Goods: Vagabond Sculpture Arts – Yoshioka Seijuro

Vagabond Seijuro YoshiokaI… LIKE… :O~~~

A follow-up Square Enix figure statue to the equally drool-worthy Vagabond Miyamoto Musashi.

And also equally high damage at US$189.99…

Some info:
Based on Inoue Takehiko’s epic manga Vagabond, Seijuro is the heir to the Yoshioka school of swordfighting. Although his entire family is bent on reclaiming their honor from legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, Seijuro is somewhat of a carefree playboy… until he meets Musashi himself.

Ha~ carefree playboy… ^^ yum.

Statue stands at 8.7 inches tall and is made of poly-resin. Available end of March 2009.

Unlikely I’ll go break my bank for this but it certainly is very tempting. Awesome detail and sculpt. Let’s see.

Additional info about Musashi:

Miyamoto Musashi, born Shinmen Takezou, grew to be a large man of great power. But with that power came an aggression difficult to control.

As a youth Takezou always found himself at war with the others around him, causing him to be alone. Despite his violent tendencies however Takezou also held a great tenderness within, capable of seeing and understanding many things about life, if only he could keep his agression in check.

At the age of 17 Takezou was caught by the local authorities and sentenced to death for his crimes. However, under the guidance of a priest, Takezou learnt how to channel this aggression into something else.

From that time on Takezou forever changed his name to Miyamoto Musashi, a name that would become famous, and began his journey down the path of the warrior, living his life by the sword, determined to be the greatest swordsman in Japan.

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4 thoughts on “Goods: Vagabond Sculpture Arts – Yoshioka Seijuro”

  1. Maybe they figured from the Musashi pre-orders that there’ll be a market for other figures? You never know, maybe fans also call/write in to request… and that could be a reason Seijuro got his turn first kekeke…

    Yea… so far delay a few days more again… Nov 5th I really don’t mind if he gets delayed a bit further *looks at the depleted bank account and sobs in corner*

    Awesome! Looking forward to your pics! xD

    Oh another thing… how big would Surfer Lulu be featured on the magazine? I wanna check if my source file size is big enough ^^

  2. I didn’t expect there will be 2nd statue from his “Musashi’ works loh.
    But I think i will be satisfied with Musashi only, after all he’s the main character.
    But dunno lah…i can be suckers too XD

    More delay? oh well best wishes and hopefully arrive in a perfect time for you.
    I look forward to see his pic in your blog

    i oredi taken photos of some of by bishojo figures…need some retouch before actually posting it.

  3. Musashi statue is shipped? Woah must be really excited right? xD I find the art awesome but I’m not familiar with the original work cos I haven’t read it ^^ Will you collect all the statues? They are definitely works of art.

    Zero Lulu is further delayed till Nov 3… I’m happy in a way… cos if he was released on time, I’ll be seriously too broke to collect him (T_T)

  4. Why Seijurou? Tht’s what i had in mind.
    In my mind, second famous after Musashi is Kojiro Sasaki. He could be the next…
    but it’ll be hot if they make Otsuu as a polystone figure also.

    True he’s a playboy with deadly sword, but i think the one he truly love is Akemi
    Going back to its novel, the ‘real’ Seijuro is quite lame…

    Will hug Musashi statue real soon. XD Broke~ but happy but then again broke. XD

    Truth hurts, this is another nice way to bleed my wallet or breaking another piggy bank
    but im glad i didn’t miss this post. Thx

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