Goods: Wake me up, Mori-sempai! (Ouran Voice Alarm Clock)

Ouran High School Host Club
Seriously, waking up in the morning doesn’t have to be such a painful affair. lol~

Just get the hosts from Ouran High School to do the job!

Ouran Clock

I bought this clock about a couple of months after I acquired my first voice alarm clock in March 2009. I meant to make a post sooner but kept procastinating till now ^^;;;

Similar to the Vampire Knight Voice Alarm Clock I wrote about previously, this clock was a mail-in only item using a special coupon from Lala comic magazine. The original price was 1,500 Yen if I’m not wrong but since the mail-in was long over (The anime was first broadcast in 2006), it is only available from auctions and used goods stores now. I can’t remember exactly how much I spent on it… but it should be in the range of US$45 and up including shipping and handling.

Ouran Clock

Since this is my second voice clock, I wasn’t as surprised when I received it. As expected, every function is pretty much the same as the Vampire Knights clock, except for the packaging and of course the seiyuu voices ^^

The voices didn’t disappoint and my favourite has got to be Mori-sempai’s wake-up message. lol~ Have a listen! XD

The voices in the video are in this order: Fujioka Haruhi (Sakamoto Maaya), Suoh Tamaki (Miyano Mamoru), Ootori Kyouya (Matsukaze Masaya), Hitachiin Hikaru (Suzumura Kenichi), Hitachiin Kaoru (Fujita Yoshinori), “Honey” Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Saito Ayaka), “Mori” Morinozuka Takashi (Kirii Daisuke)

Ouran High School Host Club 桜蘭高校ホスト部 is based on manga by Hatori Bisco 葉鳥ビスコ. Find out more at the official sites: and

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37 thoughts on “Goods: Wake me up, Mori-sempai! (Ouran Voice Alarm Clock)”

  1. hahaha! It looks cool! I probably wouldnt wake up to the first 5… maybe the fourth cause after a while i may just get up and say, shut up.. then back to sleep.. though, Honey… i may actually wake up, and start my day with jumping out the window! His voice would probably scare me! So high and loud! XD hehe, in the end though, i would have a clue as to what their saying! ^_^ I have yet to learn Japanese… Someday!! I hope… :P

    1. @Mei: I had my dad asking my mum if she also heard a guy speaking Japanese in the morning ^^;; obviously some of the wake-up calls didn’t work for me lol lol~

      Definitely a fun item to have :D I’ll put up a translation when I can. When this was up I was still kinda clueless too lol~

  2. omg the prototypes! thank you for posting they look really great! definitely on my list. i just wished the hiiro no kakera ones looked this nice.

    1. Yeah… when the Hiiro no Kakera one-coins turned up, I didn’t like the chibi style, so I didn’t buy them. These upcoming ones look a lot more well-sculpted and cute ^^

  3. I saw “Bungee jumping of there own” it was hard for me to watch for some reason ,i think maybe because of the major age difference but omg~ the ending….wahhh i had to replay it again to understand what had just happened! Tragic!
    I like movies with the reincarnation theme. Watching this i am reminded of mirage of blaze. XD;

    *gasp* omg really!? wahh my budget much watch…..must resist! *___*;
    lol i bet there going to look so cute thank you for the heads up. ♥

    1. I also played the ending back the first time after watching it. I was like huh… wait… what happened there??? Seriously emo, right? *_*

      Yeah reincarnation themes are interesting in the sense that it gives people hope that maybe there’s still a chance to get things right in the next life ^^;;; Mirage of Blaze is another emo fav of mine XD

      I’ll be watching out for the pre-order of those Hakuoki chibis, VERY cute! I’ll post em up when they’re available for order! For now, check out the prototypes: and start saving $$$ They’ll be available Spring 2010 ^^

  4. Wow thank you for all the recommendations! ^o^
    I got a chance to see The king and the clown today it was really good. I love how it is placed in the historic period. I have yet to see Korea historic period so this was great, i loved all the outfits especially those red ones with the peacock feathers.;; Seeing that gave me inspiration to draw up something with it. Ending was so sad but it had a good balance of humor an drama as a whole. I found the plays to be so funny! XD

    I can’t wait to see Frozen Flower it looks so good too.

    1. Yeah and I think the bond between the 2 main characters were very sweet and touching. The King is a rather sad man tho’. Their historical settings are lovely! I think Frozen Flower is very good too but it is a lot more upsetting *_*

      Oh speaking of which… I just found out that they’re releasing Hakuouki voice clocks in December!!! They’ve released a PSP version of the game. I think that’s really good news for you, isn’t it? :D There’ll also be a one-coin figure release of the series done by Kotobukiya, the same guys who do our Nitro plus and Hetalia chibis ^^

  5. The way antique bakery ends in the anime an movie is the same way it ends in manga too? I didn’t get so far in manga so i’m curious. You think he knew it was “him” at the end?

    Really? Any good ones you’ve seen? ♥

    I remember watching long time ago a bit of “Boys Love” but i don’t think that was Korean. After a hour i stopped watching it i think i was sleepy an never finished it. I read on a friends journal once that it had a sad theme to it.

    1. Yeah if I remember correctly, the movie, anime and manga ended the same way. I don’t think both men knew who each other was at the end but the important thing is, he has learnt to move on and let go.

      Mmm… I saw another one called Regret. Also a Korean movie. It’s about a guy who grew up in an orphanage. He had to leave the orphanage after he became an adult but he ended up in the sex trade and also was a chauffeur. He met a rich guy he chauffeured one day. The rich guy was in the closet and they…

      A few other recommended Korean BL movies: The King and the Clown and Frozen Flower. Oh and one where a teacher and student fell in love: Bungee Jumping on their Own. And my gosh. They’re all darned emo *_* but interesting stories and human drama. Good acting too.

      As for Japanese live action BL movies… I’ve not watched enough to make a sweeping statement but so far the ones I’ve seen are like either the script is cliched or the acting is bad (which is a pity. I find that hard to overlook and it greatly affects my enjoyment of the film) Except this 1960s old movie Bara no soretsu about cross dressing boys. They can all be found at aarin forum.

      I’ve watched Boys Love too… It’s Japanese. The ending is sad but the story was really cliched and kinda boring.

  6. I watched it the other day, I loved it~!
    It went fast paced but still easy to follow an the actors and the french dude scenes and and *gushes* to good!;v;
    There were many funny scenes. I loved how the actors who were playing tachibana and yusuke interacted. Him trying to get him to say by letting him have his way was to cute.
    Gah there should be more yaoi turned into movies like this!

    i never seen those movies, thanks for the heads up though. XD
    Hopfully this one is good.

    1. (^///^) the way the actor speaks French was so sexy! It’s definitely one of the best BL movies out there. The acting is really natural and good! I’m glad Antique Bakery had a cute and happy ending ^^ Anyway, I noticed that Korean movies with gay themes often end in tragedy somehow.

  7. specking of korea an movies have you seen the antique bakery movie? I always forget to watch it.;_;

    also what do you think of 2012? The trailer really got me wanting to see it, but i don’t know how do you make a good movie with a plot like that…;;

    1. The Korean Antique Bakery movie is very good! I wasn’t expecting such an entertaining show. Wonderful acting all round ^^ You must watch it!

      2012 caught my attention too. I think the ending… everybody dies and only a few remaining survivors? Best is to lower your expectations when you watch it. Like that Keanu Reeves movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still… the trailer looked pretty cool but that was all the best bits. In the end I was quite bored during the movie and it “climaxed” with a lame ending.

  8. What!!? Movie!? Omg its offical Hetalia is As popular/more popular as Harry potter once was. It’s taking over the world! Are at least fangirls (an fanboys?) XD

  9. Yea, so far I haven’t seen Korea in the anime and after the protests, it is highly unlikely now. I just read that there’s going to be a Hetalia anime movie in 2010! It is seriously popular XD

    Ah~ icic its supposed to be the best among all the versions (Taiwan, Japan) released. I’ll add it to my watch-list! ^^

  10. ah so that’s why….thank you for the article. Is it true Korea never appeared in anime?;_;
    gah definitely got to catch up on animated hetalia.

    Omg yes yes the Korean drama i loved it so much! ;///;
    I just got finished watching the last epi today i “kya’d” alot. XD
    Better then the original manga! Kim Hyun Joong and Goo Joon Pyo are so ~Kyaa~ *gushes on your page*

  11. I’m not far into hetalia but….what is all the commotion about the gover of Korea not liking the anime? I saw picture of the scene (where Korea glomps japan) but i still don’t get it. I think the gover is taking things to far its just a anime i’m sure it means no offense but then again i dont know what the offense was.;;;

    I wish there were a “Boys before Flower(drama) voice clock. OTL;;

  12. Yeah… (x_x) I think if we visit Japan, we should try raiding their used goods stores for these items cos the prices might be lower.

    *keeping fingers crossed* I want BL voice clocks too XD

  13. i waited for Mori-sempai’s turn because you said it was your favorite.. haha. Why did it have to be the last??XD Sure was funny though.. His was the most interesting.XD

    I won’t be waken up by Morii’s voice.. But if I had this clock, i’ll go for hunny-sempai’s.XD

    1. @kyonkyon: Cos in the alarm clock’s original voice line-up, Mori-sempai’s voice is the last XD And after all the long messages, his came up so short and sweet lol~ Ooo~ his voice does wake me up ^^ they keep repeating the same message until you switch it off, so it isn’t just one burst kekeke… if not, I think I’ll also have to go for the loudest ones too. Have you listened to the Vampire Knight one? It’s really cute too.

  14. I would love to see 07 ghost clock! omg don’t bring up hetalia i honestly think they would sell out in a heart beat!XD (this series has BIG fan base!)

    I’d have to hear what dgray man one sounds like i love the series, i think if it had tiki in it i’d win me over in a heart beat. Plus i recently love lavi’s seiyuu alot from hearing him sing KURO on velvet underworld. *hearts*
    omg i Must find those hiiro no kakaera clocks were did you see them at? ;o;
    I think the series they dont have for one that id be interest in is basara(/bl related ones)! i want to wake up to Dantes yakuza voice.XD

    1. Ah~Sengoku Basara clock would be so cool! XD

      I can foresee a 07-ghost clock coming…. *chant chant* hehehe and one of Church side and the other Military side (if they really did this, we’ll probably also get the seiyuu voice for Date) And yeah I guess Hetalia ones would be quickly sold out. I was thinking it would be so cute to hear Italia say PASTAAAA~ and wake us up in the morning with that XD but it isn’t in the script for the clock XP

      Okie there were a few dgrayman voice clocks with Lavi here and here

      Hiiro no Kakera clocks are here and here.

      That said… 7,000 Yen is really steep for a clock x_x and that’s excluding shipping and handling.

  15. I’m just wondering if they’ll produce a 07-Ghost one? XD Well they did make voice clocks of Yuri, Conrad and Wolfram for Kyou Kara Maou. I’ll love it if they did Kuroshitsuji too.

    The upcoming Hetalia ones are here… I would love to have them XD One for Axis Powers and One for the Allies.

    Which series would you pay for voice clocks? XD Apparently, there was a Lelouch/Zero voice clock and Dgrayman ones out there. Oh yeah… there are also 2 versions of Hiiro no Kakera voice clocks too :O

  16. I love these voice alram clocks. Though there expensive if they ever make if for a series i really love id buy it.^v^

    Mori an karou are nice sounding, as for waking up to honeys voice…it’d start my day off bad sorry!*shot* XD

    i really doubt they would wake me up though.(ive been having a problem for awhile were the alarm would go off but i don’t wake up until 30min-1hour later;;)

  17. Ahah! I imagine!
    But there is no way to choose the “voice power” (sorry I don’t how to say in english…) of the message? Because I’m sure HoneyHoney is a bit too… dynamic at the morning… ^^”

    1. Yeah, there isn’t a volume control switch :P So I make-do with sticky tape over the speaker area if I choose a genki message ^^;;;

      The voice clocks are a fun item to have… if only they’re not so expensive. Other (non-mail-in) voice clocks in the market cost at least 7000 Yen each! I’m salivating over the upcoming Hetalia ones that will be released in October 2009 but these clocks’ functions are REALLY basic for something so expensive. So very tempting… but I’ll try not to indulge *_*

    1. Mori-sempai’s wake up message is the “gentlest” cos he’s voice is very low and I find it simple and straight to the point: Good morning… it’s day… Good morning… it’s time to wake up… Good morning… XD I also like to choose Kishio Daisuke and Suwabe Junichi’s voice when using the Vampire Knight clock cos their messages and voices are gentler too.

      Hikaru, Honey-sempai and Tamaki’s can be especially shocking cos they’re really loud and high-pitched XP

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