Goods: You shall tremble beneath Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara voice clock review)

Date Masamune Voice Alarm Clock
♥ ♥ ♥ Wouldn’t that be a nice face to wake up to? ♥ ♥ ♥
(Against my better judgement… I bought the clock OTL;;;)

And oh yes… tremble you shall if you try to wake up to the Date Masamune Sengoku Basara voice alarm clock. But not exactly in a way that I wanted lol~

Date Masamune Voice Alarm Clock

Sengoku BASARA 2 Voice Alarm Clock (Date Masamune) CV: Nakai Kazuya
戦国BASARA弐 音声入り目覚まし時計 (伊達政宗) CV:中井和哉
Size: approx. 180 x 120 x 60mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)

Price: 7,140 yen
Release date: 11/2010 (Out of stock like… everywhere)

Super shiny silver metal body. The final product is very nice. Not the greyish colour paint we saw on the promotional photo.

Date Masamune Voice Alarm Clock

Typical front and back. I included a pic of the batteries and instruction sheets.

Date Masamune Voice Alarm Clock

Wanna tremble? Well, here goes!

Translation grabbed from my previous post about the clock.

伊達政宗 (Date Masamune) My translation isn’t very accurate, so please correct me if wrong :P

  • 「Hey!Wake up!guys!今日もアンタのPartyガ始まるぜ!二度寝なんかはCoolじゃねえ。Are you ready?…… OK!奥州筆頭・伊達政宗、寝起きのアンタと推して参る!」
    Hey! Wake up! guys! It’s the start of your party again today! It ain’t cool to go back to sleep. Are you ready? …… OK! Date Masamune and you (who have awakened) shall be first on the list of Oshu(army).
  • 「WAR DANCE!ーー 御託はいらねえ!オレの魂で起こしてやるぜ!HA!!HELL DRAGON!どうだ、まだ喰らいてぇか?」
    WAR DANCE! A [wake up] message is unnecessary. Let my soul wake you up! HA!! HELL DRAGON! (you’re probably half-dead after he unleashes his War Dance and Hell Dragon on you lol~) How’s that? You still wanna take another blow?
  • 「Wake a sleeping lion!眠れる獅子は目覚めねえと面白くねぇ。叩っ起こしてやるぜ!-- Ha!いい度胸だ!独眼竜の前で高いびきたぁ、肝が据わってやがる!OK、認めてやるぜ! アンタ、今日から奥州・伊達軍だ!」
    Wake a sleeping lion! It’s not interesting to wake a sleeping lion. I’ll give you a beating (to wake you up)! — Ha! You have great courage! Standing tall in front of one-eyed dragon (Masamune’s nickname), you can still hold yourself (your guts?) steady (Guessing here) OK. You have my approval. From today onwards, you’re Oshu – Date’s army!

Date Masamune is voiced by Nakai Kazuya 中井和哉 and he sure sounds awesome! When it comes to the alarm clock, you will definitely have no problems waking up to it. Because he is pretty much BARKING into your ear OTL;;; Like… you’re in a Navy Seals/Commando boot camp…

OMG… Now I know why you said you literally jumped up when you heard him in the morning, Luvi. I let my curiosity get the better of me and bought it too.

So as an alarm clock, it sure fulfills its purpose alright. But for a BL fangirl (or just any fangirl…. this is just… SIGH) How I wish it was a fan-service clock. (See first shot. This boot camp clock is so unsexy (T_T) (river of tears for my $$$)

I shall leave you with night version of Date Masamune to comfort our fangirl hearts. If they ever made a fan service version, they should use something like this as the main picture too. :D

Date Masamune Voice Alarm Clock

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12 thoughts on “Goods: You shall tremble beneath Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara voice clock review)”

  1. OMG!!! I so want this clock.
    Don’t really care if its a Navy or Army way, but it is definitely a good way to wake a sleepy head like me.

  2. FFFFFF my cheeks hurt from trying not to laugh out loud :T

    “Let my soul wake you up!!”

    Heh my soul would be flying out of my body if I hear that in the morning xD

  3. lol I still want this, even if it’s boot camp-y.
    Tho.. that’s a great picture of a fan service one.. but I’d rather have the shot from the anime.. Like this one.

    And hihi~ I’ve been secretly stalking your blog, since I found it a few weeks ago. lol, well ever since I found the original post for this voice alarm. *soooooo totally wants it* XD

    1. @dollssoulkirie: Thanks for popping out and commenting XD Ooo~ that’s a badass smexy pic! I love that look of his :3

      You’re a big fan girl too? :D If I find out that they restock the clock, I’ll definitely give you a buzz!

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