Goods: Wanna sleep with Shizuo and Izaya? Now you can! (Durarara!! Bedsheets)

And they’re official too!

But the only problem with getting both of them into your bed is this… They’re sold separately OTL… at a price of 9,000 yen each lol~

Title: Durarara!! Good night bedsheet Heiwajima Shizuo
TVアニメーション デュラララ!! おやすみシーツ 平和島静雄
Durarara!! Good night bedsheet Orihara Izaya
TVアニメーション デュラララ!! おやすみシーツ 折原臨也

Price: 9,000 yen (w/tax) each
Release date: Early November 2010

Printing: 4C ink jet full color
Material: polyester suede
Size: H2400 x W1500mm

Official goods illustrated by artist for the Durarara!! novels, Yasuda Suzuhito (ヤスダ スズヒト) and produced by Broccoli.

Hmm.. the bedsheet can barely fit a queen sized bed. Double/Full would be just about right. But of course, if you bought both, you’ll have no problems with using them on a bigger bed.

I really like Shizuo’s expression here ^^ He looks relaxed and rather smexy. Izaya looks good too. The illustrator is male… I wonder if that’s the reason the art wasn’t hotter :3

The last time something similar was released was way back in 2007. The official bedsheets were Gintama’s “Good-Night” Bed Sheet of Gintoki and Hijikata. At that time, the prices were 8,000Yen each, measuring 2400mm (length) x 1400mm (width) and same polyester material.

Both are out-of-print now, so the ones you see on ebay auction listing are bootlegs :)

These items usually go out-of-print after the fever dies down, so if you really love the Durarara!! boys, I guess you’ll have to save and order them before they disappear. HobbySearch has the best bargain at 15% off these Durarara!! bedsheets right now, so if you’re thinking of splurging, check them out: Shizuo and Izaya

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Wanna sleep with Shizuo and Izaya? Now you can! (Durarara!! Bedsheets)”

  1. This is a step in the right direction lol
    Though, I can’t wait to see some fanservice bedsheets~ with a little more skin showing on our lovely men.

    1. @Luvi: yeah… maybe cos the illustrator is male ^^;;; Shizuo bared a little of his collar bone and belly button which is quite sexy :3 I like it that he didn’t leave out Shizuo’s shades too which are tugged in his breast pocket. Makes a lot more sense than having him wear them while lying on the bed.

      Are you going to get his bedsheet? :O

  2. I hear that there’s gonna be a sheet for Yamane Ayano’s Takaba Akihito too! (from the Finder series) You can view the drawing at her blog.. I’d love to have that one! :<

    Maaaaan why do they have to sell them separately.. :P

    1. @Doriinatrix: Watch it! Give it about 3~4 episodes and you’ll be hooked, I assure you :3

      @sigma: yea, we can lie beside them and take a photo hahaha… Life sized! XDD

      I agree! The Vampire Knight ones were hot. I was tempted too, even when I didn’t really like the anime. The viewfinder one with Asami and Feilong on each side of ONE bedsheet was awesome too but it was pure limited edition item.

      Only Gintoki and Hijikata… Okitra wasn’t an unofficial pairing I guess :P

      @hirochan: Yep, Akihito is going to become a dakimakura (hugging pillow) ^^ hehe… Well, $$$ talks, you know? 2 bedsheets means twice the moolah~

  3. wow bed sheets to go with the pillows now~ XD

    i’m not too happy with the art design, but still looks nice.
    The gintama ones are cute! (no sadist Okita?;A;)

    I think the best bed sheets i’ve seen are the ones for vampire knight. Art work was hot i almost considered buying it.;;
    Maybe sometime way later i’d love to get me kaname even thought zeros design is pure awesome. XD

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