Lovely icons x3

Oo~ thanks for the lovely icons, Akiyama. Lemme add them here x3

Pic of Asami from Viewfinder manga

Pic from Kiss of Fire shitajiki/pencil board

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8 thoughts on “Lovely icons x3”

  1. Okie, just be real careful with the pages and spine ^^

    I’m not sure if its limited edition. Its still available tho’
    I think there are scans available too. Lemme look for it.

    For Togainu, I like Rin very much ^_^ I’m a fan of Fukuyama Jun, followed by Akira (I love the seiyuu, Toriumi Kousuke too), Keisuke (both his innocent and evil versions) and Arbitro was a nice surprise cos he sounds like Shiozawa Kaneto.

    Although almost everybody seem to adore Shiki (Midorikawa Hikaru), I haven’t completed the Shiki arc yet *sweat drop* o.O I got too busy.

    I haven’t completed Lamento either ^____^” Its quite long, isn’t it. I led Konoe to the marketplace with Rai and met up with Bardo and then I had to stop. Probably revisit it again sometime but based on the drama cds, I rather like Konoe and Asato.

    Who’s your fav?

  2. I’m not worrying about spoiling the books, i want to share becoz hopefully you find the doujinshi is amusing.
    Well, i’m going to start with the cover…guess i’ll be over at my brother’s 2morro to get some good internet connection.

    Whoa, you got the Nitro+Chiral Special x Girl’s?Kewl arr~
    It’s limited, right?
    Btw, haven’t asked..who’s your fave in Togainu and Lamento?

  3. The BL artbooks I have are: Togainu no Chi Official Visual Fan Book and Nitroplus Chiral x Girls’ Style Special-Edition Art Book. I also have a Lamento doujinshi anthology.

    I read reviews on JPQueen that the latest Viewfinder artbook is a good buy for fans that don’t wanna spend sky-high price for Aya cos it has most of the illustrations from Aya.

    Ah, don’t worry about scanning the doujinshi ^^ If you open them up for scanning you might spoil the books right? :O

  4. I have several yaoi artbooks
    2 of them is from Youka Nitta, Embracing Love:Kiss of Fire and Charisma.
    I don’t have Aya from Yamane Ayano.

    From my last year trip to japan, i bought 3 doujinshis of Togainu (1) and lamento (2)
    apparently one of the lamento doujin is a homorous one…
    Hopefully i can scan and share them online.
    Will send you some pic by e-mail, k?

  5. That’ll be nice! Thanks! :D cos I don’t own any pencil boards.

    Go to this link for more viewfinder scans!

    Wish list artbook items would be the recently released Viewfinder from JPQueen o.O and Kiss of Fire (HaruDaki) but that’ll have to be after the latest Fuyu no Semi DVD… my wallet’s seriously dry… ~$$$~

  6. If you need bigger pics just e-mail me.
    I could scan some of my pencil boards.

    Do you have Viewfinder Clear Folder?
    It has Asami pic on it.

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