Shop: Suzuki-san USB Flash memory (Junjou Romantica)

So cute! But I WILL RESIST!

Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance Suzuki-San USB Flash Memory

This 2 gig USB2 flash memory costs 4743yen (w/o tax) You can grab it off CDJapan… and it will be released in 2009/09/15

I’ll add this to my wishlist but I guess it is not a priority.

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9 thoughts on “Shop: Suzuki-san USB Flash memory (Junjou Romantica)”

  1. Why did this never get released in the end? I know it has become a collector’s item, but other than the shape of it, it would have made a good gift to lots of teenage girls.

  2. true, it isn’t very portable.

    oh well this bear is probably to test the market XD, we’ll probably see more in the future and might be tempted someday.

  3. yeah you’re right.

    Besides i carry USB Flash Mem in my haversack.
    This one is expensive and can’t just pop it in my bag without worrying it might get scratched or broken.

    I told my friend about this and he said, “that’s a generic bear, get something like it if it’s really an anime character. otherwise you may find one in China..” LOL.
    Almost similar to your opinion eh….

    1. @akiyama: Yeah me too and Suzuku-san USB isn’t very portable. He is meant to be displayed than carried around. They could’ve just made a display piece instead of a USB memory stick but then again, they won’t be able to charge us so much for him if they did that lol~ But I do like the idea of the USB jack plugged into the sofa. Your friend echoes my sentiments exactly! XD And lol~ about the China bit… but very true.

      @kintara: no worries… good luck! ^^

  4. Uwaa…this is suzuki-san nee~

    Despite the cuteness this USB Flash Memory didn’t make it to my wishlist coz the $$$ factor and afraid my daughter will go KYA! and use it as a plaything.

    The only thing i wanna get for 2 Giga is Giga Pudding!!!!

  5. Hello :-)

    Suzuki-san is so sweet. I’m searching everywhere for the yellow and blue mugs but I can’t find them.
    I’ve been searching for hours!!! :-(

    Can anyone help me???? Please, it must be possible somehow to get one…at least I hope so :-(

    PS: I’m sorry for my’s late ;-)


    1. Hi Kintara, those mugs have been sold out quite a long time ago. I think your best bet in finding them would be Yahoo Japan Auctions and :) Good luck! I’ll update you if I come across them!

      @akiyama: I don’t mind if it wasn’t so expensive. Maybe cos the production is limited so the price is also high. And I think 2 gig is too little for that price. Why can’t they just add more capacity to it. I wonder if it so much more expensive to do so. But if it wasn’t Suzuki-san but Misaki or other characters, I MIGHT be more tempted to get it. Cos cute as Suzuki-san is… a teddy bear is still kinda common.

      Hehehe… so you had any pudding recently?

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