Goods: Toudou Heisuke 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Next up! Toudou Heisuke 藤堂平助 figure!

Title: Hakuouki Toudou Heisuke 1/10 figure 薄桜鬼 藤堂平助リアルフィギュア 1/10塗装済完成品 (Movic)
Damage: 7,140 (w/tax)
Available: October 2011
postphoned to April 2012
Size: 1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Animate/Movic Japan Exclusives

Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) figures look similar to the Harutoki (遙かなる時空の中で) figures which were also made by Kotobukiya.

Love the dynamic pose! :D

I’ll wait till the final prototype is out before making my purchase decision. The great thing about this figure is that it means Harada Sanosuke will most probably get a figure too! YAY!

Update October 2011
Painted prototype revealed! He looks pretty close to the design.

I think he looks rather lovely! :D I’m glad the figure release date is postponed ^^;; but his release date clashes with that of Shiki from Togainu no Chi OTL;; So I won’t be rushing out to get Heisuke yet.

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23 thoughts on “Goods: Toudou Heisuke 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. @ponytale: military shiki … I want him so bad, but actual prices are a joke! TAT

    And Hijikata’s face is the one I like the most of the 3 boys released. I was a bit upset with Okita’s mouth when arrived, tha’s why I’m so afraid about Harada’a smile. Harada and Kazama are, from all six boys, the most sexy ssmmeeexxxyyy mens *blushes* with Sinpachi’s permission ehehe. I’d love to have those 3 MEN on my shelf *3*

    1. @izas: Can’t be helped since Military Shiki is out of print :-\ He was reissued once so if lucky, they may do it again?

      I see… let’s keep our fingers crossed that they do a good job on Harada!

  2. Heisuke is not one of my fave, but he looks incredible good, better than Saitou imo. His pose is very dynamic and long hair is a must! Another exclusive I’ll pass, but again, I’d love to have those Hakuouki boys here.

  3. @ponytale: I have to say that Todou is a lot better once painted, I’m really impressed, but this character isn’t my type, less for that price XXDD. Hope it happens the same for Harada *cross fingers* I really wanted Harada u.u

    If Harada ends up as he deserves and Kazama is released (plizzz *.*) I’ll re-consider having Todou to complete the set XXDD

    1. @izas: painted prototypes usually will do the sculpt more justice. It also made Hijikata look better too but I happen to dislike the pose ^^;; so I didn’t get him.

      Heisuke’s pose was fabulicious and the painted look beautiful. I also hope the same for Harada <3 Kazama will definitely be made since he is one of the mains. If his sculpt is based on the illustration that depicts him in a seat, wow it'll be just as hot as military Shiki.

  4. GAHH Heisuke gone handsome xD <33 he's still cute though <3 I hope they finish harada soon! OTL and I hope they dun mess up! Harada's got a killer smile and if they don't good a good job I'll sobs hard!

    1. @K.K yeah Heisuke looks much better than expected. Really love how his hair and hair band flows. Beautiful!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great looking Harada too.

    1. @izas: I think Heisuke looks pretty HOT to me XDD I’m quite happy with it.

      I think Harada looks good and I’m looking forward to the final painted prototype! Thanks for the heads up *smoochies*

  5. I assume you would write a post about the harada figure? OMG he looks like a crazy monkey in that one! Toudou is my least fave and I was looking forward to Harada and he looks HORRIBLE >_<

    1. @urusaiii: Is there an update I missed? D: Please give me the link to it! I really look forward to seeing his prototype! Hopefully he looks good enough for me to want him >_<

  6. He looks pretty cool but yep, waiting for the colored version :D.

    Omg, I can’t wait to see Harada! *____* I so want him. Since this version of the picture, I like that he’s smiling.

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