Special: 2010 Starry☆Sky Tears of the Polestar Wallpapers (honeybee)

Tears of the Polestar Another Story Zodiac Signs Wallpapers

I had a request on whether I had these wallpapers… actually I don’t ^^;; but I managed to find them on the web. I don’t remember when these limited time wallpapers were put up and for what event. The date stated was October 2010.

Download: {filelink=140} | {filelink=141} | {filelink=142} | {filelink=143} | {filelink=144}

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12 thoughts on “Special: 2010 Starry☆Sky Tears of the Polestar Wallpapers (honeybee)”

  1. yay!!!~ thank you╰(◕‿◕)╮❤ i was looking for this wallie forever.. i could only find a small size.


  2. Hell yes, he’s my SS fav! For the figure, I haven’t preordered it yet and I’m burning candles praying for this figure to be available in September (money money). I really want him on my desk…

  3. OMG thanks!! ^^ I dunno where you managed to find them since I’ve been looking for them everywhere but thanks so much <3 you know your sources =D

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