I want to eat Youji too! (Sweet Pool)

Youji Cake

Let’s eat Sweet(s) Pool!

Sweet Pool Cafe opens! For a limited period only from 18th ~ 27th September 2009, CURE MAID CAFE in Japan will be serving Sweet Pool themed menu! I won’t have the opportunity to try it (*_*) but the food sure looks delicious from the photos.

A quick peek at the menu items.

400 Yen
Sakiyama Youji’s Reason/Rational
(Blue Hawaii + grape jelly)
400 Yen
Sakiyama Youji’s Instinct
(Pomegranate x ginger ale + grape jelly)
400 Yen
Shironuma Tetsuo
(Green tea x peach flavour)
400 Yen
Mita Makoto
(Cola x orange sherbet)
400 Yen
Okinaga Zenya
(Hot nata de coco + berry)
400 Yen
Omu Yakisoba Bread.
Rumoured to sell out within 10 minutes at the school canteen.
1500 Yen (set 1700 Yen)
Omega Meat Burger
This is definitely inspired by Makoto lol~ This burger is 1.5 times bigger than normal burgers.
400 Yen
Shironuma’s home-cooked food.
Feel the warmth and gentleness of home.
1000 Yen (set 1200 Yen)
Kitani’s cooking.
White rice, miso soup and stir-fry minced meat with eggplant. Lovingly prepared for Zenya.
900 Yen (set 1100 Yen)
Sakiyama’s home curry.
Colour of the curry is redder than usual curry. Comes with special seasoning.
900 Yen (set 1100 Yen)
Zenya’s Failure (?) hamburger steak (because it is chopped up and not in one piece) But looks pretty good to me ^^ to eat with bread or rice.
500 Yen (set 700 Yen)
Youji-kun hot cake (pan cake)
500 Yen (set 700 Yen)
Souffle cheesecake with randomly selected Sweet Pool lines from the script written on top.
600 Yen (set 800 Yen)
Makoto’s bad lifestyle habit sundae.
Inspired by Makoto, whose day cannot start without food. I think that’s perfectly fine tho’ lol~

Yu-pon illustrated coasters

Special Yu-pon illustrated cloth coasters will also be available too. One coaster per order (Free I think… while stocks last!)

Available at CURE MAID CAFE
Sweet Pool cloth coaster

Available at Queen Dolce (A cross-dressing girls’ bar)
Sweet Pool cloth coaster

If I’m not wrong they’ll eventually be on sale at 200 Yen each. 200 Yen for one coaster… these guys really know how to milk us dry… ^^;;; The price of the menu items are pretty reasonable tho’.

Sweet Pool cloth coaster

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13 thoughts on “I want to eat Youji too! (Sweet Pool)”

  1. ha, trust Japan to find a way to make everything moe-tastic, even something as gruesome as Sweet Pool… Still, it’s this kind of thing that makes me love Fujoshi culture!

    1. Indeed! I think most of us fujoshi are able to separate fact from fiction and enjoy these characters and settings even though the story was such a tragedy ^^;;;

    1. @bangin-san: \(^o^)/ yes, please do both!!! And collaboration too XD

      @Sigma: I’m excited but my wallet shivers at the thought of more goods *_* I’m not sure but an artbook is quite welcomed tho’. Ah~ off-topic: I recently stumbled upon 2 character posing reference books for drawing BL LOL~ you’ve gotta see them, since you’re an artist maybe you find it useful too XD I find it quite amusing at the same time kekeke. Oh it helps that the models they use are rather cute too ^///^)
      Amazon link 1: 絵描きのためのチームBLポーズ写真集
      Amazon link 2: 絵描きのためのチームBLポーズ写真集2

  2. OMG! I didn’t know about this. Last time Cure Maid Cafe featured Evangelion-themed drink and food, but this time is sweet pool! I want to drink Tetsuo’s juice. I think I will try.

  3. I would like to try the rational drink too. Something different ^^

    Yeah… so cute! Nitro-chiral is coming up with new series of goods (Chiral Cafe) in November based on these new pics, including Akira, Konoe and all and they’re currently on pre-order at the animate store. I think it’s scary to be an anime/BL fan. Our wallets never stop bleeding. DX

  4. *cries*

    Why japan has all the fun?;__;
    I’d love to try the curry an rational drink. lol at hamburger.
    (yupons drawings are so cute!)

    1. @Amana: Hehehe… that’s something quite different from the usual menu ^^ I would love to try it too!

      @Felser: It would’ve been fun to go with a bunch of friends… :D

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