Ke-ki wo Tabeyo~

Update 04/05/2010 – Flying off to a short vacation till Friday! I’ll be back :3

Yummy cake

Diet plan FAIL… again XD

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12 thoughts on “Ke-ki wo Tabeyo~”

  1. Nuuuuuuuuuuuu, no cake for me yet.
    Baking one for mother’s day tomorrow though! Sure, my mom will think it’s a kind gesture for her, but I have my ulterior motives, om nom nom nom.

    1. @littlemonster: Lol~ you wanna get on her good books so that she’ll buy something for you? XD But well, it’s still very sweet of you to make that effort to bake that Mother’s Day cake XD

    1. @sigma: Thanks dear! Don’t worry about it ^^ yep I had fun! My parents are off on their own trip already lol~ hope they have fun too! I want another vacation… X3

      @littlemonster: Thanks littlemonster! The cakes are yummy! Have you had yours yet? XD

  2. i missed your birthday again….OTL
    Happy late birthday hope it was fun! The cake looks so so~ yummy~~~!!*drool*

    Have a great vacation! *wants another one* TTWTT

    1. @imacatlover: Love it! XD I got $$$ for my birthday to buy stuff I like heh Only celebrated with family and some close friends ^^

      @planck-chan: Thank you! Hehe yeah I’m glad the cushion arrived before too! XD

      @Luvi: Yessss Caaaake…. <3 XD Thank you!

  3. Oh, your birthday is today? So congrats! Have a nice day!
    Lots of delicious presents – cakes, sweets, bishounen <3
    Luck you that your cushion has arrived before your birthday!

  4. @ponytale ^__^ Fine by me! I’m happy that you are happy with it ;)

    Did you get nice presents for your birthday?

    1. @imacatlover: uwa <3 Thank you! *saved* The card and photo is too yummy XD just like the cakes hehe I'm going to post it to a page on the blog okie? XD

      @Gi: They’re yummy ^^

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