Goods: Uta no Prince-sama BL fan service mouse pads (Utapri)

Shinomiya Natsuki x Kurusu Sho

Pairings err… I mean designs: Ren Jinguji x Masato Hijirikawa, Ichinose Tokiya x Otoya Ittoki and Shinomiya Natsuki x Kurusu Sho

Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji LOVE 1000% Big Mouse Pad Chat (Ichinose Tokiya x Otoya Ittoki )
Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji LOVE 1000% Big Mouse Pad Rest (Ren Jinguji x Masato Hijirikawa)
Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji LOVE 1000% Big Mouse Pad Resonance (Shinomiya Natsuki x Kurusu Sho)
Release Date: 2012/02/17
Price: 476yen (w/o Tax) each

The rate at which goods are being churned out for Uta no Prince Sama series is truly scary lol~ I’m so glad I’m not a fan *_*

There are tonnes of other new goods coming out or already released, including towels, photo albums and what not… someone did a list of all the official goods available for purchase, including games and DVDs, etc, released up till now. If you bought just one of everything at the original price, you would’ve spent more than 1 million yen already ^^;;; According to the exchange rate today, that’s approximately US$ 12,798.

I think next up will probably be dakimakura covers that will cost 9,000 yen each (lolz) and probably some scaled figures of the boys which I don’t mind if they’re well designed and well-made.

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15 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama BL fan service mouse pads (Utapri)”

  1. …why am I a fan, damnit? They are doing this especially because Debut is coming in March, so they milk UtaPri for all it is worth. My poor money TAT


    …and still I can totally see me buying at least one of those. SaNatsuki, you look sexy there…..;_;

  2. I totally saw these today in my Hobby Search newsletter! And I thought “I think I need the resonance one!” Honestly if they sexed up the others I’d probably spring for those as well, geez I’m a sucker. Luckily I’m not into the chibi’s, and the big towels are kinda out of my budget considering all the figures and the dakimakura I’ve preordered (or plan to).

    1. @Prettyviilian: Yep, I think Natsuki x Sho is the official (unspoken) couple. I’ll be ordering that mousepad for collection lol~
      Yeah, the big towels are incredible… if you’re a fan you have to spend 4 x 8000 Yen orz;;;

  3. Goodness, now why can’t they do almost the same for our favourite bl series… OTL
    but the Yu-pon chibis are adorable though~

    1. @Liru: Yeah… reminded of the hate every time I see this lol~
      Yep, the chibis are really cute. I wonder if they’ll make one-coin figures?

  4. Oh cute. I’d probably get those. I’m in need of new mousepads. lol, I’m not a hugeee fan, so I haven’t really bought anything utapuri yet. Waiting for the more bigger merchandise (like dakimakura or figures – depending on the design and how well it is made tho I think figures would be awesome :>). Haha, but yeah, they are getting alot of merch o.o and whoever bought all of them….that’s alot of money >.<

    1. @momo: Damn those mini towels with Yupon sensei’s art sure is tempting D: I probably will buy the chibi-related stuff especially if they’re made into figures. The Natsuki/Sho mousepad is hot :3 I’m considering it… I don’t use a mousepad, so purely for collection ^^;;;

      I guess most otome animes don’t get that kind of attention that utapri has… and since they have a somewhat hit on their hands, they’ll probably milk it while it lasts… :-\ Hakuouki is another one of those lol~ but utapri has more BL fan service so the appeal is even wider?

    2. Yupon sensei’s art is cute~~ Hehe, so far, I’ve ordered the Natsuki/Sho mousepad and Ittoki/Tokiya (since Ittoki is my favorite) as well as the rubber straps. They were too cute to resist!

      It’s true…utapuri is getting alot of attention, which I guess, is good AND bad for us in a way. ^^ Mhm~ i love the BL fan service that it’s giving. Hehe and yeah, Hakuouki is another! I think the hit majorly comes from the great animation + the music that it gives. lol, well I hope they milk it as much as to make figures~ however, I’d like that they would make it 1/8 scale :)

    3. @momo: Ittoki is such a wanko cutie :D but I don’t feel the BL vibe between the pair :O Ren and Masa definitely has something going on there lol~ while Natsuki/Sho is a given.

      Hmm so much goods to buy… I hope I can control my spending in 2012 (Same resolution for 2011 orz)

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