Goods: Uta no Prince-sama, Lamento Rai Plushie Straps and more! (Animate Ikebukuro x Gift Shop)

Konoe won’t be lonely no more :D

I knew that Gift was making Rai plushie strap after Konoe a few months ago. News was finally out in June that he’ll be sold at アニメイト池袋本店×Giftショップ Animate Japan (Ikebukuro store) in a special collaboration with the plushie and goods maker Gift. The question is… will he be available for general sale? *o*

Event: Animate x Gift Collaboration Shop アニメイト池袋本店×Giftコラボショップ
Date: 01 August 2012 – 02 September 2012
Official site:
Rai December 2012 restock Gift Shop order link:

Pics and info taken from this site: Thanks planck-chan for the link!

According to the post, the collaboration simply means that Animate Japan’s Ikebukuro store will sell these Gift goods. Since they are still in the planning stages, more detailed information will be available at a later date.

Some of the goods that will be sold are listed below:

1) Title: Rai Plushie Strap from Lamento “ライ”のぬいぐるみストラップ
2) Title: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% Plushie Strap Ittoki Otoya (left) Ichinose Tokiya (right)
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000%ぬいぐるみストラップシリーズ 一十木音也(左)一ノ瀬トキヤ(右)

These two characters will be on sale first. The rest of the boys are planned to be released within this year and they’ll also be sold at Animate Japan Ikebukuro store.

3) Title: Capsule machines (gachapon) goods for Utapri is also planned. プセル商品を販売予定です。

Besides these, gachapon goods for Lucky Dog 1 ラッキードッグ1, DRAMAtical Murder and Hakuouki 薄桜鬼 will be planned for the rest of the year too.

4) Title: Otome game AMNESIA Goods

Various goods based on newly illustrated artwork of Amnesia are planned.

5) Title: Ranu-tan (Lucky Dog 1) multi-pouch ラーヌのマルチポーチ

The pouch will be on sale and we can also expect to see other Lucky Dog 1 goods in the future.

6) Title: DRAMAtical Murder goods

A sneak peek into upcoming DRAMAtical Murder goods based on these designs.

7) Animate Japan Ikebukuro Exclusive Goods. Summer version glasses.

There are five designs to collect.

Apart from the exclusive glasses and capsule machines where you have to be physically there to play with, I think other goods should be available on Gift’s online shop after their release dates are announced *keeping fingers crossed*. But I expect them to be snapped up real quick like the rest of the goods. I’ll update again when dates are announced.

I’m definitely going for Rai. The rest of the goods would be nice to haves :)

To answer Sug’s concern, this is a quick update based on Gift staff tweet:

アニメイト池袋本店様とのコラボショップでの販売グッズは後日通販を予定しております。Animate Ikebukuro’s collaboration goods will be available for mail order later on.

ただ、ショップ限定グッズ等一部商品に関しては通販の予定がございません。ご了承くださいませ。However, selected goods such as the exclusive items will not.

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama, Lamento Rai Plushie Straps and more! (Animate Ikebukuro x Gift Shop)”

  1. Ok, Pony, you told me not to make a contract with Kyuubey for my Konoe, for both Konoe and Rai can I? I’m almost dying after seeign this ;; It’s so beauty. I Need it!!!

    But I have no contacts in Japan, so I think here we go for another 6 mounth journey to get it to the collection @@. I don’t care going bankrupt for this one.

    1. @Senkai: Consider making the contract for few trillion US dollars and you can buy almost anything you want then XD Tempting but still not recommended though *pffft*

    2. ‘-‘ OR I can wish to have all figures and plushies I want direct to my wardrobe!!! It’s all ok since Madoka will save me in the end !!! @_@ btw, I don’t think a fujoshi soul worth so much for Kyuubey. So I’d rather find myself a job and a few contacts in Japan quickly…

  2. i think the staff behind the Gift store Twitter Account said that Rai might not be up for sale at the webstore afterwards – or maybe the online translator just made it look like that.

    1. @Sug: If I’m not wrong, they were referring to exclusive items. Other items will be available for mail order afterwards :)

    2. I have a friend who might go to Ikebukuro to get it, once they tell when Rai goes on sale..I’m a bit paranoid about the plushies being sold out on the Gift website too fast!

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