Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Tachibana Youji (Omerta)

Lol~ Tachibana looks so pleased but JJ seems upset XD

Sexy Kansai-ben character, Tachibana Youji 橘 陽司 is from BL game, Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Tachibana’s birthday is on 27 May.

The boys on Twitter

I missed this special when it was first published in May. Didn’t even know it was up until months later OTL;; Thanks to LalaParadise blog reader Tachibana who shared the links to two sizes of the wallpapers and Tachibana x JJ’s short story! I found the other two wallpaper sizes too :D Finally completed this set! Now we’re left with Touno Azusa‘s missing short story.

Here’s the cute short story about JJ trying to give a birthday gift to Tachibana.

Download the wallpapers!

{filelink=145} | {filelink=146} | {filelink=147} | {filelink=148}

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6 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Tachibana Youji (Omerta)”

  1. You’re very welcome!! I’m so glad you were able to do this. Tachibana is my favourite character so this just made me giggle so much. I love how tsundere J.J is with him, hehe. Thank you for translating it!

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