News: Cool-B January 2012 Issue (3 December 2011)

Latest news about new Lucky Dog 1 spin-off game!

Instead of Lucky Dog 1 + Bad Egg, the new title is called Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! ジャンのためなら世界を壊す(I’ll destroy the world, if its for Gian’s sake). Also, there’s news about a new BL game company! Woot~ looking forward to reading about this!

Title: Cool-B January 2012 Issue
Available: 3 December 2011

1) Cover feature:
Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! ジャンのためなら世界を壊すby Tennenouji
…… eh, what is this title? What’s going Yura-sensei!!? Cover illustration features Gian with a complacent grin and CR:5 members.

2) Miracle Shock Scoop ミラクル衝撃スクープ!!
Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! ジャンのためなら世界を壊すby Tennenouji
Announcement of second spin-off game for Lucky Dog 1!
It’s either Gian’s love or the end of the world (literally?) What an extreme approach to love!?
Illustrations of exquisite military uniforms to fan the agonising fire of military-uniform-moe
Comments from illustrator Yura 由良 and scenario writer Suganima Kyouji 菅沼恭司
Furthermore, the start of a new series of illustrations. The first out of the five is Gian.

NO,THANK YOU!!! by parade (三兵志麻+雨宮充)
「No plan!」
18+ BL new brand is born! Joyous occasion!
The debuting game is described as Cheerful, refreshing and full of eroticism!
Introduction of the protagonist and target characters.
Features illustrations and short story!
Chapter features protagonist Haruto ハルと and one of his friends 博之 in an erotic situation!
Comical, yet erotic and entertaining short story!

3) Games information and features
Lucky Dog 1 ラッキードッグ1 by Yura and Suganima Kyouji
What an attractive destructive force!
Features Suganima Kyouji’s newly written text and mini conversation.
As well as ルキーノxジャン Luchino x Gian’s love-love illustration.
Heart-stopping aura of happiness that will move you to tears.

DRAMAtical Murder by Honyarara and ほにゃらら and Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑
Third in the series of mini short story and illustration!
This time, a chapter featuring gas mask guy, Clear and Aoba (クリアと蒼葉) in a heart pumping kiss scene and Koujaku x Aoba 紅雀x蒼葉 love scene

Omerta Chinmoku no Okite オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ by Tateishi Ryo 立石涼 and 菜摘かんな
Special feature. Interview with JJ’s seiyuu 城ヶ崎仁 where he talks in detail about his favourite scenes and thoughts about the game and also how his pseudonym came about.

Also features short story, Aeolus’s Yearning 「慕情のアイオロス」 Third in the another story series, based on the idea of “if”.
Luka 瑠夏 set out to suppress Dragon Head. However the plan is discovered and it resulted in Kiryuu 霧生 being shot while protecting him.
Tense meeting between the tops of King Caesar and Dragon Head begins.
The sequel for 「警鐘のイスカリオテ」「潮騒のポセイドーネ」 from Vol.40 heats up!

Beniiro Tenjyo Ayakashi Kitan 紅色天井艶妖綺譚 by Koyama Sousuke 小山宗祐+LoveDelivery
Information about new packaging version and short story, Hanaura 「花占」(Flower fortune) featuring all the characters from the game.

Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン by 中条ローザ
Character relationship information and illustration of the twins 伊勢馨、薫 summoning spirits are revealed.
Also a short story, Himitsu 「秘密」 (Secret) featuring Tatebayashi x Kyouichirou 館林x京一郎. The seme is the short-haired blond officer.

Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事 by Togomito 倒神神倒
Features walkthrough for all the endings. Taboo Butler x Butler scene, the truth route and even sub-characters route. The extremely useful complete walkthrough!

And illustration, Merry Christmas! メリー・クリスマ~ス!
A scene about the present prepared by Head butler, Sakuma 佐久間. A rare illustration of the Holy Night… An unexpected pure illustration to end the year.

Shingakkou – The Gift Fan disk 神学校 The Gift byPIL/SLASH, 草香祭
New scenario with erotic scene! ロバジョシュ (?) and Gabriel’s ガブリエル CG and newly written story.
Handsome illustration of the principal when he was young!
Detailed explanation of the board game and mini games.

Si-Nis-Kanto by Ands
First key CG revealed. Also features short story and illustration by mangaka Yamada Sakurako. Protagonist Maki マキ and his best friend Eshika エシカ and antagonists from mafia, top guy Yugo ユーゴ and Karuro カルロ.
A high-tension illustration of the meeting of the four main characters. 孤児たちの集う寄宿学校で開かれる最大行事“発表会”。来賓も招き行われるその音楽発表会とは……。

Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble 学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~ by Spray/プロトタイプ
More main character and world view information revealed. Includes Spray interview.

Bara game 体育教師・極 by エフジー
Demo game in the DVD

Information on Doujin BL games
Toshokan no Nevuajisuta (?) 図書室のネヴァジスタ by かずまこを+都志見文太
Short story and illustration 「red shoes:holy dance」


4) Free DVD with wallpapers, promotional videos and demos.

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25 thoughts on “News: Cool-B January 2012 Issue (3 December 2011)”

  1. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン DMMD! Dammit, I wasn’t going to buy this issue since I’m short on cash but….BUT T___T

    More importantly, I did not know Urobuchi Gen was on the development team. The game has just shot up to the top of my to buy list.

    ARGH, I think I’m just going to buy it anyways, dammit. I WANT THOSE SHORT STORIES. ESPECIALLY CLEAR. I don’t know why, he just seems so silly. Ugh, my wallet.

    1. @Rita: If I’m not wrong, Urobuchi Gen does all of Nitro+Chiral’s BL games like Togainu no Chi too :D so don’t miss them!
      Yea, Clear is intriguing and gotta love his hadaka apron lol~

    2. I never did bother reading the credits, so shame on me XD (and no surprise). I guess it does explain something about all the dystopian settings and stuff that Nitro+Chiral’s games have though. THAT’S why I kept getting Saya no Uta flashbacks during Sweet Pool.

      AND THAT APRON. THAT SHINY ASS. CANNOT UNSEE. This is your fault Ponytale. I didn’t have that issue of B’s (or was it Cool-B? Well, either way) and then I was browsing for my info on DMMd and BAM. MY EYES. XDDDD

      Truth though, I’m more interesting in Clear after hearing his voice samples~ Fuwahh, so cute~ I’m almost positive he’s not some middle aged ossan now. Any idea who the voice actor is. I’m crap at deciphering those stupid aliases for BL and eroges >_>.

    3. @Rita: :D no worries… most of the time we fangirl about the characters and seiyuu and forgot about the writer who created them ^^;;

      Yeah, unless they still decide to troll us with an oyaji behind the mask in the end…

    4. Oh right, and, what do I have to bribe you with to get a translation/summary of the ClearxAoba kiss scene?

    5. ermmm… sorry if I sounds rude, but 淵井鏑 is actually read Fuchii Kabura
      it’s kinda similar to Urobuchi Gen’s pen name 虚淵玄

      Fuchii Kabura wrote all Nitro+Chiral’s game scenarios :D
      though Urobuchi acts as their main Director~ so he’s supposed to do all the check ups

      can’t wait for DMmd!!

  2. Love the LD1 cover~
    I really enjoyed playing the spin-off, the chibis are just too cute to resist! XDD
    The way you described about the new game which is to be released by the new BL game company reminds me of Miracle Noton alot.

    OMG! An interview with Iida Toshinobu?!
    I’m super curious about it, by chance would it be okay if you could post about it?
    I’ve seen Iida Toshinobu voicing as sub characters in BLCDs, but not as a main character so this is really interesting. *-*

    1. @Liru: Sure! I’ll make a post for his interview when I receive my copy :D

      Looking forward to reading more about the new BL game company too!

  3. @ ponytale: Well…. true. If they make an anime of Lucky dog, I would like Studio Shaft to make it. I really like the animation they made in Arakawa under the Bridge, Natsu no Arashi, and Puella Magi Madoka. Super Artistic. If not, I guess it would Studio Deen.

    1. @MisakixUsami: Shaft would be cool! :D I think Noitamine would be cool too for the edgy look. Studio Deen is ok I guess heh since they did well for most of the BL/Otome anime we’re seeing now.

  4. Yay! More Lucky Dog! I Love the title. I would do anything for Gian, too~. I love him so so much! ^ _ ^ I hope they make a anime of Lucky Dog.

  5. Gian looks so smug on the cover… X3

    And I wonder what CAGE-OPEN- is about, really… The OP is quite good and gives me a feeling that it might be brutal (oh, hell yes!), dark and somewhat psychological…. or something…


    1. @Yoru-chan: Yeah cos he is getting all the love :D

      CAGE-OPEN’s setting is that the characters take part in a battle game. And the final winner takes all if I remember correctly. Described as very violent.

  6. OMG YURA-SAN, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? I’m extremely excited for this ahhhh omg omg omg Also pretty curious of the new company hmmm~ I guess I have to get this issue ( ;∀;)

  7. Ah, I bought the last issue and told myself I wouldn’t get the next one but….I want it. OTL
    The new title sound really cool (in a romantic way). Lucky Dog 1 was in my opinion all about doing things for the one you love. Hope the new game got more ” SHIT! FACKU! HOMO YAROU!” screaming from Ivan xD

    1. @Yumii: It’s good that Cool-B mag is a bi-monthly publication :D
      Yeah, Gian is such a lucky guy huh…
      Hahaha XDD Love to hear Ivan say all that too!

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