Online Shopping: Comi-Comi Registration Tutorial

I’ve received a couple of requests for a tutorial on how to register an account at Comi-comi studio, a Japanese-only BL shop which ships their BL items internationally by EMS. More info of other shops in my other article: Buying Boys Love Items Online.

Hope this tutorial helps :)

Register account at Comi-comi
To begin, click on the Register link at the website shown in the image (translation in red) to go to the register page.

Step 1 of 2
You’ll most probably need an English text to Hiragana/Katagana converter to complete the registration.

Kana Generator

Update 26 July 2013:
Comicomi launched a new Premium member subscription service in 2012. For 315 Yen each month, you can receive additional discounts, points or premium member specials.
During registration, they also added a new mobile email address field some time ago. You can enter a “dummy” mobile email from this list:

Register account at Comi-comi

Step 2 of 2 (end)

Check the information you entered and click Submit. Then you’re done!

Register account at Comi-comi

Happy Shopping! ^^)/

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

40 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Comi-Comi Registration Tutorial”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve had some difficulties when I was going to register it appears continously this error ⇒ 全角カナ以外の文字が入力されています。 but I already write my name in katakana. Is it probably that I don’t need to write my name in katakana or something? I don’t know what I need to do, please help me

    1. @Marian: I’ts saying that your text contains text that isn’t “full-width” katakana. You can try using Google Translate tool and do a copy and paste from the translated text :) I just tested it and it works.

  2. Hi, first of all thanks for the tutorial~
    I have a question about the mobile address you have to input. I tried putting my email address in the box too, as you suggested to another commenter, but it doesn’t work, saying it needs to be in mobile address format (I think). Leaving it blank doesn’t work too. Is there a way around this?

    1. The message that appears under that section says: ⇒ 携帯メールアドレスの形式で入力してください。

    2. @Stephanie: Ah~ okie, please try any one of the mobile address domains in this list.

      NTT ドコモ
      mopera U
      KDDI au / TU-KA
      iPhone 3G専用メール
      VERTU Club

    3. Ah, I used one and it registered! -sigh- now all I need is a credit card…

      Anyways, thank you for help~ Oh, and just want to say that your blog has inspired me to be a better BL fan and now I want to start a collection one day and be more active with new BL products! Although.. I don’t know if my savings account agrees with me ; 3 ;

    1. @zon: It’s like a monthly paid membership where you can get additional discounts, points or premium member exclusives. It possible to pay by credit card or by points (315pt) that you accumulate with your usual purchases.

  3. umh I lost my password and my user name *sobs*

    I can’t find where retrieve it, I really need it ;A;! I had 2 points I wanted to use for my next shopping! can you help me?

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial!!
    I’m still not sure, but it is okay to write your name in hiragana/katkana, will the package arrive okay? the post service of my country isn’t that efficient, would I have a problem If I write my name in aplhanumeric instead?

    1. @Lorea: Sorry for the late reply! I think as long as the address is correct, it shouldn’t matter. If I’m not wrong, the form doesn’t let you enter alphanumeric letters. Give it a try. If you can, just do it :)

  5. ahhh… I have a question!

    I can’t fit my address like showed on the tuturial OTL I get this message “入力された日付に誤りがあります” my adrress is REALLY long…

    would it be okay if I use both spaces to fit my address? how can I fit it ;u;

    1. yeah I managed to fit it shortening it a little, then if you saw the other comment; is the shipping free? because I see no other charges

  6. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just have a question about the mailing address. If you live in a country with states, do you enter that information after city or do you just leave it out altogether? It’s my first time buying and I don’t want to mess it up. uvu

    1. @Gaarachee: I suggest that you include the state somewhere in the address field. Be as complete as possible to minimize errors or delays :D good luck!

  7. Thank you for the registration tutorial! This was very helpful~ I have a quick question on the “Select a payment method” portion during the buying process. I don’t understand the three bullet points and what I should choose in each one that follow after you submit the expiration date to your card. The bullet points go in this order : 名義人, 分割選択 , 分割回数.

  8. Any idea how to fill in the my name for Hiragana/Kanjji/Katagana ? I can’t seem to find a way to convert my english name to Hiragana/Kanjji/Katagana …
    I’m gonna try my chinese name for kanji then , english name for the Furigana …
    If it can’t work … I’m gonna cry me a river … TT_TT

      Uh, sorry about that.. Really didn’t see it ><
      Anyway, thank you very very much !! :D *bows*

  9. hi, I want to register, but now they ask for a Japanese mobile email address! Do you know how to solve this problem? I’m really desperate :(

  10. Thank you for your fast answer!^^

    I’m asking bc I live in a a building with many flat shares and it could probably be a problem for the postal assistant to find my flat… But if it’s by EMS then I guess it should be ok.
    Though a friend of mine has registered with katagana too, but the name was eventually written in english bc they probably had her name on file from Rakuten. So do you think that it would be fine too, if I register my name in english though?

    1. @Hanayoi: no worries! Gotta be fast in case you’re trying to order morimori’s clock? Lol

      You can try registering your English name ^^ it’s just that I can’t remember if the system will stop the form from processing if it wasn’t entered as katakana.

      Another thing you can do is when you checkout, you can write a message in the comment field indicating your English name and ask them to write your name in English when they post the package.

  11. Great tutorial! Thanks!
    But should not someone, who let’s say lives in Europe, register his name written with alphabetic characters? I mean, comicomi will probably send out the package with the purchaser’s name written in Hiragana/Kanjji/Katagana as registered, right? Will the order still be delivered properly, as the local postal office cannot read japanese?

    1. @Hanayoi: Comicomi ships only by EMS and the postman will deliver to your doorstep and you’ll have sign for the delivery.

      I registered my English name in katakana but so far have no problems with deliveries. I have been buying stuff from them for a few years.

      Hmm so I guess it depends on your postman ^^;; but I believe it should be ok tho. Try checking with your local post office?

      Edit: if your address is entered correctly, they should have no problems reaching you. You might want to inform your family that you’re expecting a package from Japan too.

    1. @Yumii: It comes before. The field after is for your telephone number. Refer to the screen cap I made, you should be able to see the explanation :)

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