Goods: Y-shirt Akira Plushie Strap (Togainu no Chi, Gift)

Slutty-cute Y-Shirt Akira, now smaller in size but equally lethal if not more so.

Title: Nitro+CHiRAL Plushie strap series 4 Akira Y-shirt ver. ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみストラップ4 アキラYシャツver.
Price: 2,100 Yen
Preorder opens: 15 May 2012 (1pm Japan time)
Available: June 2012
Company: Gift/Goodsmile Company
Shop Link:

Although for his design, he is really expensive compared to similar sized Konoe (also 2,100 Yen but he has a lot of details like furry cat ears, cape etc) and Youji (1,575 Yen)… HE IS Y-SHIRT AKIRAAAAAA… Sure looks as cute as the original sized version. I wonder if we can strip him too?

My money… (;A;)

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32 thoughts on “Goods: Y-shirt Akira Plushie Strap (Togainu no Chi, Gift)”

  1. Sorry to put it here, nothing to do with Akira, but it’s as well Gift exclusivities. Have you seen this? and
    Damn, only Animate! This shop always have the best merch but they insist not shipping overseas.

    I was looking for those Hetalia gakuen plushies on Gift site, cos I’ve been so full of preorders lately and maybe June could be a less troubled month to order but I saw Japan and the others sold out. I thought, better this way, I’m so broken, but then I saw those new cuties… oh my, this has no end! XDDD

    As much as I love Okita and he looks wonderful in yukata, but I really don’t know if should spend that amount in proxy and stuff. I know you prefer Harada, but those are so cute with new eyes and yukata is a plus, do you consider getting them?

    1. @planck-chan: yes! I saw them!!! I was sad they are exclusive D: I’m going to get Okita. If Saito and Harada’s faces look good too, I’ll also try to get my hands on them when they come out *_* feeding my bishie in yukata fetish orz;

      Well, maybe get the ones you really like. I won’t buy all either esp since we need to pay extra for proxy.

  2. Yeah, I ordered, too, through my proxy. Hopefully, it won’t get sold out yet. I wanted the coaster, but it looks like it’s already sold out. ;_;

  3. OMG, I have been aiming for slutty Akira forever. orz

    Why you so cute?!! /nose-bleeds

    I wonder if this will be available on any other sites, like ebay maybe? XD
    I tried searching for the plushie version on ebay once a few months back but there was none on sale. Maybe everyone who owns him can’t bear to part with him? XD

    1. @Lurker: I would think so! So far he is the only gift plushie that made me go ‘awww’ *heart eyes* and munekyun every time I look at him.

    2. @pony
      no i mean, you said ” So far he is the only gift plushie that made me go ‘awww’ *heart eyes* and munekyun every time I look at him.”

      i get that everytime i look at konoe xD

  4. My wallet thanks his design is the same as the bigger one! He’s cute indeed, but better for those who haven’t his previous version. With proxies’ fees and such he’ll be expensive, but at least he’s cheaper than the other that is already sold out and overpriced if you can find at YJA!

  5. Ahhhhhhhh, he’s so adorableeeee–!! Definitely mega-pricey though… Boy, N+C sure does know how to milk their audience…Who could possibly resist?

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