Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% Trading Voice Mascot Chibi Figures (Utapuri, Movic)

Maji Kawaii 1000% Updated!

Maji Kawaii 1000%

Title: Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% Supicotto (Speaking mascot)
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% すぴこっと

Price: 4,410 yen (1 complete set contains 6 boxes)
Release date: Feburary 2012
Description: 60-65 mm. Each character will speak 2 lines.
Available: at most figure stores :D
Size: about 60~65mm

I know the quality of the sound isn’t fantastic BUT… I find it hard to resist ^^;; especially when they are saying sweet things and confessing their love for you! The chibi designs look promising too.

Good thing that the figures are available at most stores and not Animate/Movic Japan exclusives :) Save on proxy fees! Yay~

Here’s what each character will be saying:

Ittoki Otoya 一十木 音也 (CV: Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤)
1) だ~いじょうぶ!俺と一緒に、がんばろう? Everything will be fine! Let’s work hard together, ok?
2) 好きだよ。俺だけのパートナーになって?I love you. Partner only with me?

Hijirikawa Masato 聖川 真斗 (CV: Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一)
1) お前にふさわしくあるよう、精進する。I will work hard at becoming suitable to be with you (I think)
2) ずっと、俺のそばにいてほしい…いいか?I want you to be by my side always, is it ok?

Shinomiya Natsuki 四ノ宮 那月 (CV: Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章)
1) 可愛い~!ぎゅっとしていいですか?ぎゅー。Cute~! Can I hug you tight? *hug*
2) そんな可愛い顔、反則です。離せなくなっちゃいます…。It’s against the rules to have such a cute face. I can’t let you go…

Ichinose Tokiya 一ノ瀬トキヤ (CV: Miyano Mamoru 宮野真守)
1) 好き・・・と言ったら、あなたは笑いますか?If I said I love you, will you laugh/smile?
2) 何をやっているのです。あなたならできると信じていますよ。No matter what you do, as long as it is you, I believe you can achieve it.

Jinguuji Ren 神宮寺 レン (CV: Suwabe Junichi 諏訪部順一)
1) 愛してる・・・。言葉だけじゃ足りないくらいにね。I love you… just words isn’t enough huh.
2) いけない子羊ちゃんだね。お願いだから俺だけを見て・・・・・・。What a naughty little lamb. I wish you only have eyes for me.

Kurusu Sho 来栖 翔 (CV: Shimono Hiro 下野紘)
1) だから…その…お前が…す、好きだー!That’s why… that… I lov… love… you!
2) 俺についてこい!一緒に夢かなえようぜ!Come with me! Let’s fulfill our dreams together!

The final prototypes look pretty cute! I’m glad I preordered them :D

I’ll most probably review them when I get my hands on them in 2012 :D Looking forward to getting these cute chibis!

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31 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% Trading Voice Mascot Chibi Figures (Utapuri, Movic)”

  1. Does anyone know if you can stil order them somewhere (beside ebay) cause I would really like to have them :(

  2. …..gosh darn it, why is AmiAmi already sold out?! YesAsia is so much more expensive, nooooes TAT I think even with shipping fees AmiAmi is cheaper than YesAsia. But if YesAsia is my last cheapest option compared to ebay, then…TAT My poor money….

  3. Every time I take a look at my preorders/wishlist wanna cry TAT…
    I thought I could afford these ones if I let pass the January charakore ones… but March was already full and now Durarara chibis and Natsume voice mascots (must have these ones!!) plus the Ao no Exorcist half-age that still are not for preorder. And we’re still on November aggghhh DX

    I feel like I’m in a horror movie, 4 complete months in front of us…with still so many preorders waiting to jump over our wallets ;_;

    1. @izas: Me too… so now I try not to place preorders too early in case more interesting figures and goods pop up. CDJapan has a very friendly cancel policy but I don’t want to take advantage of it too much. Most other stores have stricter cancel policies so I rather not take the risk.

      But THIS I knew I definitely have to get because of the voice functions :D And that includes the Natsume ones too. The Durarara chibis are very cute but I already have the ones with voice so I would wish list it but not order it so soon. There’s a Animate Japan limited edition for the Durarara chibis with a special edition Izaya but I think the original colour looks better :P

    2. @ponytale: I saw special Izaya in MFC, but I think Durarara figures are already rather expensive without proxies XD and that red colour, well, not worth the extra $$ for me. I wanted them cause I missed the voice mascot ones and I want so bad a chibi Izaya to stand with the 1/8 figure >_< but again March… so I'll wait and see if something better comes up (the Persona one coins haven't got a release date yet…)

      I couldn't help but preorder Natsume ones, they're sooo cute *3* and apart from nyanko-sensei, it's so hard to see anything (and then is Ishiaki…cheaper than the alarm clock)

      And I'm tempted with these ones also, these look better than karakore ones and they have the voices too…But as I only like Ren, Otoya and Tokiya -so Shiki like :)~ – I'll try to wait patiently (if I can) before preordering them, let's see, let's see…

      I prefer HLJ's cancel system and about CDJapan, I'm trying to avoid this shop as much as I can lately. I'm really upset with them and their lately policy of asking more money for shipping costs without any explains… and inflating items' weight so shameless… I have had to cancel several orders of magazines with them in the past months… and items being already in stock doesn't save you for being asked more $ for shipping… Apart from that they sent me two magazines bended including the furokus, don't know what's worse…U_U

    3. @izas: Yeah with limited money I’m trying to convince myself to be contented with the Durarara!! chibis I already have :3 Voice mascots are still available from Movic if I’m not wrong but you need proxies.They were sold only on Movic/Animate if I remember correct. Link update:

      I find that Altair tends to reissue popular characters relatively soon so I’m not rushing to order Izaya yet. Too many things on my list! Maybe wait till Shizuo is out then decide.Cos if this boy doesn’t look good, having Izaya by himself just doesn’t feel right ^^;;

      Persona one-coins are cute! I’ve seen images of 3 characters :D it has great potential and I love to see the whole set.

      I’m looking for the artwork for Natsume voice mascots. The grey prototypes are such a teaser! I’ll try to put up the text and translations later on *squints eyes* So small… those text. :D MUST GET for me too. I’m surprised that they only made these now. They concentrated so much efforts on Nyanko-sensei and neglected the rest of the boys… I guess a cat is easier to make and sell even to a non-fan compared to figures of human characters. So if I ever created a manga, I’ll consider including a pet or something in case it becomes popular for merchandising opportunities lol.

      I’ll review the Utapuri chibis when I get them :D I hope you have the budget to buy them too.

      I used to preorder figures and stuff from HLJ too but I’ve been trolled by them before so… I don’t trust them that much for preorders now ^^;; I pre-ordered a Letter Bee figure strap set from them really early. By the time the set was released, it was listed as no longer available but I waited for a month but never received a shipping notification. They had understocked and didn’t bother following up with me. By that time every other store has already sold out. D: Now I only buy their sales items cos I know they definitely have the stocks.

      Oh dear… bad packaging is a major peeve! *hugs* I have pretty good experience with CDJapan so far and hopefully it stays that way OTL;; I notice that they estimated higher shipping weight for some pre-order magazines that has more furoku too but the shipping costs are still reasonable for my region. For BL books like manga, Cool-B and B’s Log mags, I’ve tried other Japanese online stores like comicomi (EMS only but I would still go for them when they have exclusives or special comicomi editions), (SAL). These stores don’t provide shipping estimates at all so its all guesswork. CDJapan’s shipping is still cheaper especially if I only buy 1 or 2 mags. But if they run out of stock then I would go back to the other stores OTL;; Occasionally I would buy those MOOK mags that has bags, etc as well and packaging has always been good too.

      Each of us has a horror story or two to tell when it comes to importing stuff… sigh~ the trials and tribulations of an overseas anime/BL fan (;_;) *hugs*

  4. @ponytale
    …oh, now I am relieved xD 4000+ yen and 6 chibis…it’s really tempting~

    Sorry, you are asking the wrong one here, I never played the game (yet, just wait until I learn enough Japanese to be able to paly it and then I’ll answer you xDDDD…but that’s not until a year or so…). And yeah, teh aniem was…less romance-orientated, THAT romance-orientated, I mean. It was just aiming for everyone, and thus not deepening any of them xD

    1. @Celestie: Yep, you can look at my voice mascot reviews to get an idea of what they are like.. The sound quality isn’t great but its still fun to have XD I’m a little addicted to them actually. I have low resistance for voice chibis especially if they are from series I like.

      Yeah they had to give the anime a general ending… which is still enjoyable but not as satisfying heh. Well, let me know when you play the game XD Ganbatte ne!

    1. @Celestie: Its a box of 6 figures at 4000+yen… if only for one small chibi, I don’t think I’ll get it either :P

      Do they say those lines in the games? Cos the anime doesn’t have them.

    2. I thought the same too, because when I saw them at an anime convention, they were selling it as “one for 40 something dollars”, which is so BS if these are supposed to be about 50$ for the full set. >:(

      The same happened for another figurine (Akira from Togainu no Chi), which I saw for over $120, but it’s sold online for only about $60-70.

    3. @Pikangie: well, if it goes out-of-print, maybe some utapri collectors would pay that much. But I won’t be one of them lol~

      I think prices of the old versions of 1/10 Togainu figures have dropped because of the new versions coming out. I used to see them on sale for US$250+ and above on ebay before cos they were out-of-print for at least 2-3 years. But at the same time, you have to be careful in case the cheaper ones turn out to be bootlegs.

  5. Cuteeeee!! I’ll look forward to seeing the review! Too bad, I have to pass on these. -3-; Too much stuff already on my list /sigh

    1. @plup: Me too… I thought they would say lines from the anime but these are cute! I didn’t play the games. Are those lines from the games?

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