Midou Takanori Birthday Message 2015, Lalaparadise website revamp

Mido Birthday Message
It’s my birthday today :D And I’m so glad I could complete Lalaparadise’s website revamp a day before today!
If you’ve been here before, you’ll have noticed that Lalaparadise has undergone a revamp… I hope you find the new site better than the previous one. I spent the last 2 weeks going through almost a thousand posts to make them compatible with the new blog theme lol OTL;; Comments are welcomed… and I’ll take them into account for the next revamp :)

You may still see broken links here and there, so if you find anything amiss or acting strange, please feel free to give me a buzz.

Thanks for sticking around over the past years! XD Miss chatting with you guys lots. Many more blog posts and updates to come!

Gonna stop working and have dinner with Mido-san now, since he has already made reservations for tonight lol~

Happy Birthday.
Takanori Mido

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8 thoughts on “Midou Takanori Birthday Message 2015, Lalaparadise website revamp”

  1. Love the updated site!! :) Happy Belated Birthday Ponytale!!! Sorry I have not been visiting more. *HUGS*

    1. @Tasuki Honey: Thanks for your sweet comments! XD I had a good birthday! No worries… I haven’t been able to update very much recently. Hope all is great for you too :D Are you getting the new Atobe Keigo figure? He looks amazing but the price is… orz;;;

  2. Happy belated birthday!!:D
    Why do I always forget dates…I almost forgot my own birthday which is today…”^^
    Since I have some problems with firefox in the moment the new design scared me at first…so bright…
    I like the new design. It`s a lot easier to read and I like the new listing of the entries it`s a lot clearer…looks pretier..
    TT_TT…why is it sometimes so difficult to write in english.
    It´s like my brain does not remember a single word when I want to write.
    The only thing that I don`t like that much in the moment is that the header/ the categorylist cuts a lot from the screen while reading single entries e.g. if I want to take a look at a bigger picture I have to scroll up and down.

    Here my birthday message from Katsuya(megane):
    Of course I let him take the lead as always….so it would have been nice to try something new…(*///∇///*)
    How was your dinner with Mido?
    Surely a wonderful red whine I guess and the dessert…



    1. @kitsunebi: Happy belated birthday to you too! <3 May all your wishes come true and have the best in every area of your life :3 Hope you had a blast!

      Ooo Megane Katsuya's message <33 Hehehe trying something new vs his usual best XD both would've been thrilling.

      Ah~Mido-san <333

      Thanks for the encouraging comments about the revamp. Yeah I was concerned about the background colour change too. It was like... from black to such a bright white o_O;; But glad you liked it. And I managed to fix the header portion. It should scroll along as per normal on the desktop now :D

  3. Happy Birthday Pony!! Love you!<3 *hugs* I wish I was in better condition so I could draw you something cute! (very sick at moment)
    I hope your day was awesome and you got everything you wanted! <3

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