Goods: Toriumi Kousuke Personalised Voice Alarm Clock

Torikou orz;;; seriously tempting!

Title: Angel Alarm Clock homme Toriumi Kousuke 「天使の目覚し時計 homme」 鳥海浩輔
Price: 9,240 Yen (w/tax)
Preorder start: 18 August 2012 (Customise name cut-off date 15 September 2012) No cancellations allowed.
Official site:

Order direct:
You’ll need to use a Japanese buying service since they don’t ship international..

I managed to resist ordering the last 3 clocks. *_* Should I succumb to this one?

Next planned seiyuu is Toriumi Kousuke! The voice behind our BL game favourite Akira (Togainu no Chi) He also voiced characters including Saito Hajime (Hakuouki), Tetsuhiro Morinaga (Tyrant Falls in Love), Haruhiko Usami (Junjo Romantica), Guy (Ai no Kusabi) and Cecil Aijima (Uta no Prince-sama), Azuma Kouichi (Kimi to Boku), Wakamatsu Kosuke (Kuroko’s Basketball), Andy W. Hole (Aquarion Evol), etc. Oh my, too many to list :D

Have a listen to his voice in Saito Haijime’s voice clock in this post.

As usual, you can choose how you want Toriumi Kousuke to call you by when he wakes you up. There’s a name list the company provides but if you can’t find your name, you can submit it if you order before the cut-off date to be announced at the official site.

Important Note: This time they included a one-line disclaimer, saying that it is subject to maximum order quantity. If they reached the limit of extra names, they reserve the right to stop taking customised name submissions before 15 September 2012. So if you want it, you should submit early!

If you’ve ordered a voice clock before, it is possible to order only the SD card version (without the clock) from directly at a lower price but you’ll need a proxy service like to help you with it. Or hope that Comicomi opens preorder for SD card version :)

In this clock, Toriumi Kousuke voices 3 characters that you can pick to wake you up. There is one wake up voice for each season and a normal wake up voice pattern, so total of 15 voices to choose from as well as special voices like Oyasumi, etc.

Character bios! \(^0^)/

1) Heir of a traditional art gallery 老舗画廊の跡取り 28 years old.
He speaks coldly when others are around. He embarrassed to express how precious you mean to him (I think), 言葉は冷たいのに端々に実はとっても大切にしてくれているのが判るのがくすぐったい。
2) Dog trainer 犬の訓練士 19 years old.
He has the intention to take a firm and serious attitude when training dogs but ends up playing with them…^^;;
3) Graphic designer グラフィックデザイナー 26 years old.
As is he very confident of himself, he can sometimes be condescending but when he is gentle, he is extremely sweet. 自分のセンスに自信を持っているのでなんとなく上から目線なところがあるでも、優しい時はとっても甘い

List of names you can choose for Toriumi Kousuke to call you by (Standard list):

あい Aiあき Akiあけみ Akemi
あこ Akoあずさ Azusaあっこ Akko
あみ Amiあや Ayaあんな Anna
いっちゃん Iicchyanえっちゃん Ecchyanえみ Emi
えり Eriかおり Kaoriかこ Kako
かずこ Kazukoかずみ Kazumiかな Kana
かよ Kayoきい Kiiきみ Kimi
きょうこ Kyoukoくぅ Kuuくみ Kumi
けい Keiこぅ Kouさぁちゃん Saachyan
さこ Sakoさえ Saeさおり Saori
さき Sakiさっちゃん Sacchyanさゆり Sayuri
しぃちゃん Shiichyanしのぶ Shinobuしょうこ Shyouko
じゅん Jyunすみ Sumiせい Sei
せっちゃん Secchyanたぁちゃん Taachyanたかこ Takako
ちぃ Chiiちえ Chieちか Chika
ちゃこ Chyakoちよ Chiyoとうこ Touko
とこ Tokoとも Tomoなお Nao
なっちゃん Nacchyanなな Nanaのぶ Nobu
のり Noriはな Hanaはる Haru
ひろ Hiroふう Fuuまぁちゃん Maachyan
まい Maiまき Makiまさ Masa
まちこ Machikoまな Manaまみ Mami
まゆ Mayuまり Mariみい Mii
みえ Mieみお Mioみか Mika
みき Mikiみく Mikuみさ Misa
みち Michiみっちゃん Micchyanみどり Midori
みな Minaみほ Mihoみや Miya
みわ Miwaむっちゃん Mucchyanめい Mei
めぐ Meguもえ Moeやえ Yae
ゆい Yuiゆう Yuuゆうこ Yuuko
ゆか Yukaゆき Yukiゆみ Yumi
ゆり Yuriようこ Youkoよしこ Yoshiko
よっちゃん Yocchyanりえ Rieりか Rika
りっちゃん Ricchyanりょう Ryouれい Rei

Technical details:

1) Alarm 目覚し時計
– Can set up to 3 alarms.
– You can choose the voice you like or own music.
– 5 minute snooze.

2) Player. 2G memory
– Format: mp3・wma
– It can copy audio from your PC with USB cable.
– SD card usable
– Random play, sleep function.
– Sleep function between 10 to 60 minutes

3) Speaker
– Can be used as a speaker for PC and mobile phone with line-in cable.

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

25 thoughts on “Goods: Toriumi Kousuke Personalised Voice Alarm Clock”

  1. I am so sorry for the late reply! ;A; And I am fine~ Been busy with job hunting although I get distracted with twitter (and some other stuffs) most of the time. orz But I really hope I will get a job soon though. I hate it that I don’t have the money to help out my parents and spend on myself *cries*

    Also, Tori is probably the only seiyuu whom I won’t mind going to that extend for xD

    Ahh, I hope work won’t make you stressful! But it is understandable if you can’t update much because of work~ Cause work is much more important. I mean, if you don’t work, you won’t have the money to spend on merchandises, right? :D

    Speaking of updates, do you think it will be difficult or troublesome for you if you were to tweet whenever you update with new posts? I mean, if it is no trouble for you?

    Anyway, good luck with work ♥

    1. @RinRin: take care and good luck job hunting! :D hope you get a job you like and pays well.

      Yeah work is necessary indeed. Definitely need it for $$ to afford these goodies :3

      Sure I’ll tweet the posts when I can next time XD

  2. -head desk- Torikou… ;w; He is my number one favourite seiyuu (with capital letters cause I love him to pieces, hahaha~) and I didn’t even know about this. orz I don’t mind doing anything (sell my organs, sell my soul!) just to have this man wake me up and saying my name. LOL!
    Whoever has their names on the list are so lucky! XD (i saw my friend’s name.. can i just change my identity and swap names with her? hahahaha!)
    As expected, it is expensive. It would cost nearly $145 here! XD

    Anyway, I haven’t been here since forever! How are you Pony-san? I hope you are doing well~ [:
    /also, I used to go by the name lurker, hee~

    1. @RinRin: yeah it’s been awhile huh. School’s been busy? how are you too?

      Lol I won’t go to that extreme for anyone XD yeah I also envy those folks who have the standard names so that they can order it anytime they want :(

      Am very busy with work these few months, notice the lack of frequent updates? But can’t be helped orz;;

  3. @ponytale: missed you too sweetie!!! *cyber hug* thought I had subscribed for this blog post, so I kept waiting to get an email when replies were posted, which of course never happened since I forgot to subscribe xD good for you that u preordered it❣ I didn’t preorder the clock in the end cause other priorities arose suddenly & I had to prepay right away all my game preorders until 2013 – long story, but my cash flew away towards that direction xDDDD

    1. @Xenia: x_x Oh my… that sounds like a big sum of money! I hope everything works out ok for you dearie! I hope I won’t regret ordering the clock orz;;;

  4. Hi sweetie, it’s been a while!♡ I’ve been studying a lot,almost missed the news about Tori-chan’s clock xD But I’ve been stalking Comicomi for a week now and no preorder yet.kinda worried cause at this rate, I could miss the personalized name deadline. You think Comi might not offer preorders in time? Since they started offering SD versions at Comi, it’s really convenient to buy from them.

    1. @Xenia: Missed ya! *hugs* I’ve been busy with work too… and not have much time to update the blog (ToT) I have so many unfinished articles in my draft folder. I think it’s safer to use your proxy cos I’ve also been stalking to comicomi and no news of them opening preorder for Torikou yet.

    1. If the yen is back up to 120 yen/$1, then yes absolutely. I just got the Uta Pri kuji (entire set) I am so darn broke.
      I feel so sorry though coz he’s my first BL seiyuu… he’s after Tachibana and Sugita. If there’s a Tachibana one I would definitely get.
      I am playing the devil here and tell you to succumb. LoL.

    2. @urusaiii: well, you won. I succumbed *flails* /o/

      I have a list of BL seiyuu list where there’s my imaginary danna, lover etc lol~ Toriku is lover orz;;

  5. Ooh, thanks for sharing! Toriumi Kousuke is one of my fav voice actors, especially his drama cd roles. Could you possibly translate the order page so I might be able to buy it? Thanks so much!! ^^

  6. OMG, why so expensive >.<… My name is actually in the list, and I love Toriumi … must. have. this. but it's so expensive. aaargh~, dilemmaaa… Did you actually end up buying it?

    1. @Empjuhh: You’re so lucky! That means you can buy it when you have enough money :) For those of us who need customised names, we have to make a decision before the cut-off date (ToT) I haven’t ordered it yet. Kinda broke so I’m still considering.

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