Goods: Undies can badge, Unmei no pantsu-kuji (comicomi studio)

Gotta hand it to Comicomi for coming up with fun promos like this…

After giving BL fangirls/boys cute BL goods like the uke-seme mug that I covered in a previous post, for 3 weeks, every purchase of in-stock items give you a chance to get a random pantsu (underwear) can badge. :D

Comicomi will publish the “password” to access the Kuji page on their Twitter and Blog.

This is the main campaign page:

Promotion for first week
Ends today at 5.59 pm (sorry for late notice since I just found out)
Order period: 6 Nov 2014 to 13 Nov 2014 (5.59pm)

Designs are:
a) White brief 白ブリーフ,
b) One shoulder ワンショルダー,
c) My elephant 僕のぞうさん, (This is hilarious… Crayon Shin-chan???)
d) Garter belt ガーターベルト

Go to this page to add it to your normal order before checkout.
Order page:

Each customer is limited to 1 badge per week only.
Password: garter

Second week Promotion
Order period: 13 Nov 2014 (from 6pm onwards) to 20 Nov 2014 (5.59pm)

a) Boxer shorts ボクサーパンツ
b) Fundoshi (loin cloth) ふんどし
c) T-back Tバック
d) Rose 薔薇 (HAHAHAHAHA XD)

I’ll update again when the order page is up :D Such interesting variety of underwear lolol~

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

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