Goods: Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion 2 (Sexy Akira)

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

The cushion has arrived XD

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

I thought I add chibi Akira for size comparison… The cushion is about the size of a usual pillow.

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

As I’m editing this photo, I realise that if you own 2 cushions, they are supposed to be placed like this side-by-side, as though Shiki and Akira are leaning on each other on the bed! imacatlover you are absolutely right about these cushions! We are “supposed” to buy a pair! The conspiracy!!!

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

The vacuum-packed cushions are flattened and were folded in half before shipping. They could fit into an EMS envelope! I think that really helped to save a bit on weight. After opening the plastic bag, I tried fluffing the cushion up but it doesn’t seem puff up very much ^^;;; But to look at it on the bright side, at least I don’t have to pay extra for shipping the cotton bits.

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

Additional cushion shot + close up of Shiki side.

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

Additional cushion shot + close up of Akira side.

The cushion’s material is nice, has a slight sheen and the print quality is very good too. Oh yeah… it smells nice and new too. You know sometimes printed cushions have a very diesel-like smell (probably because of the lower quality inks? I don’t know how to describe) but this one is out of the package and ready for hugging lol~ I’m a very happy gal X3

Omake shot of some other Togainu no chi goods that were shipped at the same time. The mini flag and phone straps are very cute and high quality! They are nice-to-have-items if you have extra $$$ to burn. Also from Animaxis ^^

Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion

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48 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu no Chi Jumbo Cushion 2 (Sexy Akira)”

  1. Just out of curiosity, how well do these cushions survive normal temperatures? How do you care for them? How often do you wash them if at all?

    1. @Cynthia: Thanks for dropping by! Well, so far so good! Having a little body heat fluffs them up nicely! Hmm I haven’t had the need to wash them yet so I can’t share my experience with that ^^;;; I think the material is of pretty good quality, so you probably can clean it like normal cushions you have.

    1. @m: The cushions are out-of-print at the moment but watch out for a possible re-release again when the anime airs in October ^^ I can’t wait too!

  2. I shall be forever jealous of you T^T

    Totally missed this one out because of my figure ore-orders and I’ve no extra cash to purchase non-figure goods (figures are always my priority so). Nyweis, I’m happy that you got your pillows in perfect condition :D

    1. kettenkrad: Gaa don’t be! *hugz* When the anime is released, I’m sure these cushions will make a comeback! Hopefully you’l have the budget to get them then! :3

  3. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Do you remember, I’ve already purchase a pillow…
    That SEA method option to Brazil… it was a looooong, long way to go, but the day finally came! Today, after 56 days, I’ve received my Akira / Shiki Cushion! I’m extremely happy, after all that time waiting, it has some special taste, a victory of patience and luck (for have not been lost in the way and no Customs! wow!!). Yaaayyyy for BL goods!

    1. @planck-chan: that’s awesome! It is beautiful right? XDD Must give it big big daily hugs! And thank goodness you don’t need to pay any custom tax. Yay~ fellow BL cushion gang lol~ keke

  4. Damnit, it didn’t show the first part of my text Dx it said:

    “Aww, I miss you too T__T It’s just that time goes by too fast, and that I’m loaded with stuff to do sometimes Dx But yay, I’m feeling great, though! My Lamento ring set has shipped two days ago (with help of the Tokyobuyers ^__^ <3) and I got the last set there is! Haa, I can't wait to have them *__* I'm so happy! *bounces*"

    It feels silly to paste the beginning at the end xD;;; Oh well…

    1. @imacatlover: Happy Birthday!!! XD That’s awesome news! I’m glad you got the rings… phew~ and they are the last pieces too!

      I’m very busy too, real life and work… Hahaha such a sweet comic! I love how plushie Akira goes all mushy and blushy! <3 Poor baby… Shiki is such an insensitive bastard XD That's a lovely angle to shoot Rai! Using it for your wallpaper? Makes me wanna own him too :3

      Yeah, Animaxis also requested for payment for the 1st pillow… OTL My bank account is struggling to stay alive. Anyway mum finally asked… Oh~ so you bought that pillow? I was like Yep! :3 *blink blink and acting normal* but I had Shiki side up so she didn't say anything else. But who knows if she turns it over when I'm not around LOL XD I'll probably make a joke out of it if my older cousins do come by but most likely, I'll hide the pillow like you do.

      I was pretty thrilled by Plushie Len cos he is just so cuute and then I opened Kaito… OTL Kaito plushie was rather disappointing…

      I'll try to slowly collect the whole set of TnC plushies as long as they don't go out of print. My favourite is definitely Gunji. He has the most awesome look!

      OHOHOH THAT EPISODE! I burst out laughing XD especially when Kagura sees that candle scene and runs away upset. Fortunately I watched it when I was at home. If not I’ll definitely get stares or I’ll die from trying to contain my laughter lol. Gintoki has the best of both worlds then lol~ Mmm, Hiji/Okita IS canon indeed but comparatively there are a lot less doujinshi about them :O

      Lol~ no worries… Hmm, now I wonder why not ONCE did I even try slashing the older guys in that anime ^^ But I find BL stories of older men can be quite attractive too like in Naono bohra's manga.

  5. Tahdaa! xD: The comic is finally made ^__^ Kinda lazy too imageshack right now, but will do that later! xD;; Glad you liked the other pics too! But my dad’s camera is not always that wonderful, though xD;; It tends to overlight a lot of things in my room, and when I make a photo of something shshinythe rest turns blurry ^^; I guess I use the contrast/lighting function in Photoshop waay to much, haha… It does make pretty pictures from time to time! I have a Rai piccy I totally love: His eyes look so lovely ( *///*) Haha, totally shameless picture showing here xDD;;;

    Yeah, first pillow is much thicker… If I knew where and how, I’d cocomplainbut I guess I need to know Japanese first, haha ^__^;; But it’s pretty sneaky, though. OpOpticallythe pillows look like they have the same amamountf fluff in them, but when you hold them next to the first pillow, and press both of them the same time, you’ll notice the first pillow is dedefinitelyturdier than the new ones. Oh well, they are great eyecandy though <3

    Haha, my room is mostly green, fresh, light and has two windows. I can't imagine giving that up for a wall of pillows xD I would also get claustrophobic in there. And yeah, I'm already hiding my pillows when my non-anime-loving friends come by; I don't want to see the looks on their faces when they see a lusty Len on my wall xD;; I have a friend who Believes, and everytime she visits unexpected, I'm like "Heeey! Nice to see you again! ^__^ Do you have a second? *runs upstairs to hide pillows and comes back out of breath* H-how are you doing @__@;;" My Shiki side is mostly on top too, but I guess that when I get my second pillow, they'll both be seen! Talking about the first pillow, I had to pay for mine yesterday @__@;; I thought they were coming out in June, but they are earlier than expected! Noooz, my money! D:

    I love that Len plushie so much! I need to buy a Kaito for him soon though. But yeah, he looks kinda… I dunno… Dreamily/fuzzy? His face could have been more perky, in my opinion, but I really like his coat, though! And I want more TnC plushies too *w* I've fallen in love with Kiriwar and Gunji, and I would love to have an Abrito one too! Also, Kurosuke looks awesome, and is very much want! I don't like Motomi, Rin, normal!Keisuke and Nano, though. The share the same Dreamily/fuzzy look that Kaito has. I like all characters though! xD

    Haha, have you seen the eppi yet xDD It involves a candle, Gintoki, a ninja and a very violent nurse ;D And yeah, Gintoki is totally bisexual xD I can easily slash him with everybody, cause his personality stays the same. Hiji/Okita is a more emotional pairing based on their youth, the competition between them, and the random killings for the lol xD

    Oh… Haha, now I just feel stupid, haha ^__^;; Sorry, my mind is a one track yaoi fangirl sometimes, and was already slashing old dudes together xDD;; I will need to look into it with other standards, though xD;

  6. PONYTAAAALEEE!!! ;___; Sorry it took me AGES to reply! Last week was pretty hectic for me with helping my parents with repainting my house and putting a new floor in! I’m so sorry I’m late again x( but I was very tired all week =__=;; Good thing is that I got the pillows, though (^ v^)//

    …Bad news was that the package cost me another 32 euro more, but oh well, I thought it would be around 40-50 euro, so I guess its alright ^__^;;

    I made piccies too! ^__^

    I was so fun to squish the pillows together, lol xD Though I totally miss a second pillow of the first cushion. And you are right, the pillows are indeed very flat .__.;; Even more so than the first pillow that I had. I hope they give the second first cushion the same amount of fluff as the one I got now… :T I mean, how am I supposed to give a bear hug to such flimsy pillow? I will make a comic of the pillows soon too, but I’ll have to find time for it first, though xD;;

    Yep, real Len fan here ^^; I got all the figure I know, but I’m always open for more. I was so happy that he got a plushie too *__* It was like a dream come true! And from GIFT no less. IMO, they make the best plushies out there <3 And yeah, I've heard of the tapestry way… sounds so tempting to buy that Len cover, and hang it to the wall… *__* But I think this would be the limit to my parents trange stares sometimes xD;; If I buy it, I'd hide it most of the time ^__^;; My parents are too curious. And man, you should put the Shiki sides on when your dad is around then xD; Luckily, my dad barely enters my room either, so I guess we're OK. And man… o___O That is one crazy Otaku room… I've proudly proclaimed my Otakuness for giggles to my friends, but I kinda hope I don't end up like that guy, though .__.;;

    Gintama is fun, no? xD And sometimes, I guess it has very slight bl hints in it too. I mean, have you seen eppi 67 part 2 yet? BEST SCENES EVER! xDD And Gintoki is very slashable, since he almost never flirts with other ladies ;) But the official dakimakura… I think Hibari's dakimakura is more sexy than Gintoki's one. If only Gintoki had his normal clothing on… *__* And I dunno, I guess I never saw the Hiji/Gin appeal since Hiji is already shipped with Okita in my headcanon xD; They'd be sexy, haha!

    Hmmm…. I guess the old men of Ristorante Paradiso look a little too old for my taste .__.;; If they are older than daddy, and are not secrectly bishiesfied, I kinda get aware of my own age (19 going on 20~!) and it's gets squicky… ^^;; I'm sorry!

    Yeah, I watched the episode *__* It was cute to see it animated, but I guess I like the original webcomic more. It has Chibitala give him a 'hug' that makes him acedently grab HRE's nipples xDDD And in the scene where HRE leaves Chibitalia to go to war, Chibitalia not gives him a dackbrush, but his panties xD It would have been so epic if they had animated that instead, but I guess it wouldn't make the show PG anymore xD;; And that deathscene of school days… *shudder* creepy…

    1. @imacatlover: sweetie, no worries! Tho I miss ya *hugs* Glad you’re doing great! *_* Gosh… that’s a hell lot to pay for taxes DX

      Awesome piccies!! <33 Hehee squishy ShiAki cusions look so cute. I can't wait to see your manga! Your camera is very good. It brings out the texture and colours of the cushions very well. My camera's processor works too hard to reduce colour noise and blurs out all the details :( and it is a built-in setting I can't change.

      Yeah, they're quite flat and not so nice to hug… two pillow's thickness is just right tho' Would be nice if they kept to the same quality to the first pillow. :-\

      Lol, I guess if we don't want to have such an otaku room, we won't. I like natural light and air in my room. That otaku room is too claustraphopic for me *_* Actually I would be embarrassed to put a sexy tapestry up on the wall too X3 and so, my Shiki side is always on top lol~ I have a nephew and niece who come by too although they are probably too young (3~5 years old) to know what's sexy or not XDD I love what they did with Len's plushie… they could've made a better-looking Kaito tho. I regretted getting him after I got him =_= Anyway I want to collect all the TnC plushies eventually XD

      Gintama is fun, no? xD And sometimes, I guess it has very slight bl hints in it too. I mean, have you seen eppi 67 part 2 yet? BEST SCENES EVER! xDD And Gintoki is very slashable, since he almost never flirts with other ladies ;) But the official dakimakura… I think Hibari's dakimakura is more sexy than Gintoki's one. If only Gintoki had his normal clothing on… *__* And I dunno, I guess I never saw the Hiji/Gin appeal since Hiji is already shipped with Okita in my headcanon xD; They'd be sexy, haha!
      Yep, I'm glad I have my ipod so that I can watch Gintama on the go hehe… I'm finally now up to 125 episodes. Have to go dig out episode 67… I can't remember what happened. Gintoki is very slashable indeed. Although he was shown to nosebleed when he saw a girl changing clothes, he doesn't otherwise seem romantically interested in all the other women he meets. Hibari dakimakura definitely looks better than Gintoki's. Yeah, it'll be nice to have a Gintoki normal clothing dakimakura XD Ah~ that's true Hiji/Okita can be a good pair too keke

      Oo~ No worries hehe you don't have to apologise. In Ristorante Paradiso I find the appeal for me is the pure "gentlemen-ness" the older men displayed. Not in the sexual sense kekeke that's why I loved it :3

      Hahaha <3 Chibitalia XD Poor HRE… it is such a bittersweet love story lol.

  7. I can buy the straps online, right? I wish I could, but I don’t have a bank account (yet!) despite being 17 already! *fails*

    That’s it, when I get my own bank account, I’ll go online and buy them right away! Ossu!!!

  8. i would love to have an akira and shiki on my bed, but my parents would probably think i’m crazy and my older sis would take photos of it and spread it to our relatives.. @_@

    awww i wish i can buy the phone straps… i’m a sucker for those.

    1. @hiroshichan: Eek evil sister *_* maybe buy and hide it somewhere XD so far no comment from my parents lol~ Ooo… the phone straps are still available, right? Go grab em! They’re very cute!

  9. Well, that explains everything! xD

    Message sans pointy bracket things (d’oh):

    Must Akira always look so smexy? And WILLING?!?!
    Awesome pillow! Almost makes me wish I had ordered both pillows! Then I remember the price. Hurrr ~_~
    Still haven’t heard from Animaxis about the first pillow though :x

    I went and also bought that dakimakura cover of Len and Kaito on eBay………….@_@
    Seeing it was the first time I understood anime nosebleeds. I never even liked Kaito before but now I am happy my friend gave me the Kaito Petite Nendo for free /mancrush
    I used to make fun of dakimakura owners, now I will own 1.5! Ridiculous.

    1. @littlemonster: The first pillow’s reissue won’t be so soon… around August ^^ which is great cos I can spread my expenditure a little. All these pre and current orders are killing me! DX

      Lol~ I also thought the idea of a dakimakura for otaku is a silly idea until I became one myself. ^^;;; Enjoy your smexy dakimakura! Ah~ Kaito. I’m not a big fan either but he IS kinda cute ^^ I’m still hoping to buy a full sized Nendoroid Kaito below 5000Yen which is almost impossible now. I thought they would reissue him like Miku but I was wrong. I should have bought him when I had the chance but I was broke. I’m hoping they make Gackpoid too.

  10. That was weird, it only posted the first line and the last two characters or my message………O.o

    ->Must Akira always look so smexy? And WILLING?!?! >._>

    1. @littlemonster: that’s because you used the pointy brackets… wordpress has a problem reading it correctly hehe. Well, Akira is the overall uke! That’s why lol~ anyway in this ending he becomes slutty so yeah… that’s why he’s so willing XD

  11. Aaaah. Even if I don’t know anything about Togainu, I’m tempted to buy these even just for display. *must resist, must resist* I need to save for my AmiAmi package..

    1. @Luvi: That’s true XD I don’t spend as much money on clothes or jewellery either but food ah~ I find it hard to resist kekeke

      @banoni: I have a preorder for Natsume PVC from Amiami too ^^ hehe anyway, do save up for viewfinder bedsheets in case they come up. Planck-chan told me that they maybe selling them at b-boy’s website soon!

  12. Well on the bright side, at least we’re spending on things we’d love and treasure in the long run. Unlike clothes. Or jewelry. …Or food. XD;

    Hurrr. Sure~ 8D Just poke me when you get back or something. :3

    Have fun!

  13. lol, it’s too late to turn back the minute I got my debit card 4 years ago. XD;
    Oh, that’s a good idea! :D Or, we could start a petitioning for them to sell the older (and more awesome) set. XD

    1. @Luvi: I’m pretty much a gone case too lol~ ah… the amt of money I could have saved *sigh*

      Let’s do that ^^ I’m going for a short vacation… catch up with you on that when I’m back keke.

  14. XD I don’t know if I should be considered lucky, honestly. It just means that I’d succumbed to the evils of online shopping at a really young age.

    I want to write in, but I’m afraid my grasp of Japanese isn’t really up to standard yet. OTL

    1. @Luvi: lol~ and maybe it’s too late to turn back now that it’s even easier to do so XP Hmm or maybe we can try writing in English and hope that they can understand XD

  15. haha, thanks~ :D
    It was supposed to look like an octopus sitting in an ice cream cup, but I kinda failed. orz

    The set in their shop is different from the ones I bought.
    I prefer the old set with the 6 different scents. Now it’s just Shiki and Akira’s ;3; If they had Rin’s scent, I’d buy it straight away. XD

    I’d get the interior set if they had a Rai only pillow. ;3; *hopeless fangirl*

    1. @imacatlover: Icic, I think it happens naturally for billingual folks XD

      Yeah, usually it’s the double angular brackets cos HTML uses mainly those two brackets for the code. But recently wordpress seems to be able to replace them automatically with the alternative code. But maybe it still fails sometimes.

      Well, he looks identical to white shirt chibi Akira and his blue-striped shirt looks perfect too ^^ I’m lucky to get the striped one in my second box but I only display white shirt Akira which I opened from my first box keke that’s why I didn’t notice the blue base.

      Hmm I guess we’re lucky in a way with EMS cos it passes customs quite quickly… unless if the total value of the items are more than S$400, then we need to pay customs tax *_* which I had to… twice when I first started buying online goods and didn’t know the max limit. The PAIN of $$$ flying away DX

      Yeah, and we wouldn’t have so much fun identifying with how Haruhi feels about those rich kids lol~ XD

      You’re a Len fanatic XD lol~ Good thing that although there aren’t many Len figures, those that are available are all very well made. Well, many otakus just hang their dakimakura covers on the wall like a tapestry ^^ Mmm mum didn’t say anything but dad hasn’t seen it. He doesn’t come into my bedroom XD But this Akira is still rather mild, you know? The 1st design is more provocative. Gaa~ buy a new comfy pillow! XD I’ll try not to use my sexy cushion as a pillow cos I perspire easily *_* hugging is still okie :D Speaking of dakimakura for otaku guys… check out this video:

      I only started watching Gintama recently, so I’m rather late in the fandom. And amazingly, there were offical Gintama dakimakura… never knew that. There’s an official Hibari one for Reborn too but nothing sexy about it. I like Gintoki/Hijikata pairing cos they can be reversible and lots of fire and sparks between the two XD As for Gintoki/Shinpachi pairing I can only see an uke Shinpachi and he’ll definitely be the naggy okaasan type which is cute too.

      yes~ mister gentlemen is sexxaay~ If you like this, check out the anime Ristorante Paradiso. Many mature/older sexy men XD Good story too. Chibitalia is such a cutie. I wish there were more Chibitalia episodes!!! Even the character song for Roman Empire is a love song for Chibitalia… The recent swimming episode was hilarious! The Zetsubo is quite cute but kinda boyish-girly! And this Lulu is way too girly for me XD I also didn’t watch School Days anime but heard a lot about it. I youtubed that death scene too. *_* Hardcore.

      @Luvi: Nono… it looks really cute! <3

      Icic, you're so lucky! XD Rin is my fav character too. Youth Rin is cute but grown-up Rin is megadelish~

      Did you try writing in to request for it? You never know if they'll take our suggestions into consideration.

      I'm a Asato fan tho I also like Rai. ^^

  16. Yeah, I always type my comments on notepad first too. I always spellchecker what I wrote cause sometimes I tend to mingle some Dutch into my English ^__^ Like zaturdag (zaterdag) instead of Saturday. Hurr, it’s what I get with switching all the time xD But I think I know why my comments show up half sometimes. The problem is my overuse of the ‘>’ and the ‘<'. My guess is that it srews up the HTML :( That's sad for me, cause I like to abuse that sign for my hearts and the sidewards glancing versoin of ^__^ Oh well *shrug*

    xD Hee, you can see it that way too I guess! At first, I was a little bit scared that I might have gotten bootleg or a figure that had been painted by the seller, but with the shiney "Lucky you, you won a special figure" I can only think of it as a small mistake. I bought him for the shirt anyway!

    My cushion hasn't arrived yet, and it's still waiting for those slow bastards to be checked. My guess it that I will have them on Wednesday if I'm lucky. I'm already saving up for Customs fees, cause ima 100 percent sure I'll be paying those slowpokes too while I'm at it… =__=;;

    Haha, I always did feel a little but sorry for Haruhi, cause she was common xD But if she wasn't, Tamaki and the crew wouldn't have so much fun with pampering her, and going to the mall xD

    Ohh, I see :3 I guess we should also be kinda lucky with being girls. At least we don't have to pay huge amounts of money for girl dakimakura like some guys must do xD Luckily, the dakimakura for girls are still somewhat affordable. Though, the only downside is that most things are limited :/

    Haha, I think my mother has seriously jinxed my pillow. I was always sleeping perfectly fine on it, when she commented that my pillow was too hold, and that I'd probably get an hernia if I change it, and from that moment T__T I'll need to find a new one soon… or sleep on Akira… or do both! xD And ouch, I have that too sometimes… It really kills even more f you then find out you have school in ten minutes D':

    Hehe, it nice no? *__* Leeennnn *swoon* I wonder if I should buy him. It's not the quality I'm worried about, but where the heck am I going to put him?! xD My parents can stand the Togainu pillows, but a huge Len pillow…? Then again, they know about my love for Len… With every new figure they're like "Oh, it's that kid again!" How did your parents react the the Togainu pillow, btw? xD

    And lol, I'd kill for a sexy Gintoki! It doesn't have to be official, as long as it shows more chest of that lovable dork ;) I like Hiji, but I've never liked to couple him to Gintoki, though. Gin has way more dynamic with Shinpachi, but since Shinpachi isn't that popular, the pairing isn't either :(

    Oho, I like you mister gentlemen *3* He completely blows Gintoki away! (I always liked manga style better than anime style) But yeah, I guess Gin needs to stay PG, since the show is not for mature audiences ^__^;; I guess one of the links said that the art was original?

    Hee! Chibitalia was the cutest of all! Poor Roman Empire, that poor kid always almost gets an heart attack when he sees 'her' panties xD And man, I just googled that death scene… it was not pretty… well, for what I've seen anyway ^__^;; Half of the vid had me shielding my eyes. I'm a wuss when it comes to blood and sharp pointy things *shiver* Now that I look back at Lulu, he is indeed kinda girly .__.;; Zetsubo looks manlier that him, but just only a bit xD

  17. ^^ thanks for the link, I’ll try then with the online shop. ^^ I have been buying takoubon and artbooks only, but goods are just sooo “good” ^^ ! May be I should get myself something the next time I go shopping.

    I’m in Japan for my exchange year of university. But only for one year T____T I wish I could stay longer !

    1. @Luvi: Ah~ same material? XD btw I really love your tako ice icon hehe

      Hmm that’s true. Anything TnC will get everybody’s attention. Cash cow! But thankfully they do put out stuff with Lamento and now sweet pool along with certain goods ^^

      Wow u bought 4!!! I’ve been really curious about the perfumes ever since I saw them cos they’re still on sale at their online shop. *_* Pity we can’t transmit scents over the internet.

      Well, the closest we can get to a Lamento cushion was the cushion cover included in their interior set that was released previously. You can still get it from and it pops up in Yahoo JP auctions too ^^ I missed out on the TnC interior set tho’

      @dashlove: That’s great! Happy shopping! XD Well, you never know, maybe you get an opportunity to extend your stay or go back! Life is always full of surprises. Have fun!!!

  18. Oooh, so it’s probably the usual fabric they use for dakimakura then. 8D

    Hmm, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. :/

    They’ve been churning out merchandise for Togainu no Chi because it’s really popular and thus would make them a whole ton of money in a really short time. XD There’re a ton of merchandise unique to this series out there.

    A good example would be Aroma of Blood, the line of perfumes they released back in 2006 (I think). I’ve been waiting for a Lamento counterpart for years. ;A;
    It was really well made; I snatched up 4 sets as soon as I could. And I only had the heart to use only one so far. XDDD;

    …Well, unless it /was/ released but I missed it somehow. >A<

  19. Hi~!

    Thanks for leaving a comment over at my blog. :D

    I actually bought those Togainu no Chi pillows, too! XD
    Do you have any idea what material are the pillows made of?
    I bought them as a gift for a friend and had it sent directly to her from Japan so I never got to molest them. ;_; I kinda regret not buying a pair for myself now.

    Now if only they’ll release pillow for Lamento too. *3*

    1. @Luvi: Hi! Thanks for dropping by too! The package doesn’t include any information about the material, so I don’t know it’s name. My camera somehow couldn’t pick up the details so I can’t show you a photo DX I’ll try my best to describe it: the material has a slight sheen/shine and it seems just a tiny bit stretchable and it is not completely smooth/flat type of cloth but has a nice texture.

      Oh my! You were that close to molesting them lol~ mmm well, you never know. Since these cushions are so popular, I think they might want to cash in for the rest of their works too.

  20. Ah, the site ate some of my text!

    @ponytale Thank you! ^__^ I only recently found out my rare!Akira has the wrong base, though xD He’s supposed to have a blue base, while mine is red. A manufacture mistake, I think :/ They’ve been reproduced a lot by now, so I’m not surprised xD

    Ah, right! I had no idea how it was called in English, but it sounded right! xD Too bad it comes so quickly after Queensday! It’s no wonder we don’t have it. It already falls into May vacation xD

    Oh, that really helps a lot! :3 *nodnod* I always wondered why some dakimakura were so freakishly expensive, while others were not. I first thought it was all about the character that was on it, but some dakimakura’s were still cheap, while I thought a pretty popular character was on it. And lol, I never knew they compared Haruhi with a blolster xD Poor her! (pun intened, lol)

    Hmmm… smells like a conspiracy… :/ I hold my (normal) pillows intiminately too in my sleep, and sometime wake up with one HELL of a neckstrain! Like this moring… ouch! T__T

    Haha, isn’t it?! xD I already had some info about it, since I robbed another Len fan of their money by buying it for themselves, so I already knew the quality was good xD But that review also really helps. It at least shows a lot more detailed pictue than that tiny Kaito on the ebay screen. But, being the Len fan-nerd that I am, I did manage to find a full view piccy of Len ;) (don’t mind the adds though =__=;;)

    Man, that Gintama bed sheet D: I could have sworn that I saw an image of Gintoki and Hiji seperatly, but now they’re shooped together?! Ah, too ad I’m too much of a Gintoki/Shinpachi (probably the only once who ships them!) too like it, I guess ^__^;; And Gintoki, you’re PJ’s are very ugly… I want more chest ;w; *feels like a perv* Where is that adult man dakimakura from? :3 His PJ’s own Gintoki’s xD

    *___* Yes, more Len/Kaito dakimakura’s!! And Zetsubo… I don’t even like the show, but I want! *¬* Love the Hetalia ones too, cause Germany is frigging sexy, but danm… That Lelouch… *melts* I do wonder why there is a dead person dakimakura… o___o;;

    1. @imacatlover: Oh dear o_o you know I’ve become paranoid about comments disappearing, I usually type them on a Notepad first, then copy and paste into the reply box, then finally hit the reply button.

      OH that’s right! Blue shirt Akira has a different colour base! I didn’t notice that… Now you have the rarest chibi Akira XD Can’t wait for you guys to get your cushions too~ Sexy cushion Nakama-tachi XD

      Oh nono.. I meant Tamaki and the other hosts (those rich and priviledged kids XD) always refer to Haruhi as a “shomin”, cos she is “common folk”, just everyone of us lol~

      Yeah, so I guess beside the character, the material and quality of the dakimakura dictates the price ^^

      Gaa~ *massages ya neck* that’s terrible. Once I woke up with neckstrain cos somehow my head didn’t rest completely on my pillow sometime during the night. Only half my head was on it and my neck area was suspended in mid-air lol till the morning OTL;;; Well, I think full-sized bolster definitely feels comfy with our arms and legs wrapped around it. When I put it upright, it stands up to my waist <3

      That's a high quality Len pic XD I think it's good enough to print as a banner/poster! You're right! Gintoki and Hijikata bedsheets have their characters printed separately. Those are the official bedsheets! The couple photoshopped one isn't. Hmm… Gintoki/Shinpachi isn't as popular :O You see tonnes of Gintoki/Hiji doujinshis but not many Gintoki/Shinpachi ones.

      That's the "gentleman" dakimakura lol~ His poses and expressions are sexier than Gintoki's too. But Gintoki isn't supposed to be sexy in that way XD I also don't know where it came from. Most likely a character drawn by a mangaka cos the style looks very familiar.

      YES Hetalia ones are so awesome! I think Germany's is darn sexy and Italia's is so cuuuute! Hehehe that dead person dakimakura is from an anime where that main male character was infamously hacked to death, it's School Days anime if I'm not wrong. Lulu's is so smex… nosebleeds but a little too girly. Same for Zetsubo too. DX

  21. @ponytale Thank you! ^__^ I only recently found out my rare!Akira has the wrong base, though xD He’s supposed to have a blue base, while mine is red. A manufacture mistake, I think :/ They’ve been reproduced a lot by now, so I’m not surprised xD

    Ah, right! I had no idea how it was called in English, but it sounded right! xD Too bad it comes so quickly after Queensday! It’s no wonder we don’t have it. It already falls into May vacation xD

    Oh, that really helps a lot! :3 *nodnod* I always wondered why some dakimakura were so freakishly expensive, while others were not. I first thought it was all about the character that was on it, but some dakimakura’s were still cheap, while I thought a pretty popular character was on it. And lol, I never knew they compared Haruhi with a blolster xD Poor her! :3 I do wonder why there is a dead person dakimakura… o___o;;

  22. @ponytale CONSPIRACY INDEED, YES!

    Hee~! You mean you haven’t pressed them together yet yourself?! xDD It would surely be my first reaction! Like “*___* Ohhhh…. *squshysqushysqushy* x3” I already have some idea’s for a comic involving the cushions, though I still need to look if I can visualize the pictures/plot I have in mind ;3 It will probably have either have my AkiShiki plushies in it, or like you, y-shirt!Akira coin figure and his new twin, Blue!y-shirt!Akira <— thanks to planck-chan who told me were to buy it ^w^

    Ah, it's Workers day, or something at the first of May, no? :3 Lucky that you got it before them! Or else you'd have to wait for the weekend to be over too =__=;;

    I'm kinda happy with the sizes of the pillows, though ^__^ Of course, I wouldn't mind a dakimakura, but they take in a lot of space! Plus, I thinkt the looks of my parents would be even worse if they saw a huge sexy pillow on my bed xD It's indeed kinda unfair, though. We need more sexy pillows of more show! I can already start of Lamento (Rai/Konoe pillow, YES!), Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!, Kyou Kara Mao, Gintama, Vocaloid (Although there IS a yummy Len/Kaito dakimakura I've had my eyes on for a long time and man, the list just goes onnnn…. *A*

    1. @planck-chan: yeah I agree… SIGH *joins planck-chan in Fujioka Haruhi mode* Speaking of which, check out imacatlover’s ebay link above. I saw Gintama bedsheets! lol~

      @imacatlover: woo~ cuuutie! XD That’s a very lovely shot of chibi Akiras! <3 Nitro Chiral for making them! I didn't press the cushions together hehe I love to see what cute ideas you have for them!

      Yep it's Worker's Day but we call it Labour Day. Ah~ lucky! XD

      I have a bolster (which is the shomin (庶民)/common people's version of a dakimakura and costs way less. LOL planck-chan's mention of Ouran made me think of using this word that Tamaki and the rest of the rich kids always use to describe Haruhi. So that's why I'm used to hugging a bolster than a cushion. Apparently, it's said that using a dakimakura/bolster is good for sleeping posture and spine health! (But who knows if this is another medical conspiracy to sell more of these things lol) I'm very happy with the cushion too XD Just very greedy kekeke

      That's an awesome looking Len/Kaito dakimakura! I wonder how the quality is like and found this review post about that exact same dakimakura! Check it out!

      And LOL for this Gintama bedsheet too XD Pretty clever hehe. I think this "adult man" dakimukura looks sexy

      uwa found more *_* Check this blog out!

  23. @ponytale Sadly no! It’s damn expensive, not only the price itself, but you’ll need a proxy to buy it, and don’t forget the shipping fees arrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Asami waiting on bed is still an exclusive bliss for Takaba (and some rich Japanese bastards ** Fujioka Haruhi mode on **)

  24. So yours arrived! Congrats!!!! They’re very, very, very, very, very, very smexy, it’s dangerous drooling at them hahahaha. Or worse, nosebleeding all over them XDDDD Gosh, I can’t keep my eyes from Akira and some yummy parts of him *aham hmm* But Shiki is gorgeous, I’ll have problems cos I only bought one pillow! So what side to display will be a sweet issue to me! But the conspiracy is for real, if I could I’d also buy two!
    Animaxis sent the item fast, but it’s in its long way to my country, seeing your pics (and imacatlover’s when hers arrive) comforts me, and at same time makes me more anxious to receive mine! And I’ve bought those stickers, lovely chibis in kimono!
    Yeah, a TnC dakimakura would be the best thing to hug evaaaa! (I mean thing, not human hahaha)
    But do you know something about Asami and Fei Long sheets that will be sold on May 10th at ? Really expensive (8400 Y), only 100 copies, but can you imagine Asami on your bed? with Fei-Long at his side? **nosebleeding too much** I read about it at LJ Yamane Ayano community, it’s on Be.Boy GOLD, but don’t know much more than this….

    1. @planck-chan: XD yeah! Hopefully you get yours (and one more extra one) real soon! Although I’ll love to put Akira’s side but he is just too smexy… I have no choice but to put Shiki side up… to prevent weird looks ^^;;; I think you’ll love the stickers! I really really wish for a full-sized smexy dakimakura *prays*

      Wow I’ll love to have those Viewfinder bedsheets. I saw the pictures of the previous release before. They’re mega sexy and best of all, life-sized! But only 100 copies? Even if it is 8400Y, I think they’ll still be sold out in a flash :( Thanks for the update! Are you going to try getting it? :O

  25. omg thank you for the nice pics!*Q*
    It makes me very impatient now lol. Can’t wait to hug pillow when i get it! The artwork i love especially of akira. Does it say anywhere who drew it?
    The charms are very cute!! ;o;

    1. @dashlove: Thanks for dropping by! You’re so lucky to be in Japan! XD Are you studying or working there? Well, there are Animate stores in Kyoto, so they should carry these Nitro+Chiral goods unless they were sold out. Animate usually put up these goods on their website for pre-order/sale before the actual release date. Depending on the popularity of the goods, sometimes they get sold out very fast. Eg, Animate online store doesn’t ship internationally but they definitely ship to Kyoto since it is within the country.

      I bought mine from which is an online store based in Japan but ships internationally ^^

      @imacatlover: YES, THE CONSPIRACY! Gaa~ please shoot your pressing together version XD I want to see what yummy ideas you have for these lovely cushions lol~

      I’m glad I got it yesterday too! Cos 1st May is a holiday here… if it was delayed for a day or if I wasn’t home to receive it, I would have to wait till next week DX I hope you get yours today!

      Yeah chibi Akira’s sideway glance towards Shiki cushion is perfect! Such a cutie <3 Icic… you have a good point. Cos they're kinda flat even when fluffed up so the pics don't look distorted. I really wish they give us full-sized dakimakura now that I have this jumbo cushion. You know, I have my arms full when I hug it but my legs feel lonely OTL;;; But *cough*, yeah I can use the other one for the legs but… you just can't beat a full sized one that the male otakus get to have :(

      @sigma: Yeah animaxis shipped them real quick! XD EMS is great! (If you're at home to receive it that is XP)

      It wasn't printed on the cushions but I think the artist should be 山田外郎 Yamada Uirou (? probaby a pseudonym) who did the recent Lamento drama cd covers and valentine/white day wallpapers.

      Yep, the charms are really nice. If you have $$$ to spare, I would recommend it more than the mini flags ^^

  26. OMG, I knew it!! *___* The conspiracy! They’re leaning against each other, and homg, I hadn’t even thought of that! (I thought more of pressing them together but this is even BETTER! *v*)

    They look absolutely handsome! I’m happy you got yours already! Mine are already in the Netherlands, but still await presentation to customs commissioner -__-;; They might have been here today, if today wasn’t Queensday (a huge Dutch holiday, were we all party and celebrate the birthday of the mother of the queen), and everything wasn’t closed today T__T;; I’ll probably will have to wait to either Monday or Tuesday if I’m unlucky orz

    But wow *__* Shiki is sooo sexy! And lol at the chibi Akira with all of his cute hearts xD And yeah, the pillow does not fluff up really well, no? The first cushion didn’t do that either, but I think this is because Shiki and Akira would get an all fisheye effect if they were REALLY fluffy. That, or they really wanted us to buy two, to maximize the huggle effect xD Conspiracy…. conspiracy…

  27. hey hello ^^
    your pillows are very sexy !!!! ^^ Thanks for the tip ! The Akira in the pillows is really hot ^^ !

    If you don’t mind, may I ask you a question ? where did you buy those gooddies ? Via internet or directly in store ? I’m living in Kyoto, Animated in Kyoto does not have anything like this ^^””’ !!
    To be honest, I’m more interested in the picture than the actual pillows, I love the character design of Nitro+chiral games !!! <33333333333

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