    the problem seems to be with google chrome.
    when i press the link it re directs me here,
    when i used firefox, it worked good .-.

    ty for the pics :3

  4. D: D: OMG. This is just too cute and sweet for words! *w*

    (On another note, I have not gotten around to playing this game yet. Why is life such a chore? x.X )

  5. jj is such a cutie >///< thanks for this wallpapers ponytale, didn't know about them :D

    @shirokaze: they work fine for me ^_^, just type in the password

    1. @izas: glad to share the love! I’m still looking for the ones they made for Tachibana’s birthday :-/ missed it cos I was too busy to monitor the site.

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