Goods: Togainu no Chi Coupling x Figure Collection Pre-order

New Togainu no Chi figures are available for pre-order!

1) Togainu no Chi Coupling x Figure Collection Vol 1

2) Togainu no Chi Coupling x Figure Collection Vol 2

Some specs for both sets:
There are 8 designs + 1 secret
Each figure is 3cm tall
You can make the pairing you like -Hold Hands- as shown in the pics LOL~ X3

Looking at the pictures, I personally prefer the character designs in Vol 2 ^^ Gunji and Rin are so cute XD Gunji is my fav here for the hoodie, hair and the maniac smile kekeke

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38 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu no Chi Coupling x Figure Collection Pre-order”

  1. I have an faint impression of that but I can’t remember the story. I think Jimmy Lin sang the title song.

    Yah… she is so slim to begin with. The ad is not convincing at all.

  2. Do you know the movie Butterfly and Sword? It’s one of my fave. Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, Jimmy Lin are also there.
    I watched the movie in local TV, alone. I think i remember how Tony Leung looked like back then.

    Yea and Fann is also image person for a certain slimming product called Trim X or sort of. Ha Ha how come eh? she’s already so slim.

    Thanks will wiki the Bai she Zhuan.

  3. Yup, the 90s was the Tsui Hark era ^^ Jet Li was really fantastic in those movies like Fong Sai Yuk, Wong Fei Hong XD

    The Green Snake/White Snake ending is not a happy one :( The Chinese name is Bai She Zhuan 白蛇传 Tale of the White Snake.

    The Fann Wong drama is probably a collaboration between the countries TV stations. She looks pretty, as usual lol~

  4. Yea local TV loves to repeat movies, i’m lucky to be able to watch so many Jet Li’s movie.

    HaHa i think Tsui Hark is rich in ideas. isn’t he the one who develop martial art scenes with many stairs for Jet Li movies?
    His tentacle idea definitely not from hentai. XD

    Do you the end of green snake and white snake? I dunno the folktale name in Chinese until now.

    Ugh i forgot, just watch the first episode and the not much info. I don’t even know if it’s HK/Taiwan or SG production.
    Does SG have martial art or chinese folktale dramas?

  5. Local TV used to repeat the movie quite often but those are the few movies I don’t get sick of. I still remember watching it on the small telly with my family in the living room with all the lights turned down while I was a kid. It was nice :3 And we see Wu Ma (the Taoist exorcist with the big burly guy with the beard hehe) chanting/singing “Dao Dao Dao Dao Dao” as he fights the Tree Spirit with the super long, elastic and slimy tongue lol~ wah… I wonder where Tsui Hark got the tentacle idea from hahaha or was it vice versa XD *thinking evil thoughts*

    Yup, Maggie is the green snake. Joey Wong is the white snake. It was quite an interesting take on the folktale ^^

    Was the actor who played the scholar that Fann Wong’s white snake character married Christopher Lee?

  6. Wah lao, i know that movie also from local TV. Not exactly my favorite but quite least i’m able to remember it.

    Ha? there’s a movie version on it with Maggie? man, i’m so late.
    White Snake series w/ Fann Wong is aired here (2002) in local channel, some of male friends i know were watching it thanks to Fann.

  7. I should think so. I’ve not read the manga tho’

    Sam Pek Eng Tay? Hmm… doesn’t sound familiar hehe. Yea, its a surprised right? He also directed the Chinese Ghost Story starring Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong. One of my fav movies hehe.

    Oops I don’t remember anything about the Madam White Snake series that stars Fann Wong :P I watched the movie, Green Snake that starred Maggie Cheung tho’ keke.

  8. I came across Hanazakari book years ago in local Kinokuniya. it’s an old stuff right?

    Butterfly Lovers? i think i’ve known that as Sam Pek Eng Tay.
    I know the Nicky Wu and Charlie Yeung ver. but dunno the director is Tsui Hark, i thought dude only directed martial-art movie.
    Yea it’s rather touching and so far it’s the only version i know.

    Do you know the Madam White Snake series? The series have many version, one of them played by Fann Wong.
    I never get to watch the series until the end, either too long or i’m just bored.

  9. *fufufu okie XD

    I think if it were an anime, I might have been more forgiving :P

    A close girl x boy story would probably be Hanazakari no Kimitachi e where the girl dresses up as a boy to go after her crush. That’s a not new premise but at least it makes things little more interesting cos of the gender issues involved.

    The mother of such plotlines would probably be the traditional China folktale Butterfly Lovers (Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai) Since olden China doesn’t allow women to attend school, the girl dresses up as a boy in order to do so. She becomes good friends with a male student there. The student finds himself falling for his best friend whom he thinks is a boy… The Tsui Hark HK movie version, starring Nicky Wu and Charlie Yeung was rather touching and well-done. ^^

  10. well, lets start dig ideas for our european x harajuku costume.
    if came across something interesting about it i will let you know by text msg or e-mail.
    (blog is too public for costume project. it’s suppose to be shhh secret)

    Nope. not harsh at all. I like reading that statement becoz it echoed mine.
    They probably good looking at stylish blah blah (the haircut become trend) but their acting are unnatural. Their management has done a fabulous job in building up their image etc etc but for me their just a ‘passing-idol’, i’m not going to remember them in the next 10 years (well, maybe a little)
    and the series…oh the series is an absolute boring. Rich boys and a poor girl, the usual formula in different faces and my heart is not melting becoz of it.
    It will good, if the plot is girl x boy, than the other 3 have BL conflict hahaha…

  11. That sounds like a great idea! ^^ Keep me posted!

    Ah~ icic that’ll be quite a sight to behold! XD I rather like your idea with the European / Harajuku style design :D

    They couldn’t act either. Maybe a bit harsh since it was their debut but it was quite painful to watch. There are tens of thousands of fans, including some of my friends lol~ but I was immediately turned off in the first few minutes. I probably should give it a few more episodes before I judge it but I had better things to do lol~

  12. The Expo will be held in Jakarta, i live in Bandung ( 2 hours away from Jakarta) and i usually stay in parent apartment during my stay in Jakarta.
    I suggest that you stay in a nearby hotel (of my parent apartment) so we can go to expo together and go home together. To make things easier i’m going to do some check next week.

    Nice name is Kohaku Indonesia.
    The expo is like magnet to Indo-cosplayers…surely there will be hundreds cosplayers from all-over Indo.
    OHSHC is good but designing our own costumes is also great. we can start by collecting ideas from websites. let me know what you think ^^
    but no heavy or multi-layered costume becoz it will be very uncomfortable and not easy for you to travel with that kinda costume.
    Maybe we should have those European costume modified in Harajuku style to make it simple but wild.
    Well, ideas will come XD

    Nope. F4 guys are not my taste, especially the guy name Vanness (too dandy)
    I didn’t watch the series too. it’s a long series with 4 guys and a girl and none of them is BL doesn’t sound interesting.

  13. Hmm just checked… no direct Airasia flights from SG to Jakarta. The closest is M’sia JB ^^ The overall costs should be cheaper than Lufthansa but it is definitely more convenient to fly direct from here. Hehehe is the expo near any hotels? The travel info links of the official expo website are dead ^^”

    Yeah cos I don’t want to be a bother in case you’re busy hehe o~ but I can help around too ^^ since we’ll be at the expo to grab plastic bags anyway *sweatdrop* lol~

    If we cosplay, we can make ourselves useful lol~ and be walking mascots for your company. We can give out flyers/brochures or bags while we’re at it XD Hmm… do you expect many cosplayers during the expo? OHSHC should be easy? lol~ Yeah let’s plan XD

    Wow… Your ticket price is half of our lowest price. Our ticket prices are not differentiated according to where the movie comes from. They vary according to peak and off-peak days. Generally the range is from S$7.~ S$10. If you want “Gold Class” It is up to S$30. Link to a more popular cinema operator Students and senior citizens get discounted prices.

    Hehehe… it is not abstract loh… just really bad taste. Bad acting made it worse. I don’t think my parents laughed either -_-”

    Ah~ Taiwan’s F4… are you a fan? kekeke I didn’t watch the series tho’

  14. I heard Airasia is cheapest especially if you order it online and i’m under the impression that Lufthansa is expensive. Hmm…
    Yea i will be busy but not that busy, i can always tell them a friend is visiting. i’m sure they can understand that. Juz dun forget your digital camera, might have weird things there XD
    Expo is more than a week, surely i can take some time off to have fun…

    It’s a good idea to travel light, especially Indo is a short distance compared to Japan.
    Hmm, OHSHC uniform will be nice XD or maybe we should be more girly? Muahahaha..let’s think of something.
    You can also send the costume with airmail or EMS before going here, and have me to send it again after you went home.

    Is ticket price for Hollywood movie or HK/Taiwan movie different? just curious.
    How much is a movie ticket in SG? In here is about IDR 25,000 ( 1 SGD = IDR 6,800) but more expensive on certain cinema.

    I think some of Taiwan movies have pretty abstract sense of humor, which means they laugh but we don’t laugh. But Taiwan launched a successful idols such as F4 years ago.

  15. XD okie~ cos I was thinking you might be busy during the exhibition hehehe I’ll keep a look out for air fares… which airline would you recommend? I did a quick check at and Lufthansa is the cheapest. I can probably visit over the weekend unless I can get more off days X3 Now its a little early to tell.

    Haiyo… its a great idea… Indiana Jones would be fun! You must have his whip and hat! Keroro… wah~ what about Giroro? But actually, if we’re really going to cosplay XD I’ll have to cosplay something simple. Don’t be surprised if you see me turning up in just a normal~medium sized haversack. I prefer to travel light XD (*ahem* and then fill up the foldable bag with stuff when I get back kekeke)

    Takeshi got famous in Taiwan. I’m not sure but I think his performance in Wong Ka Wai’s movie, Chungking Express made him famous in Japan. If I’m not wrong, his dad is Japanese and mum Taiwanese. His Chinese name is his Japanese Kanji name so we read his name in Chinese.

    Most of his earlier Chinese movies are quite forgettable. I’m not a crazy fan so I didn’t follow his movies. Only one, China Dragon (1995) which irked me so much I still remember it. It was a Taiwanese comedy that broke box office records across Taiwan and here. My dad was curious so we went to catch it. The script was indescribable and I can’t even force myself to laugh. Excruciatingly bad-tasting and unfunny. That’s one of the reasons I don’t really bother to watch commercial HK/Taiwan movies in cinemas since then. I usually go for Hollywood fare unless I’m quite sure the movie will be worth the time and money. I think I watched the Mermaid movie too but I can’t remember much of it ^^”

  16.’re not dining with prince so no worries. i learn the dining tricks during high-school, it was meant to be some an extra the school give for students. Of course i oredi forgotten.

    I think from 1-9 Nov because the company (formed by me, husband and friend) will rent booth(s) and we are required to be there all the time.
    The real thing is i plan to have fun while somebody else taking care the booth ^_^ no harm in doing so i oredi got full permission from husband.
    So get ready, kk? we’ll be assigned to a mission of getting free stuffs and uchiwa.^^

    Ah if you’re thinking of doing your one and only cosplay the Indo-Japan expo can be a perfect place coz nobody will recognize you^^
    If it’s not stupid i want to be Indiana Jones Hahaha or……Keroro.

    Takeshi gained fame in HK (or Taiwan?) first then Japan, is that so? I heard he have chinese name too. I do remember him playing in some sorta movie called ” Mermaid Got Married.”

  17. There were a few of them but none of us were “trained” the proper way to dine. I remembered that we were supposed to use the utensils placed from the outermost and work our way in. Hehehe… but no big issue among the 3 of us. We didn’t need to try to impress anybody lol~

    Hmm I did a search online, there seems to be one in Shanghai too. Surprisingly no official website.

    Hehe.. I don’t blame them. Majority of expo visitors are for business purposes. We don’t usually go to expos for fun mah XD Even for anime conventions, the otakus go there not exactly for fun but are on a mission to grab all those free plastic bags and the latest items on sale. Mmm how many days are you planning to take part at the expo? I saw on the website it is from 1~9 Nov?

    Takeshi Kaneshiro love doll?!? hehehehe but nothings better than the real thing lol~

  18. HaHa do you have to eat with kinds of spoons and forks and knives?

    I dunno but previous stop of Doraemon Dream Land before Indo is Thailand.
    website for Japan-Indo expo (it’s in english^^) hopefully you can be here. Most of my friends are very annoying by saying, “Gaaah, no interest ah with expo.”
    Who knows we might find something interesting there…Takeshi Kaneshiro perhaps XD

  19. Yea, we also had no idea what to order, so we asked them to recommend. I can’t remember exactly what we ate but we did have wine. The 3 of us were quite good friends then so understanding that it was going to be quite expensive~ we didn’t order the full course lol~ It was a big pay rise but not THAT big XD it was a first time fine dining experience for us. We couldn’t help but be a little self-conscious. Later after the meal, we agreed that it was more enjoyable to be able to relax and make some noise while having dinner XD

    Hehehe I didn’t know that! No wonder he didn’t have ears ^^ Ei~ Doraemon Dream Land sounds like fun! Do they have it in Japan too?. Hmm… maybe the Nov event is more probable ;) Gotta plan a bit hehe.

  20. Owh too bad, a friend told me that french food names are not easy to say so just point finger to the name XD
    Surely the food portion is small but i bet you have tht super-cool six course dinner from appetizer to dessert. (not to mention wine^^)

    XD Doraemon is a robo-cat from the future. He lost his ears because eaten by mouse..that’s why he’s so freakin’ out whenever he sees a mouse.
    His cute sister, Dorami have ears…

    Yea Japan are very cautious is building up their image. in June there will be Doraemon Dream Land in here..sort of giant inflatable toys amusement for children and adults. I dunno if you wanna come over to Indo for that or not but if you do it sure be fun.
    Also in Nov 2008 we’re going to have Japan-Indonesia Expo in Indo (Jakarta) i will probably rent a booth down there so incase you wanna drop by here just for the weekend lemme know.
    Going to Indo isn’t like going to Japan, tickets and food loooot cheaper.

  21. Only once. A colleague was given a big pay rise and he treated another good friend and I to a nice French restaurant. Partly cos he also had not tried fine dining before. The food was exquisite and lovely (and erm very small portions lol~) and so was the bill. We were the only ones in the restaurant that day. Very nice ambience, good service and all but I think the restaurant had closed down already. ^^”

    wah~ and I never knew that Doraemon was a cat until very much later haha. Well, I think the BL anime ambassador would probably be a dream XD I think the Japan govt wouldn’t really want the country to be known for its BL lol~

    kk! :D Yep I think my phone should be able to receive the messages ^^ hahaha I’ll do my best (^_^)b do give me some lead time so that I can do some research just in case XD

  22. Have you ever eat in french resto? so far my European dining experience only stretch out to a restaurant like Tony Roma’s.

    I think Hello Kitty is one and only so far..
    Doraemon can follow Hello Kitty step becoz in March 2008 Doraemon has just officially appointed by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA) as first anime ambassador.
    I think they should have BL anime ambassador too ^_^ it will be tough battle becoz they’re all gorgeously hot.

    Thanks, will scream at you if i’m oredi desperate. Eh does your cellphone able to receive sms/text msg from overseas?

    Okie, will let you know becoz you have to be my full-time guide Muahaha *evil grin*

  23. They make it seem very exclusive hahaha is the fujyoshi market very big in Japan? I wonder… ah speaking of credit cards… besides the Hello Kitty credit card, were there any other anime character that were “immortalised” in credit card form?

    Mmm not to worry, there are quite a good number of contributions at the website and most of them come with instructions. There are also templates available for oscommerce. If you need help let me know ;)

    Yup yup… I’m sure you’ll strike a balance between the two and the cool thing is while doing it, you’ll also be exposed to the things you like hehe so nice ^^ and let me know if you’re coming over okie!

  24. Really? we need reservation or won’t able to get tables? Sounds like 5-star hotel restaurant or a chic expensive french restaurant.
    Well we shouldn’t worry a bit becoz we can bribe them, we have Sanzo credit card, right?

    Well Fantastico in my cpanel helps alot, i can install oscommerce easily but speaking of modifying the layout sounds like a pro job or what? Gah, for PHP-losers like me it seems like climbing Mount Everest.

    Yea, i have to be careful and thinking of selling instead of buying what i like. i’ve got helps from pros so i can learn a lot too.
    I really wanna go to SG…i have cousin there so no worry about hotel fee. Plus Indo-SG is close and i can go just for weekend.

  25. That’s true hehehe… I’ve also heard about it a while back but XD gaaa… quite embarrassing, isn’t it? And it seems like you need reservation or you won’t be able to get tables?

    Okie! I’ll be working extra hard for that X3 kekeke… I think it’ll be fun to experience Japan differently. Looking forward to it!

    Ah~ icic… if you looking at online store, there are good open-source solutions on the web. You can try going to to test out the more commonly used apps. I use a heavily modified oscommerce which is the original PHP shopping cart app that zencart, osCMax, etc are based on.I don’t use ASP much so I’m not sure what is best to recommend. You can check with your web developer ^^

    You’ll definitely be very serious since this will be your main source of income from now on and not just a hobby :D but I think you’ll be enjoying yourself.

    Okie~ I’ll look out for them when I’m out and about ( ^_^)b Come come! Hehe would be nice to catch up XD

  26. I never been to one of those BL cafes. Haven’t exactly thought about it until i went back home and there are so many things to go in Japan so you tend to forgot things unless you put them into list.

    Save some money and couple of years later perhaps we can go to Japan together, and have a stay at my cousin’ house. You can save lots of money and my cousin is quite generous but you probably have to bear the torture of his cooking lessons and seldom eating out.

    Yea saw the link and the web layout kinda shows it target. Very nice too but since action city have several outlets they don’t concentrate much on creating e-store.
    On the other hand my target is bit like amazon japan (focusing on online sales), i also have helps from Japanese companies in Indonesia.
    It’s going to be more serious than i thought because at the same time i’m going to publish a free catalog (available at Indo shopping malls) for my upcoming online store.

    well don’t want to cause you trouble but i appreciate if can look out for price etc etc information.
    I’ll probably start begging to go to SG for survey^^

  27. *Meow* I want both XD hehehehe… Sha Gojyo is fun oso mah XD

    uwa… that’ll be awesome! *dreamy land* The sad thing about my reality is that after paying for the air-ticket and accommodation in Japan, I don’t have much $ to shop already (T_T) so usually just spend most of it on the food and enjoying the experience.

    OoOOo~ Have you been to those BL Cafes? Interesting concept lol~

    (^_^)b yup, online store is a good way to go cos it has international reach. You can also support and publicise it by ebaying the items too.

    I saw those items mostly at Action City and gift shops located at shopping centres like Bugis Junction whose target crowd are the youngsters. Action City has built quite a reputation that if I want to buy something like that, I’ll most probably drop in to see what they currently have. They have quite a number of stores in major shopping centres. I think some of the items are also available at some department stores like Takashimaya too.

  28. Ow don’t take it so hard, you need money from Sanzo but you need love from Hakkai.
    So why don’t you have them both? As for me everything seems to be related to perverted Sha Gojyo.

    We can fly to Japan directly, Let’s raid Mandarake then Animate, after that a luxury shopping to Omotesando and Ginza. Don’t forget Tokyo DisneyLand, Disney Sea and Harmony Land.
    Oh yeah, we should visit one of those cafe with BL-waiter…

    Yup an online store, because renting a space for store is expensive and with online store i can start with smaller capital.
    The work hours is also more flexible and people can access it 24/7
    I do have several contacts in Japan for buying those items. Where do you see those items in SG? I’d like to find excuse to got to SG on a pretense of survey XD

    thx for the link, will check it out.

  29. WAAAH… I can most certainly feel your pain x_X *sayang sayang*

    LOL~ okie, I’ll keep my eyes peeled out for a Sanzo-type… but but but… I seem to have a connection with Hakkai-type (judging from all those Quizzes) lol~ How? How? XD It’ll be so nice to have Hakkai-type hubby with Sanzo-type credit card limit lol~ You’ll be sure we’ll make good use of it. Let’s fly to Spain, Paris and Italy for the shoes and coffee X3 and then to Japan for the sashimi and the figures and everything else lol~

    So far so good with the Konoe follow-up. Now awaiting further updates :)

    Hmm I think there’s definitely a market for the items you showed me. They make good gifts and young people love the variety (I think SG people in general have quite a short attention span. So variety is important). Are these items hard to find in Indo? Cos I believe I’ve seen similar items on sale in SG.

    For example the first solar-powered item? When the first generation one came out in SG a few years ago, wow it took us by storm. It was so popular it was sold out everywhere. ^^

    Your store location is important too ^^ And if you’re also thinking of setting up an online store, I think there’s also a good potential for sales if these items are not common cos Indo -is- a huge country and not everything is easily available.

    There’s a chain of Action City stores here that carries many of these similar cute and innovative products. They also carry plushies, gashapons, bear brick etc. They seem to be doing well. This is their website:

  30. He topples becoz he’s a big heavy-headed chibi and maybe becoz he’s got jaundice (explain the yellow face LOL)
    It hurts me becoz i have three!!! T_T am i really that dumb?

    Ugh you need Sanzo-type hubby because his credit card limit is infinity and beyond.
    Of course you might get whacked by his harisen but it worth with all the shopping you can do. You can even treat me to Starbucks and a set of Manolo Blahnik shoes. XD

    Haaaa hope you got what you deserve like your money for example^^
    I want to give you couple of links, toys that might interest you.

    i meant to sell those stuffs in Indonesia and hopefully you can give me your opinion about it. I cannot find better person to ask because most people i know are pretty shallow-minded when it comes to toys.

  31. Hehehe… o… I think maybe he topples very easily partly cos of his sword? The design probably makes the CGravity lean more towards the sword side… Oh yeah… just found a site with pics of big chibi Shiki and Akira up. For some shots, I think they put an additional clip/holder for Shiki to keep him from toppling. His feet are indeed too small o_O He is like a cone shape?!?
    Look at the pic that puts Shiki and one-coin Shiki together… the difference in colour of the big chibi’s face is really obvious :O

    Mmm.. indeed the prices I saw were like 10~100 times more o_O

    XD yea yea! Great idea! I think I do have a small globe around the house somewhere. It’ll be so cute! Now I feel so torn x_X although wishing the items will arrive earlier but at the same time worried about the wallet *fall down* I think I really need a Hakkai-type hubby to pay for all my bills lol~

    I’ll still buy stuff from Playasia cos so far no other issues and they offer free shipping. (well, more like subsidised shipping since they mark up the product price a little but still worth it.). I could also cancel any unshipped orders without any fuss since nothing was charged yet.

    I finally got response from Toyslogic after I posted an enquiry on their forum. I’m not exactly sure what went wrong with their order processing but I’ve been able to convey my gripes in detail via PM to the relevant forum admins (the blog post was a summarised version ^^”). They’re kind of friendly and are trying to resolve the problem now via forum PMs. Their email responses are still non-existent tho’ Well, let’s see how it goes :)

  32. Nope, the Shiki Togainu chibi “defying gravity” is back in the box.

    Yes first sculpture is extremely expensive perhaps it’s like buying real Picasso instead the mass production replica.

    If you have globe then the pic will be cute..hahaha united BL^^
    Eh are you going to order them from play-asia or they already removed from your online shop list? No need to ask abt toys-logic…it’s a war!

  33. heh… *pat pat* can’t help it when you’re a fan :) They really should have done a better job with it since the pieces are limited. Did you put him beside his smaller chibi counterpart? I can imagine just how cute that looks ^^

    Ah~ I see… they are extremely expensive right? I’ve seen a few of those sculptures on sale at (they’ve just moved to a new server recently, products not added yet)

    Okie! It’ll be fun to take pics of XD I’m already thinking about taking a pic of them holding hands in a circle. United nations kind of thing hahaha, among other formations. I’ll most probably get the full set but not so soon cos my budget has long been busted already. I don’t expect this two sets to be hot items so maybe can afford to wait a bit till my wallet feels more comfortable XD

  34. I blame myself for expecting too much^^

    Most of pics we saw before the figure release is a thing called first-sculpture (sometimes first sculpture is out in an auction or a limited sale) and what we get is none other the mass product which makes it a bit different than what we saw previously.

    what i’d like to admit is the hotter the series or the anime/manga bla bla i tend to expect the figurine to classified as perfect. Then it’s obvious i make a rant whenever the item arrived at my door step and have slight different with the expected.

    *nods* Looks great if you display it as a whole set. It’s so tiny and will be less meaningful if you buy only character you like.
    If you’re going to order the whole set dun forget to post the pic in your blog, kk?

  35. Hmm… so far I’ve not read any reviews about this series of big chibis. Do you think they’ll do something about it if we write a feedback or something?

    Yea.. 3 cm IS just like lego size ^^” I think they’ll look cute when displayed as a set. Their faces reminds a little of Playmobil, a childhood love as well.

    Thanks! I’ve added the link to the relevant post LOL~ XD

  36. it’s even worse becoz the vinyl color is bit yellow so Shiki’s face is yellow-ish.
    I’ve heard of Akira and Arbitro ver. but don’t know how those two ended up.

    Tht coupling suppose to be a keychain instead of figure. A bit like LEGO-type person.

    oh and i found this link
    you can see the pic more clear.
    (Yea i know, i suppose to putt his on soba-post)

  37. Hahaha.. nah~ no worries I like your frankness! It is definitely not an issue with me ;) I only like the Gunji and Rin figures best from the two boxes. Kinda sad that they didn’t do better design for the main characters. I don’t mind getting Vol. 2 box cos according to the info provided, the boxes will contain all the figure designs featured for each collection.

    x_x oh dear… that’s terrible! 13 cm is huge for a chibi design, so the centre of gravity would be quite crazy since chibis have big heads and small bodies o_O. They probably didn’t do a good job during production :(

  38. Yuuuch nope. no offense but this is nothing but a figure collection to suck on money from fans.
    Their cuteness is average while Rin is probably the cutest while the others are *sigh* more like figurines designed by a bad fan artist.
    and the height? OMG! 3 cm.

    I don’t mean to be harsh or anything but i’m pretty much upset to Togainu after i received Shiki soft vinyl figure (kotobukiya/13 cm). His face is yellow and his head is too heavy, he easily falls even if i put in the base.

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