Goods: What does Kakashi (Naruto), Raito (Death Note) and Yuri (Vesperia) have in common?

You can finally hold, kiss, touch and caress…

their figure/statue selves now! Yeah… definitely great news for fans…

Hatake Kakashi (Naruto Shippuden)

First Naruto 1/8 sized figure released by MegaHouse if I’m not wrong. I don’t follow Naruto but I’ve always found Kakashi very attractive. My exposure to him is mainly from Naruto’s BL doujinshi ^^;; I didn’t even know his full name until today. Real Kakashi fans, please forgive me lol~

Frankly, I find the figure’s pose quite boring… Although like his Megahouse GEM predecessors, this figure has options such as two different heads and two pairs of arms posed differently (with a book/dagger) you can exchange with, I appreciate a more dramatic pose. What do you think?

Their previous male figures releases include characters from Gintama series, such as Sakata Gintoki, Hijikata Toshiro and Okita Sogo. I don’t own any of them. What do you think of their quality?

GEM Series Hatake Kakashi (Naruto Shippuden)
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Scale: 1/8 (approx 240 mm)
Producer: Mash Man
Original: Naruto
Release Date: Late November 2010
Regular Price: 6,800 Yen

Available from most international stores: amiami, CDJapan, HobbySearch, Playasia.

Next up, how about a fantasy bishonen to whet your appetite.

Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)

Second-in-line in Alter’s new Altair bishonen figures label is Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. I already took notice of him when he was first revealed at Wonderfest Summer 2010… but I didn’t know much about the series except that it is a based on an RPG game. He happens to be voiced by Toriumi Kousuke ^^

He looks great and has very beautiful details. Lovely face! You really can do more with posing when your characters have long hair. :)

His figure comes with a chibi version of him as well. The base looks good too.

After owning my first Alter-Altair figure Natsume Takashi, I believe Yuri will be a quality product as well. However, he doesn’t have the same impact on me as Natsume’s PVC :) so I’ll not be ordering him straight away like I did with Natsume.

Yuri Lowell (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer: Alter
Scale: 1/8 (215mm (including base)/mini-figure: 55mm)
Material: PVC
Producer: Mirano
Series: Altair
Original: Tales of Vesperia
Release Date : December 2010
Regular Price: 6,800 Yen

Available from most international stores: amiami, CDJapan, HLJ, HobbySearch, Playasia.

Is Death Note making a come back with this gorgeous looking Yagami Light?

Yagami Light (Death Note)

A lot more expensive because it is a cold-cast resin figure. Limited production probably? I think this pose looks dramatic and quite awesome. His face looks pretty close to the manga. Pity about the price although it is a reasonable range for this type of statue.

More info about what cold-cast resin is: and

The painting looks detailed.

Death Note Yagami Light (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: Non (260 mm – Figure Only)
Material: Resin , Cold Cast
Producer: Yuma
Original: Death Note
Release Date: December 2010
Regular Price: 14,800 Yen

Available from most international stores: amiami, CDJapan, HobbySearch, Playasia

How about a figure of an older Light with a pose like this too? ^^

(Notice the unbuttoned and half-zipped pants? Lol~)

Anyway, I found this pic on the net and I’m not sure of where it came from. Any ideas? :O

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43 thoughts on “Goods: What does Kakashi (Naruto), Raito (Death Note) and Yuri (Vesperia) have in common?”

  1. I’m so disappointed in the light figure words can’t express….;______;

    1- base hole is big…poor light can’t stand up straight are sturdy now, if at all…

    2- painting job is bland…but wait there more, painting job is a bit sloppy in places. plus errors in sculpting.

    3- In the end i feel as if i just brought a bootleg. Totally wasn’t worth the price. OTL

  2. Not quite… o: Have you tried fitting Rin or Len’s face on Kaito? It’s kinda like a half-fit. :| There are 3 or 4 different fits for the faces, I think. x_x

    1. @Luvi: o~ icic… I’ve not tried that before. Kaito is the only Nendoroid I’m displaying right now :P Everybody else are still in their boxes ^^;;

  3. Yup! |D Sometimes I’ll start up multiple instances of the program so I get a bunch of Kaito-kun sitting there. Or the entire Vocaloid gang. And! You get to change their outfits too! :DDD

    lol I wonder if her face parts would fit on the other nendos. .-. It’ll be awesome if they do.

  4. Welllllllll I take long “breaks” whenever I feel lazy..? XD; I the kind who tend to put work after pretty, shiny things play so… 8D;

    I just realized I have a picture of the Kaito mascot uploaded to one of my older entries. XD

    I suppose so. ;w; Did you order that Paw Lab Miku, btw? She’s on 21% off at AmiAmi. o: *tsundere-mode* I-it’s not like I’m getting her because I think it’s cute or anything, okay! I just want the stickers for Rin and Len that’s included with the set! -^-

    1. @Luvi: lol~ don’t we all XD I also procastinate… a lot. OTL;;;

      OH MY. That’s a cute Kaito XDD so he’s sitting there on your desktop everyday?

      Hahaha… tsundere Luvi <3 Mmm.. I'll most likely buy this Miku… she IS cute. The sticker faces of Rin and Len are cute too. I hope that doesn't mean they won't make a new version of them but then again they are sweet as they are :P I haven't placed an order yet… Delaying the inevitable. I may not get her from amiami tho X3

  5. looooooooooooooool I’m definitely not a hard worker. XP 90% or the time, I’m either surfing one of the sites on the Cheezburger Network, or messing around with wordpress themes.

    Well. At least there is FLELE for now. XD Having a bunch on tiny Kaito singing along to whatever song you’re listening to on your windows desktop is awesome. |3

    Same here. Especially now that I don’t has as much time as I did when I was a student. :<

    1. @Luvi: lol~ well as long as you’ve finished your work, it’s ok right? ^^ Messing around with wordpress themes can be considered part of work too? :D Surfing would make you look busy tho lol~

      oo~ that’s cute! :3 Mmm although we’re both biased against Miku, in a way, we have to thank her for her popularity cos she’s the one who started it all and spawned products, figures and everything else that followed :P

  6. You’d think that with anime and manga as popular as they are now, people would be more accepting of others who like them. :<

    I'm always first at the office and usually the last to leave though. And I almost never leave my table. Not even for lunch. 8Db

    I'd get it if they have Sugita's voice in there. XDDDD

    Yeah, makes you wonder where do they find the time to make all those videos. x_x

    1. @Luvi: Mmm… acceptance is one thing but most people still have the impression that anime and manga is for children. Adults who still indulge in anime and manga are still a minority in most places :)

      Wow~ your company is lucky to have you! Hard worker :D

      Yeah, pity Sugita didn’t do voice work for Cafe Lindbergh… They really should do more of these apps cos I definitely would love to have them :)

      Indeed. I don’t think they need sleep… much as I enjoy sleeping lol~ sometimes it’ll be nice if we can stay awake with full productive mode like a robot when we have to, so that we can do more stuff with the limited time we have :P

  7. I’m a little more open about being an otaku. Or a fujoshi. XD It fine if people look at me weirdly or don’t show me any respect. It’s something that has made me who I am today and I’m proud of it. :3

    I’ve recently started taking some of my figurines down to decorate my office space with and I think my boss was pretty amused my them. XDD Hell, I’m even considering getting a Kyon and Koizumi figma so I get to put them in suggestive poses on my desk. 83

    Mm, I’m quite used to it. o: Since I’m using that Nanami theme for Windows 7. She makes some kind of sound effect every time you maximize/minimize your windows along with all the other action that produces a sound. Now I’m just waiting for the fanmade Kaito theme to be completed before I switch over.

    o: That is kind of awesome! It’s an app that’ll definitely help me take regular breaks from the PC!

    Have you seen those videos on NND where they edit some screen captures from the anime to make it seem like the character is blushing? They colored Celty’s smoke thing red. XDDDD

    1. @Luvi: Mmm maybe I think too much :3 but I didn’t like the kind of reactions I got in the past, especially from clients lol~ :P and it’s pointless to explain what it is cos they just don’t appreciate anime and such. Oh welly, I guess I’ll keep things as it is for now.

      Hahaha :D I think you may find your figma changing poses when you weren’t looking. They’re quite fun to play with. As for suggestive poses lol~ well… I wonder XDD

      Oo~ I’m using Vista right now. Mmm that app is part of the BL game fans disk. The official site sells the downloadable soft copy but I rather buy the hard copy :( tho I so far had no luck finding it. It can also be found at aarinfantasy forum. In order to use the app, you have to install the whole game :P but you can choose to disable it if I remember correctly. There’s also a clock app too :3

      Hahaha these NND guys are cute. They make such creative stuff.

  8. He emphasized on having the crowd shout Vegetabo and not Vegetable. XDDD;
    Well… my colleagues don’t watch anime, and most of my friends who are don’t really like BASARA, so I don’t get a reaction out of them. :|

    Those who did get it, however, either wanted me to send it to them, or kept texting me randomly when we’re out together. XDD One of the guys even commented that it’ll be perfect if there was one of Yukimura saying something like “Oyakata-sama! Kore wa keshi gomu de gozaru!”.

    Ahahaha Celty is really cute when she goes all dere-dere. |3

    1. @Luvi: lol~ icic XDD

      Same goes for me too. Otakus get either no respect (or weird looks) lol~ so I’m more or less an otaku in deep closet among colleagues but privately, some closer friends know :P As for being a fujoushi, lol~ it’s like closet within a closet. That’s why I’m very thankful for the web :D

      HAHAHAHA That’s so cute!!! But honestly it’ll be quite irritating after a while if we have to clear our recycle bin often, no? But I think he’ll bring a smile if it only occurs once while. I installed a date scheduler app from BL game Cafe Lindberg Fans Disk and the selected character would say some nice things at random timing, like “Would you like to take a break and drink some tea?” <3 Best thing about it is, it's voiced by Sakurai Takahiro XD

      Yeah, awesome that they can show it with body language and her voice since she doesn't have a head. Brilliant. She is one of my fav. female characters of all time.

  9. I loved it so much, I’m using it as the message tone for my mobile. But I really liked the beginning where Morimori got the crowd to shout “Vegetabo”. XD

    Fufu. I love her Shizuo. …Then again, I’m a hopeless Shizu-chan fangirl. OTL

    1. @Luvi: Oop~ I didn’t catch that Vegetabo one… will go back and watch again XD Pfft… what reactions do you get from people when the tone goes off? XDD

      Yeah, I love DRRR!! for its distinctive characters like Shizuo and Izaya. I find Celty very cute too :D

  10. Ah, nope. That was another artist. But she did draw a couple of yummy DRRR!! ones though. Like these, for example. 8D *3*

    Hurr. |3

    Of course I saved it! 8DD I wanted to sign up to the premium service for NND so I get more favorite slots, but it seems like they only accept Japanese credit cards. :'< <- This is the one with Nakai Kazuya. XD <- And this one is for Hoshi Souichirou and gang. :3

    1. @Luvi: Love that!!! This is a pen, you see? XDD Masamune even has a British-sounding accent lol~ The Hoshi Souichirou one… lol~ so Yukimura has a thing for Oyakata-sama? lol~ talk about BL fan service XD I particularly liked the Onion Ring one too~ so silly cos it goes perfectly well with the selected image XDD

      The illustrations are hot indeed :D I like how she drew Izaya’s crying expression. So yummy! <3 Make you wanna smex him. Also love how she draws hands too :3

  11. Nah, it’s not too bad. The only reason why I’d say it’s NSFW is because it’s not something you’d wanna be caught viewing in the workplace. :’D
    ……I like my guys all bruised and battered. And tied up. 8Db

    Oh, but if you really want to see some NSFW male dakimakura images, there are quite a few of em on Pixiv. 8D

    Yeah, I’ll wait for the pictures of them before deciding if I should get it for the covers.

    …You know, they had his stage show where they got the seiyuu to say some randomly OOC but not quite OOC lines for their characters. And Nakai Kazuya got “This is a pen, you see? щ(●Д´)” for Masamune. XDD It’s on NND if you want to watch it.

    1. @Luvi: That looks pretty yummy! Nice cuffs and straps kekeke X3 Not as NSFW as I imagined. I like them tied up but not bruised and battered tho lol~ Is it done by the same artist who did Len? Cos the style looks similar.

      Hahaha, I can hear Nakai Kazuya saying that in my mind already XDDD cuuute~ I tried searching it on NND but had no luck tho. XD If you saved the link, please point me to it keke

  12. I have the picture saved in my PC at home. I’ll upload it later when I get back after work. It’s… pretty NSFW. XDDD;;

    lol As much as I love the boys from Vitamin X, I don’t want to see them half-naked on a dakimakura. XD They’ll always be my cute, lovable, and innocent air-headed boys. |3

    Ah, true. It was Sengoku Basara 3 that made me buy mine. Can never resist the charm of my dear Masamune-sama. orz

    1. @Luvi: NSFW male dakimakura wow~ that IS rare! Wanna see XDDD You can email me if it’s too sensitive to post :D :D

      I think the level of smex for those official dakimakura for non-BL titles are very low, so I’m sure your Vitamin X boys won’t be half-naked. You can probably keep it in consideration till the official pics are out X3 May look cool to be hung as tapestry too.

      Let’s PARTY! XDDD

  13. :’D I almost ordered that Yuri figure. Almost. But then I came across a Yuri dakimakura cover that is a hundred times more worth it than the figure. XDDD; *pervert*

    You really need to try the game out though. It’s one of my favorite games in the Tales of series. o: Better yet if you can get the Japanese PS3 release. *3*

    1. @Luvi: I was so tempted too but since he isn’t cheap, I thought I should get acquainted with him first before burning my cash XD woah~ have any pics of the dakimakura? I wanna see cos I’m pervy too XD Do you know that Animate is also going to give away Vitamin X dakimakura if you order their upcoming PSP game? But no pics yet, so I haven’t made a post about it.

      (*3*) PS3 ne… can’t justify the cost for now esp cos I don’t have much time for games you know… OTL

  14. Um…I believe the smexy fanservice picture of light is from the Death Note artbook Blanc et Noir, and there are some fantasmagorically sugoi pictures in it~! <3 The model is indeed too expensive…*Falls to ground in despair*

  15. lol whaa you’ll pose your light action figure~!? That’d be interesting to see~ *v*

    Sigh this figure shall haunt my dreams….OTL

    1. @sigma: I’ll try! :D Making the death scythe prop would probably be the most challenging thing in that shot :P Save up for his RAH. You’ll have lots of fun with him. Trust me ;)

  16. The figurine for Light is 100x more dramatic than Kakashi. =( SAD. Kakashi’s real hot!!! I wish they have him in a more dramatic pose!

    That picture of Light is awesome! Yummy~ (the half zipped pants is such a fan service!)

    1. @gen: Totally ^^ Kakashi definitely deserves a more dramatic pose :-\

      Yep… I also prefer a more adult looking Light that is in that pic XD

  17. lol b-but this pvc is so hot!(an yea the picture below would make a even hotter pvc fufufuu~);;

    Other bjd!?@_@ lol omg i’m not made out of moneys! (i wish~)XD

  18. Wow~~! The light figure is so awesome looking. I wouldn’t mind owning one but wow the price.;;
    One of my friends would so love the Kakashi figure. So much detail.
    Im a big tales of fan but i have yet to play this game, so i don’t know much about the character *maybe that’s a good thing*).

    1. @sigma: Save the money for his action figure? You can pose him anyway you like if you have it XD Kakashi PVC would have been better if he had a more dramatic pose but since your friend is a fan, they wouldn’t mind that much?

      As for Yuri, that’s probably a good thing for your wallet lol~ cos Yuri’s PVC looks good! So it’ll be tempting… oh yeah, has your other BJD boy arrived yet? :D

  19. I pre-ordered Kakashi and Yuri. The fact that they are releasing boy figure makes me a very happy fangirl. I am 80% on the “I will pre-order Raito” fence. He looks so beautiful and he’s cheaper on AmiAmi. XD

    1. @banoni: Indeed! It’s just not the same to be able to scream and cheer right in front of them! XD I hope you can save enough $ for Super Junior AND to buy your male figures! XDD

      @pyoko: Icic… That’s kinda regrettable huh :-\ I don’t usually collect Statue PVCs so I wouldn’t know. I’m glad Alter’s final product looks exactly like their promotion shots.

      @KiraYamato44: Glad you’re going to support them! I seldom buy Statue PVCs since I’m mostly an action figures girl ^^ And my upcoming figma and nendoroid list is rather long, so I better be prepared and not buy anything that is not a priority. Alter’s Natsume Takashi PVC was a major exception and there’s Nyanko-Sensei too lol~ so that sealed the deal for me XD Did you buy Natsume too? :D

      Amiami is cheaper but they charge 500 Yen handling fees for SAL and they don’t give you points. So in the end it kinda works out to be around same or more unless you’re going to go for EMS straight away :) Anyway HobbySearch has already run out of stock. Scary!

  20. waaah..I am so tempted by Light..
    If I would know for sure that Griffon will do good job on him I would order, but I do not trust Griffon quality..(you can´t trust their promotion shots)

  21. It’s super junior’s second time to come here.. The first they did a concert, I was at upperbox B, location is pretty good but.. but.. there’s still something missing.T_T hahaha.XD

    Nooo. When male PVCs go rare, their prices shoot way way up.. T__T

  22. Aaah. Regarding the quality of Megahouse’s G.E.M. I guess, they’re okay.. I’ve yet to receive my Altair Natsume so I can’t make a comparison. But as far as I know of the quality of Alter female figs, I guess, Alter’s would still be supreme over Megahouse.

    Another G.E.M would be Lelouch’s figure.. I thought you had one (as well as the Medicom Lelouch)?? :) Lelouch was definitely awesome. But the Gintama figs were just average when it came to pose and all.

    Details are great and no paint chips whatsoever like what you’ll find in cheap Sega Prize figures, though.^^ Bases tend to be boring..

    1. @banoni: Ooo~ do post a review at your blog when your Natsume arrives X3 but I know you’ll love him too!

      Icic… so Alter pwns MegaHouse huh… they cost the same too! So far only Lelouch from MegaHouse’s line of male figures had tempted me but I managed to hold back at that time. Mainly because I already have his Medicom Toy action figure and his face and head sculpt is the most beautiful compared to almost all the Lelouch figures/PVC around that size that I’ve seen.

      I like Gintama too but I felt there was something missing in their PVCs from what I could see from the images. But I admit, having additional hand/head options is nice.

      XD Congratulations! You’ll love posing and (stripping -evil laff-) your Medicom Light! I can definitely vouch for that. Action figures are very enjoyable to have X3 His resin version looks cute but I very much prefer his action figure which has a more adult looking face. ^^

      $200 for VIP tix to Super Junior? It’ll be so nice if you also get special passes to see them too? What are the odds of them coming back to your country? If the odds are low, just go! PVCs we can always buy later… (although the price may go up) ^^;;; will you regret selling your manga? lol~

  23. I’m currently hesitating on the first two figures.T__T Not interested on the resin Light since I’m gonna received my Medicom Light in the next two weeks or so~ (finally, I was able to buy one.XD)

    Uwaaa~ Kakashi and Yuri.. You guys make my wallet bleed. There’s still this Super Junior (korean pop group) concert that I want to attend and the VIP tickets cost approx. $200. OTL. I don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I should offer my whole yaoi manga collection for 200$ in ebay. hahahaha.

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