Seiyuu Cafe in Japan (Voice actor, Akihabara, Matsukaze Masaya)

What’s the latest hangout for seiyuu-philes in Japan? Why, Seiyuu Cafe of course.

Name: Seiyuu Cafe (声優cafe)
Location: Tokyo, Akihabara 秋葉原
Address: 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-15-7 第2丸信ビル8F
Telephone: 03-3254-2911
Opens in July 2011. Permanently Closed on 10 March 2012.
Official website:

Business hours:
Usual days: open 13:00 – close 20:00
Sat/Sun/Public Holidays: open 11:00 – close 20:00

The cafe is opened by seiyuu Matsukaze Masaya 松風 雅也 and it is a theme cafe of all things related to being a professional seiyuu.

Here’s the concept as described on the website.

The theme cafe is a new way of expressing the work of animation voice actors in Japan. It welcomes you to come in and enjoy Akihabara and the cafe’s delicious drinks which are good for the throat.

In addition to the cafe’s original menu, there’s also a Seiyuu Jukebox 『声優ジュークボックス』 where customers can listen to seiyuus reading selected dialogues ‘live’. What this means is that you can choose among a number of dialogue and order for the dialogue you want. The seiyuu working at the cafe will go on the stage and perform the reading for you live. (I wonder how that’s going to be like…and who are the seiyuus who are going to perform? I guess we can only find out after the cafe opens in July ^^)

In addition, there will also be limited goods that can only be bought at the cafe, such as Seiyuu cafe Original drama CD and T-shirt.

It is a cafe where animation fans, seiyuu fans can relax in when they go to Akihabara.

Inside the cafe.

The cafe setting and atmosphere is like that of a voice actor’s office and recording studio. It even has a microphone, a mini stage and speakers like the professional set-up.

There are table for 2’s and comfortable counter seats for 4’s up to a maximum capacity of 40 customers.

Location map to the cafe.

How to get there:
By train: ≪電車の場合≫
1) JR・東京メトロ・TX『秋葉原駅』から

2) 東京メトロ『末広町駅』から


If you’re going to Tokyo Japan, remember to drop by the cafe and share with us your experience there!

Update! deru has kindly shared her her experience at the cafe. Check out her post here!

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22 thoughts on “Seiyuu Cafe in Japan (Voice actor, Akihabara, Matsukaze Masaya)”

    1. @deru: That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience! <3 Popping by right now! XD

      EDIT: livejournal down OTL;;; will try again later :D

  1. gen is scaring me now Q.Q
    now i must definitely learn japanese to know what is going on!
    i dont think i’ll ever go to japan, but i’ll keep this in mind if i ever get lucky <3

  2. NO FRIGGIN WAY! Is this for real??? I swore never to step into Akiba since I went there for the first time two years ago. TRAUMATIZED. People there are… very scary and so unfriendly. =( But for this, I will brave akiba again!!!!

    1. @Gen: Long time no see dear! XD If you do go again, please share with us your experience :3 Salute your bravery and sacrifice lol~

  3. @ponytale Yeah, I hope that too XD.

    Sure! But again, the place would be unaccesible due to the large amount of fans there XDDDD

  4. I’m jealous, deru xDDDDDDD. Now I’m adding another reason to go to Japan before I die. I’ll start to save money to get my papers and all that stuff to go, one day *-* (hope it doesn’t close before I go).

    And yes! I want to know who will be there too! I’m sure if the popular seiyuus are in determined day, the place will be unaccesible xDDDDDD

  5. Will most definitely do! It’ll probably turn out into a full-blown blog post with pictures (if possible) :D

    Can’t wait for the site to be updated! XD

  6. Thanks a lot for the info! :D Currently in Japan, will head there once it opens! Hopefully the more popular seiyuus won’t be too busy to make an appearance.. ^^;

    1. @deru: wow that’s awesome! Please share with us your experience when you’re there xD *envious* I’ll try to update if there’s more news too.

  7. wow this is new and interesting, i would so love to visit it! I wonder who the seiyuu casting will be too. Sounds fun.^v^

  8. Oh Japan, first the maid/butler cafe now a seiyuu cafe? Why must they make me wanna go there so badly? Uuuuu… (/ n \)
    I can’t wait to know who are the seiyuus that are going to perform!
    Thanks for the info! :D

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