Goods: Year of the Rabbit 2011 Calendar (Comiket 79, C79 Nitro+Chiral Set)

Silver-haired and red-eyed Naitou reminded me of a rabbit :D

This calendar was part of Comiket 79 「ニトロプラス キラル」セット Nitro+Chiral Set

2011 ニトロプラス キラル キャラクターズカレンダー 2011 Nitro+Chiral Character Calendar
Desktop calendar, including guest illustrator. GONZO x Nitro+’s Blassreiter, overall artwork supervisor Onda Naoyuki 恩田尚之, known also for his work in Ibara no Ou いばらの王 -King of Thorn- and Ai no Kusabi 間の楔 will be illustrating Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-

The calendar was packed flat, so you’ll need to fold the base so that it’ll be able to stand on your desk…

…like so… I like the first page. It’s an illustration of a rabbit since 2011 is the year of the rabbit according to the lunar calendar. It’s winter in Japan now and it reminds me of a snow rabbit yuki usagi 雪兎 that is made from a snow ball ^^ The paper is not very thick and softer than cardboard. It has a canvas texture like that of a drawing block.

You must be wondering why they made the calendar like this too, right? Cos why bother splitting up the calendar side with the illustration side… well, the answer will reveal itself very soon.

Anyway, so we flip it over like so… ah~ awesome cute Yu-pon pic. Everybody seem to be really excited about Akira’s favourite dish (or solid flavour) Omu-rice! Keisuke looks so cute and happy decorating Akira’s omu rice with ketchup.

Notice this part. We can tear the illustration card off the calendar at the end of the year. What a thoughtful feature! They paid attention to the fact that one of the reasons we love Nitro+Chiral is artwork of many their talented illustrators.

Mobile phone users in Japan would be able to download 2011 calendar wallpapers with their phones from the Chiral Mobile service.

Next illustration is Lamento Beyond the Void. Since the illustration pages are separate from the calendar pages, you can choose to display any of your favourite illustrations next to the current month. Clever.

Sweet Pool. Love the atmosphere.

DRAMAtical Murder.

Ooo~ Naitou! It is such a hot pic. This one. I would so buy the game if they come up with something starring him. Does he look uke or seme to you? ^^

Itsuwari no Arukanetto (Alkanet) Chiral Mobile BL visual novel game.

Rai x Konoe by guest illustrator, Onda Naoyuki.

Index page with illustrator comments.

Index page with illustrator comments.

Hey! That’s it??? So… the conclusion is. This is probably one of the reasons why the calendar was designed this way. The cut-out feature is a creative but appreciated solution to the problem of not enough illustrations ^^;;; Well, it’s better than trying to squeeze two months into one panel. So come October, just flip over to your favourite pic to fill out the blank. Or be creative and pin your own pic on the black cardboard :D

Back of each page is blank. Which is fine because the cards are supposed to be cut out at the end of the year.

Some eye candy.

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24 thoughts on “Goods: Year of the Rabbit 2011 Calendar (Comiket 79, C79 Nitro+Chiral Set)”

    And it has always killed me bc i always try to find out…
    In Konoe’s and Rai’s demon forms, me and my friends always debate about Rai’s eyes!
    XD I know, silly, but that’s the first where I can slightly see them opened!
    Are they the same color!? Do they change!? OuO
    Yah, we just go on fighting….

    1. @Toikoi: Glad to share the info! I think maybe the colours change depending on the artist and the setting? But no matter what colour, they look super hot :D

  2. Hi!

    Mmh I have a big dude…
    where can I know more about Naitou!?!? :O:! I like him so much! so I can see more pictures about him and know more about the character u.u!

    Please, someone knows something?? o3o! Thanks!!

    1. @Rox: Naitou is Nitro+Chiral’s mascot, so he is similar to Super Sonico which is mascot for Nitro+
      Unfortunately he doesn’t get as much love as Super Sonico but we do get a couple of artwork of him in Nitro+Chiral’s artbooks :)

    1. @Shirokaze: Nope… it’s really unfair that Sonico has so many figures and there’s not even one of Naitou D: Was there ever a prototype?

      Yeah besides those cute chibis, his scale figure would be awesome too… cos so handsome :D~

  3. *fangirls for Naitou*;; I love the Naitou and Rai x Konome illustrations! The calendar is very cute but so short in artworks. Thats the thing i hate most about desktop calendars. ;_;

    I wish they had a poster of that Naitou pic he looks awesome in it. He look between uke and seme but more on the seme side for me. XD;;

    Hope your news years was fun~!

    1. @sigma: New year is good! :D Hope you had fun too!

      The chiral set does include A3-sized posters of the illustrations ^^ and they are very pretty. I haven’t taken pix of them yet and may wanna frame them up.

      Yeah I agree Naitou can go both ways but more seme-sh too :D

  4. Aha, obviously it’d be much better if he had his own game and I’d really like it if it went along the lines of SoniComi as in, we’d be there helping his boost his career (maybe as an idol?) but instead of a “cameraman”, “manager” would sound more… appeasing ^^’

    Alas, it’ll still take a good while if it happens. Even the whole Sonico Boom was more directed within the last year… But hey, if they are starting to show him off more, its gotta be a good sign.
    Also, thank you ~ Though I just found out Messe is selling the 3rd Nitro+plus One Coin collection at half the price, so I’m pretty thorn upon my savings, lol.

    1. @Oru: yeah! It’s definitely a good sign that they’re noticing Naitou’s market potential.

      Half the price! Please go grab it now! The figures are cute and they’re Japanese edition, so Akira’s little pee won’t be tampered with.

  5. An uke! ^o^ Because I’ll get anything with an uke like him XD
    This is such a nice calendar :3 I want one… >_< (haha..)

  6. May I request a better picture shot of the Sweet Pool illustration? I’d love to see the details better! Maybe you can scan it? You don’t have to tear the paper off though! Makoto and Christie are so cute <3

    I think Naito is a 'smuke' (seme + uke).. his character design just screams it.

  7. How pretty! I love the illustrations and the fact that you can choose which one to display and that you can use them afterwards <3

    And omg, Naitou looks so hot *A* They should feature them more.

  8. Uh, I really appreciated the calendar idea of being able to… you know, have those dots where you can pull the page out (dunno the word in english for that =3=).
    So instead of stashing the calendar away in the end, you can really reuse it or just put your favorite image still on display.

    And Nitro needs to do more Naitou 8C At least he could… make a little cameo In the new SoniComi game? Aha.

    1. @Oru: Yeah I like that idea too (can’t remember the technical term for the dotted-cut oso lol) Sonic is so popular huh! I was thinking about SoniComi too but I prefer it if he can have his own software XD They should have more stock come in so good luck!

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