Goods: ^%$#@! WAKE UP (Durarara!! Izaya + Shizuo Voice Clock)

DRRR!! Voice Alarm Clock
Oh~ how do I (love) hate thee? Let me count the ways…

♥ ♥ ♥ Update August 2010: The clock has arrived ^^ Click here! ♥ ♥ ♥

Just when I thought my wallet is going to be safe for the next few months… they have to go announce this! DX

But but but… I don’t want to be a sucker (T-T) Must resist. Less than 2 days and I already succumbed… to think positively on the bright side, please look forward to my review of the clock in August! ^^;;;

Description from Animaxis/Movic pre-order page.

This appealing voice alarm clock includes both artwork and voice messages featuring Izaya Orihara (Kamiya Hiroshi) and Shizuo Heiwajima (Ono Daisuke) from the anime version “Durarara!!”. The messages are created anew for this purpose, and each morning these guys will awaken you with one of 3 voice patterns:

  • 臨也 (Izaya)
    Boku ha kesshite kimi ni kyoumi ga aruwake deha naikeredo, neboushita kimi no zetsubou ni hikitsutta kao niha totemo kyoumi ga arunaa
    I’m not particularly interested in you, but I am interested in seeing your face torn in despair after finding out you overslept. (LOL~ so evil! and then he seems to go softer on you when you decide to wake up and sends you off with “itterashai”. I wonder what tone of voice he uses ^^)
  • 静雄 (Shizuo)
    Iika yoku kike ore ha kesshite isogashiku naiga ore no jinseide omae ni saku jikan ha ato 10 byou da…!
    Listen carefully, I am not that particularly busy but I will only have 10 more seconds to use for you in my entire life. (and there’s mention about waking up or be prepared to sleep with a vending machine ^^;;;)
  • 臨也 & 静雄 (Izaya & Shizuo)
    静雄「てめーに穏便さなんて一ミクロンも関係ねぇだろさっさと起きろどきやがれ、邪 魔 だ 。」
    Hmm the 3rd message seems like a cute conversation between the two where Shizuo is trying to get Izaya out of bed. Which begs the question. Why were they there in the same bedroom in the first place? Fan-service message lol~

Order from CDJapan here
Size: approx. 180 x 120 x 60mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)

Planned price: 7,140 yen (SIGH~)
Planned release date: 08/05/2010

Btw, there’s a Jumbo cushion featuring the two too… but not a sexy one :P

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Durarara!! (DRRR!! for short), do watch it. I don’t think I can summarise it well but please give it at least 2~3 episodes and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. ^^

And an added bonus for BL fangirls, there’s a funny fan-service scene about the two in Episode 16. When Shizuo announced that he was going after Izaya so that he could punch him again, one of the otaku characters speculated that Shizuo and Izaya were in a BL relationship which everyone else vehemently corrected her in horror. XDDD

Here’s my favourite fan-made music video of Izaya ^^
by a fan who sounds amazingly similar to Kamiya Hiroshi, Izaya’s seiyuu.

Original from nico nico douga

♥ ♥ ♥

AND awesome cosplay by bangin-san here Part I and Part II ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

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37 thoughts on “Goods: ^%$#@! WAKE UP (Durarara!! Izaya + Shizuo Voice Clock)”

  1. OMG, SOOOOOO PRETTY!!!! But SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!! Waaah!!! Usually alarm clocks runs about $35…this is like the most expensive one I’ve ever seen! Not that it’s not worth it, but damn! I wish I was rich!

    1. @Razberry: Yeah I agree, they are expensive =_=;;; Save for it if you really like it XD cos their prices are usually very much higher once they go out-of-print :)

  2. I will! When I’m done unlocking that silly date mission in MGS:Peace Walker. XD

    For all you know, they’re working on implementing the 3D view function. *3*

    It /is/ fun! *_* I still remember killing an average of 4 screen protectors a week when I was playing the higher leveled songs. orz

  3. XD I’ve watched a few episodes of it before I got distracted by games. …Again. orz But yeah, I loved it! >w<

    I'm pretty sure there will be. *3* There's already a DSi exclusive otome in the making. Which is also why I'm holding back on upgrading to a DSi right now. XD

    The first game I played on my DS was Cooking Mama. XD It's fun for awhile until things get repetitive. There's also Ouendan if you're into rhythm games. But you might have to buy a couple more extra screen protectors just in case. orz

    Oooo which one did you get? Gyakuten Saiban 1/2/3/4 or Gyakuten Kenji? It's one of the few non-otome game series on the DS that I really love. <3

    1. @Luvi: hehe try to get back to it again. It gets even better XD

      woo~ sounds exciting! I can’t wait to see what they have up on their DSi sleeves kekeke

      I’ve seen people play Ouendan… looks like fun! hehehe That’s one of the other games I’m thinking of getting. Oh I bought Gyakuten Saiban vol. 1 since its the first one in the series :P will probably follow with the rest when I’m less cash-strapped lol.

  4. I’ve always been a dreamer so I’d given up on real-life a long time ago. If they ever made that pod thingum we were talking about awhile back, I’ll probably lock myself in there for the rest of my life. XDD

    XD I was considering getting a DSiLL until I realized how big the pen is. ._.; Oh, speaking of which, I came across this video while surfing some of the geekier sites. You might want to take a look at it.
    You’re supposedly going to get something of this quality on a 3DS but even better. *3*

    Yes! XD But you can’t have them change too drastically or they’ll just get confused and say a bunch of jibberish. XDDDD And yup, I have this one too. I pretty much focused on clearing the endings for the do-S teacher and got distracted by other games after that. OTL I bought the game exactly because those saikin reminded me of the microbes in Moyashimon too! XD

    1. @Luvi: uwa~ must come back to earth sometimes… *pull pull* so we can have coffee or tea and attend a seiyuu event someday lol~ Btw, have you watched Arakawa under the Bridge? I think you’ll like it too. There’s a girl from Venus XDD

      WOW that looks awesome *_* I’ll be tempted to get that new 3DS if the new games that come out takes good advantage of the 3D engine.

      I think I would enjoy the game cos of the microbes too kekeke. I really liked them in Moyashimon XD I think I’ll keep that on the games shopping list too.

      Some of my new games arrived already but no DS yet lol… I bought Raving Rabbids TV Party KYAAA~ I played the wii version at my friend’s before. SO CUTE! Cooking Mama (my cousins and friend said it is awesome) and the OBJECTION! game that comes with EN/JP XDD

  5. Well… what can I say. I’ve fallen too deep and too young an age and it has deeply affected the way I think or look at things in real life. I pretty much go into withdrawal if I go without otome games for more than a week. orz Plus, where else can you find guys as sweet as the ones in the games. >A< Society, pride and peer pressure have made guys IRL… coarse. For lack of a better word. XD;

    But you can't do that for all games. o: If the game makes changes to the computer's registry then you'll encounter an error if you try to play it on a different computer. Thankfully though, most BL and otome games do not require that.

    Oooo, are you getting a DSL, DSi, or a DSi XL/LL? o3o
    Oh, and if you haven't heard of 'Saikin Koishiteru?' already, you should take a look at it. They have a really unique (not to mention cute) gameplay system. XD Here's a link to the offical site:

    1. @Luvi: Yeah~ that’s true :) it’ll be sweet to have otome game-like romance… I think real life is too imperfect but I like to believe it can happen with some effort from both parties. (I’m still… an idealist) but looking around me, I guess real life just isn’t the same as virtual. OTL;;; So conflicted.

      I’ll try the portable HDD method next time I install something! Mmm I’ll be getting a DSi, supposedly bigger screen and so on but not as bulky as DSiLL X3

      That looks cuute. So like you can use the cute saikin (?) to “manipulate” (lol~) the boy’s responses? Do you have this game too? They remind me of those cute microbes in moyashimon <3 Goodness… I used 3 “cutes” in one short paragraph.

  6. Those on the PSP and NDS, I’ll play on my way to work and classes, and during mealtimes. XD PC games are usually installed on my portable HDD so I get to play them in the office while PS2 games are played in the early mornings before work, when I get home, during the weekends, and whenever I take a long vacation. orz

    But sometimes, I get so engrossed in the games on my PSP or DS that I’ll continue playing them even at home or in the office. XDD;

    1. @Luvi: Sweetie … your life -IS- revolving around otome games huh *_*

      Installing PC games on portable HDD is such a great idea XD but 18+ games I don’t think I can play in the office when colleagues are around and almost all BL PC games are 18+ OTL;;; I’m going to get my DS next week when the Hibiki fanbook comes in. Bought a few other general games in anticipation for its arrival too XD

  7. XD And I love Nitro+Chiral for their art and games. <3 Lol, if you've seen the list of games I'm playing and re-playing on my blog, you'll probably get an idea of how… huge my pile is. Then take those games in the list and multiply them by 5~6 to get the number of games I've played through once, but not yet cleared/completed. :'D

    1. @Luvi: woah… that’s a lot of games! If you play without a walkthrough, it takes more than a few days just to finish one route *_* do you play on the way to work or school? That can help speed things up a little but it would be nicer if we can spend alone time and enjoy it properly I guess.

  8. lol, in a way, you’re saving more than I am since otome merchandise comes first for me. >_< I have new games arriving almost every other week and they're just… sitting there in a pile waiting to be played. OTL BL merchandise, especially the Nitro+ ones, aren't as tempting since they're usually made to look more cool than cute. :3

  9. I-i honestly don’t know. ;v;
    (Hmm next pillow should be keisuke an akira in there mechanic outfits~*~*~**hides*)

    1. @sigma: Let’s hope your get yours this week! I would love to see both Keisuke and Akira in sexy mechanic outfit poses too *~* I can already imagine the poses already :3

      @Luvi: oh yeah… you have zero resistance to cute XD well, I love Nitro+Chiral for both their cute and cool <3 I also have a couple of BL games I haven't played/finished, a smaller pile than yours and mostly PS2 games XD Junjou Romantica, TnC PS2, Shoubi no Ki ni Shoubi no Hanasaku – Das Versprechen and Gakuen Heaven. I haven't finished Lucky Dog 1 either *_* oh and Saint Beast PS2 game.

  10. XD The best way to not venture too much into the otome game market is to not venture into it at all. You’ll never be able to stop once you start. orz I am a good example right here. XD

    1. @Luvi: that’s comforting lol~ aarrgghh…. XD nah reality bites… no $ no game =_=;;; BLCDs are a big expense, so is figure collecting x_x;;; aarrgghh… and darn voice clocks… OTL. XD And I forsee more Nitro+ merchandise coming up due to the anime… so better be prepared. I’m first BL then otome I guess.

  11. XDDD So you caved after all! It’s all right, I feel your pain. I finally caved and bought a second PSP to play original games. orz

  12. “I’m not particularly interested in you, but I am interested in seeing your face torn in despair after finding out you overslept.”

    LOL omg…the perfect alarm clock! XD

    The video is cute & funny! He does sound almost like him! At first i thought it was until i read your comment on it.0_0

    (*cries* i still waiting for my sexy pillow(s?) XD)

    1. @bangin-san: You’re welcome! ^^ I’m just sharing the love and the awesomeness!

      @sigma: lol~ so evil XD just the way we love him. I also thought it was Kamiyan too until I read the info. Such a cute and happy song perfectly rewritten for Izaya hehehe.

      Your pillow should be coming this week? XD

      @Luvi: :O I’m feeling the strong urge to get a PSP too. There are so many upcoming visual novel games that are adapted for that console now. If Nitro+Chiral games make that leap, I think I’ll do it. There are so many more otome games than BL games out there *_* maybe I shouldn’t venture too much into the new otome games or I’ll go bankrupt OTL;;; I’ll concentrate on the 5 u recommended :3

  13. Hahaha That would require a LOT of batteries. orz And my mom would probably knock my door down wondering what’s happening. XD

    o: Out-of-print clocks are reeeeeally expensive. DDD:

    You should try watching it if you have the time. It’s hilarious. XD If I had to choose…
    I’d probably get both. OTL I’d definitely choose the DRRR!! clock if Hideyoshi was a girl, or a regular guy, but. orz

    I’m just gonna see if I could control my urges until they’re out of stock by immersing myself in otome games. XD;

    1. @Luvi: Lol~ cannot imagine XD yeah those OOP clocks start from 15000 Y and above on Y!A, if you can find them at all =_=;;;

      Okie, I’ll make a note of Baka Test! ^^ and… *cough* I just ordered the DRRR!! clock.

      … … …

  14. Ahaha… I have the Kiniro no Corda clock I mentioned, all the Harutoki clocks, Zero no Tsukaima, Miracle Train, PuriPuri, Hetalia (Axis power characters), and a Hiiro no Kakera clock. orz

    …I’m considering getting that Bakatest Hideyoshi one, too. @w@

    1. @Luvi: Woah that’s a lot of clocks! More than 15? *_* Imagine setting them all to ring together xD what a riot! kekeke I still remember the excitement of setting my first voice clock lol~ and ended up I couldn’t sleep ^^;;; My top wishlist out-of-print clocks include Code Geass Lelouch’s clock, Kyou Kara Mao’s Yuri and Conrad clocks, Mirage of Blaze’s Naoe and Takaya clocks.

      Hmm I didn’t watch that anime tho’ :O Between DRRR!! and Bakatest, which would you get? I have a strong feeling I might just order the DRRR!! clock in the end. Just delaying the inevitable OTL;;;

  15. If I ever get that clock, Imma use Izaya’s message every morning. XD

    But hnnnngh—- must… not… buy… this…….. OTL I have waaaaay too many voice alarm clocks sitting in my closet waiting to be used. XD;

    …Then again, I’ve been using that Kiniro no Corda voice alarm clock for 3 years already…… hmm.

    1. @Luvi: XD Lucky girl you… how many voice clocks do you have? And which are they??? I have some wishlist clocks which are out-of-print and at astronomcial prices on Y!A now (T_T) I got back into the otaku/fujoshi scene too late lol~

      I’m currently using my Hakuouki clock. It was a wish came true for me to have a Yusa Kouji clock. As for the DRRR!! clock, I’ve passed my daily “saving-throw” roll against temptation. So far so good. LOL~ AARRGGH…. I’M STILL SO TEMPTED because I don’t have a voice clock of Kamiyan/OnoD and now they’re in the same package DX

  16. 7000+ yen for a clock??O_O Uuuuh. I’ll pass.

    I need to catch up on my Durarara!!! I haven’t gone past episode 3 but my bro suddenly threw my laptop where I was downloading the episodes, to the floor (O_o). So yep, I’ve been using my lappy and all the anime I’ve DL’ed are gone.T__T

    But at episode 3, yes you said it right, I’m already hooked. (But my files.T__T)

    1. @imacatlover: The pillow is not sexy, so I won’t buy it lol~ XD maybe a Shizuo/Izaya dakimakura similar to the Kaito/Len fan-made one might come up in the future XD

      Yeah, I can imagine the bruises all over Izaya ^^;;; and love bite knife marks on Shizuo Kyaaa~ The violent couple lol~ but cos they’re not real humans, they can enjoy doing that and have rough sex with each other forever lol

      SIGH. I’m still struggling with whether I should buy the clock DX I managed to resist the Hetalia clocks cos I don’t really like the voice messages. The ones for this clock are rather cute ( T3T)

      When I first heard it, I thought it was sung by Kamiyan too… and I was like wow that’s awesome! Then I looked closely at the info and realised it wasn’t and was even more amazed cos the fan was a better singer than Kamiyan :X Yeah it would be nice if it was subbed…

      Episode 16 right? XD that was cute!

      @banoni: lol~ yeah I thought I would too but I broke the golden rule when I got that Hakuouki clock x_x Struggling against this one now.

      Oh dear *_* poor lappy!!! Don’t worry, you can always download the files again :)

  17. Craaaaapppp…. Dx Also kind of want… And that pillow… It’s going to be the death of me, but I resist! I like the clock very much, though. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with Izaya/Shizou UST every morning… xD And hmmm… maybe they share a bed? ;3 Shizou must do SOMETHING with all of that unused power, no? xD *bricked*

    *___* It’s my favourite video too! At first I really thought Izaya sung it too… But man, they really need to sub it! I wanna know what cute things Izaya is singing to Shizou *w* Have you seen the last eppi of DRRR? They had one of those cute/sexy UST moments again. Like Erika, my BL sences are tingling too!! xDD

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