Goods: YES! Asami and Lelouch came together!

Sorry Akihito, please don’t get upset *comforts and sneaks an evil grin*

Oh? *smirk*

Yeah it is intentionally suggestive LOL~ Since they both arrived at my doorstep on the same day ;)

Asami Ryuichi~ the smexylicious alpha seme from Ayano Yamane-sensei’s Finder No Hyouteki Series ファインダーの標的 is in my possession now! Mua-hahahaha… well, the folder that is… THANK YOU! AKIYAMA XD *MUACKS* Thanks for the anime magazine too ^^ I had a good time admiring the pics inside (coz I can’t understand most of the text LOL~)

Seriously.. (-_-|||)

And talking about Medicom’s ProjectBM! Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Lelouch Lamperouge…

We’ve been scammed by Medicom I tell you! SCAMMED! Where are all the accessories you promised in the marketing text? Damn it! Lelouch came with only one other set of clasped hands. SIgh.

My ~$~ (T_T)

Other than that MAJOR, UNFORGIVABLE flaw of no accessories at all… everything else about Medicom’s Lelouch were quite nice. He has a cute and well-sculpted face (It is probably too much to ask for but I wish they gave us at least ONE exchangable head where he smiles) Sheesh… *rant*

Lelouch stands at about 30cm tall and comes with a transparent base. He wears his school uniform (made up of a top and a pair of trousers) that has a belt and a pair of black shoes. Yeah, they can be removed… kekeke (but I don’t want to do that to Lelouch… yet… (Lulu: Eh??? o_O) hahaha)

They managed to reproduce him rather nicely from the original design and is quite easy to pose with. I can’t take good close up shots, so… maybe next time. Hopefully they really do better with the accessories bit for ProjectBM! Lelouch Zero R2 that will be released later this year. Well, the photos do look rather promising…

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14 thoughts on “Goods: YES! Asami and Lelouch came together!”

    1. Ah~ it’s hard to say, you can give it a try XD they’re usually on time or earlier for their estimated handling for books and CDs! I’m not sure about figures tho. But they don’t charge your credit card unless they ship it to you, so there’s no risk :)

  1. Phew~ XD

    Yeah and now I can’t help but NEED to be informed in case I miss out on something agan, so I subscribe myself to e-newsletters and such. -_- what a vicious cycle.

    Mmm maybe you can ask your cousin who is in Japan to help? And probably start with smaller or not so valuable things so that you can get a feel of how people bid. It is good to study auctions of similar items and gauge the demand too. The good thing about Yahoo auctions is that they do not charge any fees for the transactions. However, because of that people may default on their bids. So usually you would check for positive user ratings when they bid. eBay on the other has an insurance scheme which is good but they take a % of your final bidding price. So some sellers try to work around this by offering very cheap prices but charge a high shipping fee to cover their costs (which I personally think is objectionable) I’m stating my general bidding experience with US ebay and SG yahoo auctions. I’m not sure if Japan is the same.

    Agrees :D

  2. Yea…when you want to collect something it surely annoying if you miss something in between.

    It’s rational in fact, i mean most of us are really like that. What’s the point of collecting if you’re not gonna get it complete as a whole collection.
    Especially if the main reason is a forgetfulness, that ought to pissed you more if you missed it.
    But *cheers* you’re still have loaded luck^^

    and have to agree that ignorance is a bliss but hard to keep yourself blind too, especially we have internet to keep us informed.

    I don’t have an eBay (or any web auction) account. I have several “limited” stuffs which highly regarded in Japan so i probably made lot of money by selling it Yahoo auction but so far i haven’t give much thought about it.
    Not becoz i’m sentimental but i haven’t study the rules and tips-trick to sell things online.
    Don’t want to make a fool of myself….^^

    The most probable conclusion is probably as long as we’re happy with the item, who cares if it’s limited or not.

  3. Maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss. If we don’t know about it, we won’t be so tempted to get it.

    Mmm I think those real limited editions usually will have label saying limited edition or limited to xyz number of pieces only. For example the PS2 commemoration Togainu no Chi Arubitoro Big Chibi (lol~ big and chibi are opposite? XD) was supposed to only be limited to 2500 worldwide.

    If not, then the product just becomes rare when the factory stop producing it, like the Daft Punk RAH you mentioned. Maybe only when the demand is so great then they’ll reissue it. Seems like so far for RAH only Death Note RAH has been reissued huh… It was kind of like a global phenomenon. The live action movies did extremely well here too.

    YES! Cos almost all the online shops I usually buy from have sold out already. I bought a pre-owned copy but it is better than having just one missing piece due to my forgetfulness. If not it’ll feel like having a splinter in your feet and not able to locate it. That’s really upsetting (T_T) It is probably not a big deal if you think about it rationally but gaaa~ the intrinsic need for a full set is so easy to exploit.

    Shoes that don’t get worn… it’ll feel sad, won’t it ^^
    Shoes: I’m mean to be worn! Please don’t keep me inside the box… (T-T)

    Hmm… so far I don’t think I’ve amassed enough collection or got tired of it to make me want to sell my figurines yet… but I guess it could be a way to make $, just that many people are doing it already. The idea of buying rare or sold-out items (not clearly labelled as limited) then selling on auctions is something like speculating stocks. They may turn out to be not so limited after all when they reissue it. Like the recent Figma series ^^”

    Oh yea… Clamp in 3D land 7th series is available for preorder already. Did you buy it? I’m still sticking my guns to not doing it keke.

  4. Yea, it’s a powerful sales gimmick.
    Learn the lesson and never be trapped again but (hell) sometimes i just cannot think straight when my heart says “i want it.”

    I don’t know if there’s a law regarding labeling your stuff as limited thou in reality they’re not, it seems bit tricky, doesn’t it?
    I also don’t know if the later version (re-release sort of) have slight difference with the first edition that they promised you to be limited edition.

    Wahaaha still lucky you, that was close, right?

    Yes, most designer shoes are limited in their own way….but i never gave much thought about it.
    I have vintage boots from Japan and one day my friend said it’s a limited edition boots from a shoe designer in Japan but it was purely coincidental and even thou it’s limited i won’t keep them in the box, definitely wear it

    Have you ever thinking selling one of your figurines on eBay or sort of?.

  5. Wow the Daft Punk RAH looks funky~ I like the space suits they’re wearing ^^ How much are they selling on auctions now?

    People like me are suckers for limited editions. It is a sales gimmick that I willingly fall for *MEGA sweatdrop* I guess if I truly want to be a collector, Lelouch will never get out of his box cos he must be in mint condition, right? lol~ Collector mentality.

    Collecting R2 DVD first press is very stressful :P I nearly missed out one vol. of Death Note first press cos… I simply FORGOT to order it! I thought I did. So I frantically searched for it and fortunately could still find it. So silly right? It is just a DVD and I got so worked up over it. *shake head at myself*

    Does shoes have limited editions? XD

  6. I’m interested in Daft Punk RAH^^
    Must bid to have it…but now it’s verrrrrry expensive and reality comes first so in the end probably won’t buy it.

    Sucks when you think a figurine is limited and already fight hard/saving hard to buy it but in the end it’s no limited at all. Just wanna freak you out to make order asap.
    Very different with ordering DVD (first press edt), first press DVD never be released again.

  7. Mmm… so far I only saw one blog that reviewed and posted very nicely taken pics of RAH Lelouch but I can’t find the link to it now.

    Well, even sold-out L and Light RAH were re-issued about half a year later. They didn’t re-issue Misa but released the bound Misa instead. That’s why I got the impression that they won’t be as limited edition as we first thought them to be.

    However, for less popular RAH, I think once sold-out really sold-out. I’m interested in getting older RAH like the Mushishi RAH and RAH of the Night Head Genesis brothers. I’ve not tried ordering yet cos no $ haha.. I may do that when I’m richer. But I have a feeling they’ll be sold out by now already.

  8. I thought RAH is something limited instead of mass product.

    At least they make me believe they were Limited products. Have you seen any review from Lelouch RAH?

  9. Actually RAH and ProjectBM figures are different because they use a different body. If I’m not wrong, Light and L used Medicom’s RAH301 Kai body.

    On the other hand, ProjectBM’s Lelouch body is based on a new design mould, specially created to represent his anime proportions.

    No idea what BM stands for lol~ but black market sound hilarious! XD

    I don’t think there’s any first press issue text indicated anywhere on the box. What should I look out for? o_O I have a feeling he’ll continue to be mass produced in order to cash in on his popularity. *whisper: maybe not so much value as a collector’s item* Same as figma Lelouch which is being restocked right now. LOL~ Lulu: HEY! I’ll geass you! *stares*

  10. Oh..Death Note RAH somehow didn’t bear the name of Project BM.

    My husband reads from somewhere tht ProjectBM is won’t be as nice as just RAH, dunno about tht but suddenly i remember kinda ask myself of what does ProjectBM stands for?
    Surely not BM for Black market. ^^

    Is there any first press issue on your Lelouch RAH?

  11. YES! the Happiness~

    We’re fortunate to have alternative options. Too many people I know have no choice but to continue working for a company even tho’ they hate their bosses… Gambatte ne! :D Akiyama’s world domination!

    I think Lelouch RAH is pretty well-made. They managed to recreate his face and his anime body proportions really nicely. He can also stand on his own without a base while holding the flowers as shown in the photo. I’m quite impressed but the lack of accessories is a major bummer :( I can’t help but feel that maybe they rushed to push out the product in order to cash in on the hype. Judging from what I have now, I believe the Zero R2 version would be impressive too. To be honest I don’t like the evil looking expression as much as this current school boy one LOL~ so cute la you *pinch school boy Lulu’s cheeks* Lulu: Hey! *pouts* X3

    Yea, Light and L RAH looks good from the photos too. I think Light is especially worth cos he has more clothes hahaha… L only has a long-sleeved shirt and jeans while Light has a shirt, jacket and pants keke. They’re more worth the money than Misa RAH as well. At least the two guys also have a number of accessories or sets of hands. Misa RAH only has a death note. I read somewhere about people complaining about Ryuk RAH too cos he only came with an apple ^^” MEDICOM IS EVIL! I was looking forward to Lelouch RAH cos they emphasized on the accessories. I was very impressed with the generous accessories and faces that Figma Lelouch has… and thought it’ll be cool if Lelouch RAH has em too but… I was SCAMMED! o_O lol~

  12. aiya, whatta relief it oredi arrived.

    Enjoy the magazine as much as you can, me and my husband oredi resigned from the uh-magazine. (just resigned this month and we’ll starting our own business just like i said) we both quit becoz we wanna be independent (ah yeah fiscal issue) and we both kinda fed up with spoiled fat moron served as ‘boss’

    Lelouch RAH (Real Action Heroes) sounds good (never saw one, only judging from the pic above) but if i may be honest it really sucks becoz one set of clasped hands is an insult to buyer.
    Last year i bought Death Note ‘Light Yagami’ RAH (not for me but for the sake of the office) and as far as i can remember it came with more accs than just a set of hands.
    Gah! sue MEDICOM! XD

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