Random: Kuroshitsuji no Chi or Togainu no Shitsuji? (Shiki x Akira)

Now that we know that Prop Plus Petits figures have removable heads… what shall we do with them?

Prop Plus Petit figures’ heads are very easy to remove. Just lightly pull and it’ll come off but you can’t take the neck-joint out cos it is stuck as part of the body.

Due to the different way these figures are made, I have to remove the ball-joint from Kotobukiya one-coin chibi Togainu no Chi Military White Akira‘s head before I can put his head onto Ciel’s body. Thanks to the tutorial from Kotobukiya’s blog post that planck-chan shared with me the other day, I realised that it is possible to remove the ball-joint completely from Akira’s (or any new generation Kotobukiya one-coin) heads or bodies. I didn’t dare to do so for fear of breaking anything before this.

Anyway, I discovered that the joint is fairly easy to remove too. You just need a good pair of craft pliers. Get a good grip on the joint, then twist it gently to loosen it from the neck groove before pulling it out. Oh you’ve gotta hold Akira’s head tightly with your other hand of course ^^ It’ll go *POP* and out it comes :D It’s very unlikely that you’ll break the ball-joint, so don’t worry :)

And onto Ciel’s body Akira’s decapitated head shall go!

Doesn’t Akira look snappy wearing Ciel’s outfit?

(Solid, by the way refers to a small packet of food/rations in the Togainu no Chi story that the contestants eat) Want to know how it looks like? See the videos at my Togainu no Chi April Fool’s post.

Check out that LEERY face lol~ oh~ just realised that both Shiki and Sebastian have red eyes! XD

♥ Clueless/Tsundere uke? ♥

I haven’t figured out the next pic yet lol~ Suggestions? I’ll update when I have inspiration XD lol lol

And guess whose body I’m going to put this cute little head on?

WHAT A PERFECT FIT! If I may say so myself ^^

They really do share similarities, Y-shirt (slutty) Akira vs Alois the sexy brat lol

And Shiki sure looks darn pleased ^^ (and a bit predatory/scary)

Are we having fun yet? :D I’m quite looking forward to the next set of Prop Plus Petit Kuroshitsuji figures… if it ever materialises, that is. Do you have both sets? How’s the quality of the Volume one figures? It’s sold out now so I don’t think I can get my hands on them anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Random: Kuroshitsuji no Chi or Togainu no Shitsuji? (Shiki x Akira)”

  1. “Shiki isn’t the conniving sort… he’ll just cut you down ^^;;;”

    lol yea that’s him~

    I never finished the kuroshitsuji anime i have like two episodes left to see of the secound season. I really enjoyed the Sebby x Grell bits.
    I think season two was made mostly for the fan service more than plot.;;XD

    lol aww i saw the Gian hes major cute! I can’t wait to get me a plush by that company~
    Yea like you i’ve been working hard too! It’s killing…XD

    1. @sigma: I feel bad for Grell looking at how Sebby treats him but I guess he enjoyed the abuse very much lol~ I thought the ending wasn’t too bad :) but still preferred the first.

      Yep yep, Gian is so cute I can’t help raising my expectations for the new Akira and Shiki plushies X3

      Do take care too okie! *hugz*

  2. oh dang those are super cute! I love Shikis head on Claudes so much! Its perfect~ XD
    An yea the slutty Akira makes good on Alois body!

    ((btw i keep getting a strange ad site that redirects up a lot from your site just recently. It’s not your regular one. It’s called gossip celeb are something. Just thought id give you the heads up in case anyone else is seeing it too.))

    1. @sigma: XD actually their heads don’t fit exactly. Will need putty to keep them in place :P but it’s possible to find a nice angle to make them look good in pix without using it to secure their heads hehe My fave is Akira/Ciel :D really cute!

      Shiki’s head on Claude’s body looks awesome too lol~ makes you wonder what he is plotting as Akira’s bulter… but come to think of it, Shiki isn’t the conniving sort… he’ll just cut you down ^^;;; But he sure looks good in a butler suit lol~

      Hmm, must be a script I installed two days ago. I’ve removed it. Thanks for letting me know *hugz* X3

      Btw, my Gian plushie arrived! He is very much cuter than expected! XDD I think I’ll buy the last two boys as well to complete the collection OTL;;; I’ll have to work harder to earn the $$$

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