Have a Sweet Pool Christmas!

Sweet Pool Christmas

Boxing Day Post-Christmas Filler~ Lol~ cake Makoto looks delicious xD

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18 thoughts on “Have a Sweet Pool Christmas!”

  1. Yea…me too.

    K x I : we miss you too girls, but we’re on hiatus right now *whispers* thanks to the useless controversy of our poses. Man, we just looked cool, no harm done.

  2. oh well i’d rather have him be happy with Akihito rather than stuck with me.

    of course i wouldn’t mind so i can squeeze his $ to buy me lots of good things from Japan.
    im in love with his $ more than his looks. (oops…)

  3. Hahaha… AB is not a bad introduction to BL for the newbie :P Oh the actor in the Japanese dorama version is Takizawa Hideaki ^^

    Hmm… I don’t know about Cho Hakkai XD I think you probably know better!

    tira-miss-u! That’s a good one!

  4. He watch the non-pirated ver. I think his girlfriend forced him to watch the anime
    Nice guy XD and very much in love with kinds of cakes.
    I think they referring the the Japanese version. Hideaki Takiwhat-what..i forgot.

    I dunno about Cho Hakkai, cannot pick the right cakes/pastries for him.
    probably croissant? or yellow lemon cotton candy?

    Oh Asami i’m tira-miss-u!

  5. yeah..keep it in C:/ and data files in D:/
    My Documents folder are now linked to D:/ instead of C:/

    Hmm..if it’s Asami im going to enjoy the cake with my fingers and joyfully licked all the cream. Asami will delicious as a tiramisu or melt-in-the-mouth cheese cake.
    Akihito will be the custard pudding, Iwaki will be banana-strawberry cream crepes, and Katou is the gorgeous green tea frappuccino.
    as for the bitter Genjyo Sanzo..he is nothing but a marmalade!

    tht talk about cake remind me tht i saw Antique Bakery pirated DVD. surprise me coz BL DVD not usually available in here, not even pirated ones.

    My friend (a normal red blooded male) surprised me by saying tht, “It’s interesting anime. I feel awkward but i actually can watch it without vomiting.”
    I dunno the progress of the live action version, oredi aired or not yet but some of my friends have strong opinions the non_BL factor in live action version will actually make AB looks like ordinary dorama with cake-theme.

    1. Woah~ you’re having a ball with the description of akiyama x cakes/pastries x our fav men XD~

      “It’s interesting anime. I feel awkward but i actually can watch it without vomiting.”
      LOL~ your friend bought the pirated AB anime DVD without knowing it has BL? What is the description/summary on the package? Maybe he thought it was like the Japanese dorama AB which almost completely removed the “gay”. A few scenes in the anime were really *sweatdrop* material, especially the dancing in the rain fan-service hahaha… Other than that, I thought the treatment was rather mild and is just like watching any other drama which has gay characters, not just pure BL. If I’m not wrong, a Korean version is in the works. Are you referring to that? Also not sure when it’ll be completed.

      Come to think of it, Antique Bakery is supposed to be shoujo ^^ the explicit yaoi parts of Antique Bakery manga only appear in the doujinshi drawn by the mangaka, Yoshinaga Fumi.

  6. Phew that’s great! You managed to find your drivers and stuff? >_< Did you partition your drives? Would be good to keep your operating system and program files separate from your data, if possible.

    Hahaha… but if the cream is on Asami, you won’t skip now, would u? kekeke

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