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Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Voice Alarm Clock Jinguuji Ren
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ ボイスアラームクロック 神宮寺レン

Price: 7,350 yen (w/tax)
Release date: 23 November 2013

Size: approx. 140 x 145 x 75 mm
Material: Steel
Requires three AA batteries (included)


神宮寺レン (Jinguuji Ren) voiced by Suwabe Junichi 諏訪部順一

The new voice alarm clock has a more modern-looking design but has the same colour scheme similar to the previous clock that was released in 2012. Features illustration of original character designer Kurahana Chinatsu. The previous clock face illustration is the anime version.

Each voice pattern is about 10 seconds. Three good morning voice patterns (おはようボイス), two sweet voice patterns (スイートボイス) one alarm voice pattern (アラームボイス).

Good morning voice patterns

  • おはよう、レディ。オレの前で寝るなんて……無防備だね。
    Good morning, lady. Sleeping in my presence… you’re defenseless.
    However, that part of you is cute too.
  • 早く起きてよ、レディ。もう待ちきれないよ。
    Get up quickly, lady. I won’t wait any longer.
    Well, here’s a wake-up kiss…… *kiss*
  • お目覚めかな、オレの眠り姫。そのかわいい声を聞かせてほしいな。
    Will you wake up, my Sleeping Beauty. I want to hear your cute voice (saying to me the words)
    “Good morning”

Sweet voice patterns

  • 眠れないのかい、子羊ちゃん?じゃあ、眠りにつくまで愛の言葉を
    Can’t sleep, little lamb? Then, I’ll speak words of love till you fall asleep.
    Whispering them to you. …… I love you.
  • 抱きしめてもいいかな?キミのそんな顔を見たら放ってはおけないよ。さぁ、こっちにおいで。
    Can I hold you? I can’t let it be when you show me such an expression. Come over here.

Alarm voice pattern

  • 時間だね。帰ってきたらたっぷり、かわいがってあげるから、
    It’s time. I’ll give you lots of love when you return.
    Do your best. See you later.
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