Poll: Who are your favourite Kichiku Megane characters?

Since these guys are hogging the spotlight on my blog with all their sexy dakimakura this weekend, let’s have a poll! :D

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35 thoughts on “Poll: Who are your favourite Kichiku Megane characters?”

  1. ahahha omg NOoooo Noma’s been called a slut!! XD LMAO yeah I know what you mean, looking from a uke who wants it, and Seme who likes pleasing the uke is Hot, and in a cute way too lol. I just dig seme Noma, and find it more appealing than uke Noma. Kuro!Noma *rabu*

    I’ve listen to HisouchakuBan+HisouchakuBan 2, (I only bought megane’s ver of both drama CD though) my memory is vague about their sex. I think there was a scene where they attempt to make out in public secluded places and noma doesnt even think twice about locking the door! or was that from the MidoKatsu oneshot I read? Either way ! Noma is horny 24/7 for Midou! For reals! XD!!

    XD Gahh too much kichimega, its mixing in my mindz!

    but LOooL! its still fun to listen. I still wonder how does Hirarin manage to do sounds that sounds like the uke is horny/slutty XD;;;

    About that NomaKata Doujin. I found it while surfing online looking for kichimega 4coma & comics, If I bump to any I’ll link them to you. ^^

    1. @K.K. Yeah, there’s so much fun to have with a cute but slutty uke like Noma, especially when he is paired with Midou XDD O~ in one of the Noma uke CDs, the two of them finally moved in together and like you said, Noma was horny for Midou all the time. One night they just got back to their apartment. They were already inside but near the entrance of the door. Noma didn’t want to wait and go to their bedroom. He wanted Midou like right NOW lol~ so Midou obliged of course. So while they were at it, they heard people walk by outside who commented that they heard noises (Noma’s moans of course) But being the S that Midou was, he thrusted harder even tho Noma got embarrassed and wanted to stop. *nosebleed*

      Honda x Noma doesn’t sound right like they clicked ^^;; Megane x Honda was amusing tho.

      Hirarin probably practiced… a lot? :D But I think we can tell if he likes a character or not cos he definitely seems to enjoy doing this one.

      Ooo Thank you XD Looking forward to them!

  2. hahaha oh you like Noma being paired with Midou? XDD <3 I like noma being paired with Honda, the best … and then Mr.R x Noma pairing too.. *shot* I dunno why, I just like that crack pairing so much xD;;

    Noma & Midou's chemistry just doesnt work for me somehow ._. but I dun care… their H-scene are still sexy to look at! Can't deny! OTL! taht midokatsu manga zomg midou do dirty things to noma LOOL noma you're soo horny gotta love you for that too XD!! and Midou's a pervert XD!

    there arent much doujins, but I have run to quite a few NomaKata doujins. Very lovable. XD its like megakata except noma isnt a tsundere like megane is in katagiri's route LOL!

    I havent seen Yusa's schedule for 2012 yet so, lets hope he doesnt have his schedule filled. A new BLgame with Yusa would be nice. if not then, I hope he takes on a good bldrama. Or maybe they can do a doujin drama like Sora ni hibiku again xD;

    1. @K.K. I like an uke who enjoys being smexed… and seme who want to make his uke feel good :D~ When Midou x Noma woo~ HAWT! You should try the BLCDs. Their chemistry is fantastic! And yep, Midou is such a pervy S and Noma is just as enthusiastic and slutty XD LOVE IT! These two are a fabulous reversible match.

      Can you point me to the doujins? I would love to see them :D

  3. I love Taichi so much! So I voted for him. I also voted for The two Saekis. They both are super sexy!

    Is there a larger version of the picture above? If so, could you please tell me where to get it. Thank you! <3

  4. Top or bottom, Midou delivers.
    Oh and it’s because of Yusa Kouji too. XD
    I also chose Megane-kun and Katagiri.
    Oyaji characters are always cute~ <3

    1. i cant get into oyajis really x.x
      it doesnt work for me
      basically, the reason why im not into the T&B yaoi hyped, and why i dont read almost any of Naono Bohra’s work :x

  5. Megane & Midou! & Honda 8D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just dun like noma’s personality in general… but I have to admit he’s is pretty eye candy during H-scenes, well not as much as midou imo *cough* OTL!!

    if there is a route I want to try out, I want Noma x Katagiri tehehehhe omg I think they would work soo well xD LOOOOL!! <3 soo cute. have Kuro!Noma seme the Yandere Katagiri XD *shot* or Noma with Aki D8. I know he's annoying to most people, even me too, but KichiMega R's route of MegaAki, have been rubbing me off! and also because of their oneshot Tamami released a few years ago

    Aside from taht, please let yusa have another BL game, and let Konishi be in too 8D! HAHAHA *shot* so far I still think Konishi & Yusa's chemistry works the best. I blame Houigakusha to Keiji series OTL

    1. @K.K: I love Normal when he is paired with Midou… so hot!
      Lol~ your original pairings sound so delectable! Would be so interesting to see. I wonder if there are doujins out there with them?
      Yeah, I want to have Yucchi in more BL games too.

  6. Taichi and Katsuya (Normal), they’re also my favorite pair.

    It’s been a long, long time since i’ve played this or its fan disk. (^^; )

  7. Midou all the way~
    One is of course, Yusa Kouji biased. haha.
    Two, so much torment, abuse, raep and pain guhh how can I not love that. *m* (Him being top or bottom, either way. But, I personally love uke!Midou.)

    Also voted for Megane Katsuya because I’m not a fond of Hirarin’s uke. “orz

  8. I like Mr. N and the Saekis.
    Normal Saeki is soooooo cute you just want to givw a hug
    Megane Megane Megane Megane Megane Megane Megane after the mangas thats all i could think of -///_\\\-

  9. I voted for Saeki (normal) and Miduo. Well personally, Saeki (normal) is my favorite. i think he’s adorable and Hirarin does his voice so well <3!

    1. @momo: I love both versions of Saeki when he is paired with Midou XD If not, then my favs would be Midou, Normal Saeki (YESH SO ADORBLE!) and Katagiri.

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